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  2. Too soon, some may say. I, however, reckon a kill’s a kill...
  3. Little midnight upgrade this topic. As all know Mirage III V was very hot aircraft - 9 engine's this no joke, this very hot! Therefore, in order for the pilot not to sweat, the cockpit must have effective air exchange and heat removal. Modelsweet didn't take care of this at all in his model, unlike me: ( not finished !) I described the technology how it's maked here: but without a photo, now there is a photo for @CJP , whatever he thinks of me as a "modeller-theorist" ...and not a " modeller- terrorist" either! Of course, it would be easier to use for the imitation of this vent 1/72 Mirage III V-01/V-02 Etching Parts from NH-detail: ( Resource photo- https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/m/image/10455240 ) but it is expensive, not justified in terms of the composition of the set and a long wait .....easier to do yourself, as for my! .....to be continued.... B.R. Serge
  4. Hi All, Some progress. The seat as presented is incorrect for the SD version. Here's the kit assembly of the rear seat: I dispensed with the kit components (although I might add the belts). Supposedly the SD version had a bench seat which was boxed in to allow stowage of equipment. Here's the basis of the bench seat knocked up from plastic card: I gave this a couple of coats of Mid-Stone as a 'base' colour for wood: And here's the finished bench seat following a brushing with thinned Abteilung Shadow Brown oil paint (I also gave all the cockpit parts an oil wash at the same time - who says men can't multi-task ). The full-width black floor is also custom-built for the SD version. This was also made from plywood, but I've assumed that a non-slip coating would have been applied. It has also been muddied up as one would imagine that wiping of feet was not a priority during agent exfiltration! Next will be assembly of the port cockpit wall - I'll take that section by section to ensure correct location. Thanks for looking, Roger
  5. The Mk 81 was (in USAF experience) pretty well useless. About 100 lbs NEW, and they disappeared from USAF use immediately after Vietnam (and possibly before).
  6. Just a quick question or 2 about painting resin A/N hose fittings for detaling some F1 caes I have bought some of these in resin and have got clear blue and red for the finish Now for the questions, 1, what primer would you use for resin, I usually use MIG ammo 1 shot for other plastics and etch primer for PE 2, what base coat? Usually for metallics I would use gloss black under metallics etc, but it seems to be divided on this between black and silver base coats on these Many thanks Ian
  7. Interesting to see this conversion. I got parts off a guy on evilbay which are quite nice.
  8. Blue 17 of JG5 based at Forus in May 45 is interesting - but Forus is located at Sola, just outside Stavanger in Norway.
  9. So, can the Su-35 now wear a red star under the cockpit? Steve.
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  11. I like the way this has come together Greg, a good looking scheme, I'm a big fan of the North African schemes by any of the combatants from the MTO. I've just stumped up for the latest boxing of this kit from Vince & Mia at Modelsforsale, I'm after the markings in it for Sonderkommando Blaich which made the daring raid on Fort Lamy, luckily for me, that one hasn't any mottling. Steve.
  12. Gidday Ray, welcome aboard. Only seven? I've got that many HMS Suffolks, Nelsons, Belfasts, and nearly that many Prinz Eugens, Repulses, Manxmans and a few others. (I'm a 1/600 scale ship modeler). Why that many? For conversions, whiffs and in the case of Belfast, spare parts. I'm sure you'll think of what do do with yours. Regards, Jeff.
  13. Curious, could that MER hold 3 Mk 82s? I heard a guy who loaded F-100s in Vietnam say he use to load 8 Mk 82s. Would that have been possible to have 3 on each MER, 6 total, and one on each outer pylon, that's 2 more making the total of 8 Mk 82s? I know that the Hun can carry more weight just wondering about the amount that MER could hold.---John
  14. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/hasegawa-02231-mv-22b-osprey-tanker--1026521 It's another kit I picked up off ebay from a Japanese seller. Shipping time from Japan to LA was 2 days! (yes I know Japan is a day ahead of the US)
  15. Nice to see another one of these aircraft that if it wasn’t for Heller I would know nothing about. I do quite like these new kit boxes with very usable decals, this looks like another kit that appears very buildable straight outta box. Cheers and best of luck.. Dave
  16. Now that civvie is a beauty!!!!!! Excellent job! I like that deep red very much!
  17. Oh My! That looks magnificent Tony, even better so for the personal connection you have with her Lovely work Bruce
  18. That will be an AGM-78 SRAM, forerunner of the AGM-88 HARM. It was a beast of a missile. Common training load out on the ‘Spang’ jets was one AGM-45 ‘Shrike’ and the AGM-78, although it was very common to have these swapped out with an AGM-65 ‘Maverick’ on a single launch rail. Can’t recall seeing AIM-9’s being carried but can remember AIM-7’s in the rear recesses only. I think I’m correct in saying if the inner wing pylons had any form of AGM fitted on it, then AIM-9’s couldn’t be fitted due to fin clearance issues. The ALQ-119 was always carried in the front port fuselage recess(I’m thinking back 35yrs so memory is a bit foggy).
  19. This is one of my Battle of Britain projects. This is a model of a KG 26 plane that was in the 15th of August northern raids. It was shot down into the sea, but the crew survived. The plane is an H-4 which carried the it's bombs on external racks. To achieve this I have used the ICM He 111H-3 kit and taken the external bomb rack part from the H-6 torpedo bomber kit. The 'M' is a home made decal. To see more images use this link. This Hurricane flew against these bombers in the raid.
  20. Greetings from off to your nor'west. So 55 kits and you've finished two. Ppfff! That nothing. I have way more than that ( 100's ) and I haven't finished one yet. Chris
  21. That looks lovely and it’s great to see an automobile among the many aircraft kits so far proposed. I hear you about the large kits vs. disposable income analogy, too true in many cases I think. Welcome to this GB and all the best getting this one finished. Cheers.. Dave
  22. Hi Is one more image showing it with it's friend. If you want to have a look at the Heinkel it's in the Heinkel group build. You won't find it in the Gallery because it was more than 25% done. This is a like to it in the thread.
  23. This is a model of a KG 26 plane that was in the 15th of August northern raids. It was shot down into the sea, but the crew survived. The plane is an H-4 which carried the it's bombs on external racks. To achieve this I have used the ICM He 111H-3 kit and taken the external bomb rack part from the H-6 torpedo bomber kit. The 'M' is a home made decal. The scale is 1/48 Unfortunately I forgot to turn the wheels to sit on the flats for the photos.
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