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  2. Words fail me. Excellent will have to do. Dennis
  3. Pricer592

    Decals wanted

    Hi , can anybody point me in the right direction? I am going to build a revel 1/32 F15 and I would like to do it as a 492nd Madhatters from Lakenheath , I have searched for a few days on the web looking for decals , all out of stock , anybody know where I could source some . thanks in advance richard
  4. Excellent build and finish - I love the fantastic paintwork the way it is - compliment!!!! Lothar
  5. cunning sense of humour
  6. That's bad news, I suspected something was up as my LHS were not restocking. The MM Acryl is my go to standard now as well, great paints for spraying. I managed to order some from a hobby store in Edmonton which worked out a buck a jar for shipping. Had I known they were discontinuing I would have stocked up a lot more, I may have to go back and get a load of my favourite RN colours. I have used Vallejo as my back up, some are good some OK, didn't like their primer, it sprays nice but it doesn't sand well and tends to peel (like satin wall paint) rather than feather. I will soon be experimenting with AK paints. Damn I'm annoyed at testers now, bleddy shysters! Gorgeous tail buildings by the way! Bob
  7. Come on people... I have had a Ju-86 screaming at me for a year now to be built. Its just waiting for this build and some SCW markings.
  8. Nice Spitfire! Welcome to the forums
  9. c type roundels came in on upperwings in Jan 45 in Europe, there are photos of Avengers in the Nroth Sea and Hurricanes in the Adriatic with them. The C1 upperwings are a 2nd TAF speciality, caused confusion, for example upper wings being redone fuselage dimension sizes, 36 inch, seen on Typhoons. and some Spitfires Spitfire PR mk. XI , 1945. by Etienne du Plessis, on Flickr SpitfirePR Mk. XI, 1944. by Etienne du Plessis, on Flickr there is film of Tempests with one plane with upperwings showing a standard 54 inch on one wing and 36 inch on the other. C1 underwing Spitfire Mk.XVI 1945. by Etienne du Plessis, on Flickr Spitfire P R Mk. XI by Etienne du Plessis, on Flickr C1 underwings did occur before Spitfire in Malta 15 May 1943. by Etienne du Plessis, on Flickr Spitfire in Malta 15 May 1943. Air Vice-Marshall Keith Park about to taxi out in his personal Spitfire V to mark the opening of Malta's new airstrip in Safi. But I digress.... @Chris Thomas as one of the authors of books on the 2nd TAF will know more, volume 4 of the series is about the camouflage and markings, but min not too hand. Note the last page of the Duciumus Guide https://boxartden.com/reference/gallery/index.php/Modeling-References/Camoflage-Markings/01-Supermarine-Spitfire No size was stipulated and there was some confusion! so @Tail-Dragon plenty of room for confusion and variations.... HTH
  10. Been watching this build. Lots to think on as I'm just starting an old Hasegawa version. Keep up the excellent work.
  11. Bit more progress windows are in! They are cleaner than they look some bolts missing here due to the casting. cheers, Ivan
  12. I agree with the comments about preparing your surface with a light grey primer. Humbrol 64 is fine. For relatively small areas of matt white, I mix Humbrol 34 and 28 in about 1/3 to 2/3 proportions. The 28 gives the mixture a bit of "body" and makes it much easier to brush paint. It also reduces the starkness of the white. It still looks white unless it's up against neat white. I use this mixture and Humbrol 67 for 1/72 invasion stripes, and it looks good. This is purely personal, but I'd also suggest getting hold of some older blue-stripe or grey-stripe tins from Ebay if you don't have any around. They can still be found and can be a bit more amenable to brush painting that more modern formulations. John
  13. Welcome back to the dark side Phil. Britmodeller is a great place to be, with lots of cool stuff to look at and always help and advice on hand when and if you need it. Naturally, we'll want a WIP thread for your Who Dares Wins build so you can share the joy. (I've had a sneak peek and it's good)
  14. My next build will be a 1.32 Mosquito Mk IV. Should be fun....
  15. I agree with the others - an amazing aircraft extremely well presented, especially with the base. Many congratulations on this build. P
  16. A most impressive bird. Kind regards, Joachim
  17. A museum piece. Kind regards, Joachim
  18. Thanks for the kind welcome
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