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  2. It’s a lovely little place, with an original Malta based mk ix, which was nice to see. Glad you like them Cheers Ced, I’m glad of it too! I love the blue spitfires and all the fact/myth that comes along with them! Ha young, it’s all relative . I’m having a pause and starting a b-25 for now, I have an eduard mk ix and a viii now so they might deserve there own little build thread. Cheers giemme! She’s my favourite too, my next build you will be glad to hear has some grey on it! And in a mad moment I ordered a Jet! No propeller or anything so I might build one of them at some point thanks as always for the support guys, it means a lot. Rob
  3. Hmm I understand. In my case it's rose tinted specs for sure but I wont speak for others. I still have some old models from the same era and what I thought I was achieving at the time and how they look now leaves a bit of a gap. Airbrushing is clouded in mystique but there's not much to it really and much of what's often said to be essential is a nice-to-have. Most of the gubbins you've heard about come already attached to the compressor. People just get rather empassioned when debating which features the stuff ought to have. Still, as much as I love mine it's not for everyone - you need somewhere to do it and irrespective of what kind of paint is used the airbrush works by getting the stuff airborne and things will over time gain particles from overspray so it's not suitable for people who have to work in a shared living room or kitchen area of a house.
  4. Only the fan cowls apparently. There have apparently only been two failures of this nature involving the CFM56-7B engine but both resulted in penetration of the cabin. In at least one of them the penetrator was part of the fan cowl rather than the detached blade itself. Airlines flying 737NGs with this type of engine had already started inspections of the fan stages where the first failure occurred but, oddly perhaps, no-one appears to have thought that blades in other fan stages might also be susceptible to cracking and should also be inspected. Checks were still being undertaken when the second fan failed with the sadly fatal consequences for one passenger.
  5. Many thank's Stu,I used a can of Humbrol gray due to the size and the fact my Airbrush has packed in!
  6. Julien

    Airfix Club?

    Airfix's whole attitiude to this is strange, you think they would be encouraging it, Julien
  7. I persoanlly would not use them after reading some of the online reviews.
  8. @Kitchen Modeller I was going to chip up those strips a bit more but I decided I'd leave them somewhat intact as my attempts at painting chipping larger areas always end up looking a bit rough. I went back and added that little hole where oil streams forth (damned if I know what it's really for...) near the manual crank hole. I started to paint in the streak using AK engine oil (glossy brown translucent enamel paint) and some black oil paint to darken it up, before disaster struck. The engine oil is apparently quite sticky and when cleaning up an area with white spirit I inadvertently pulled off the metal coats back to primer . After some mild expletives. I started the process of sorting it out. I first cleaned up the messed up paint by sanding it down and polishing it up. I then went through the whole painting process again laying down aluminium, black shading and chrome over the top. Thankfully the end result looked good. Though the eagle eye'd amongst you may notice a small omission in the second picture... Yes my horrible luck with masking over decals continues. The little red bar thing (presumably some sort of emergency latch?) got pulled off. I managed to fashion a replacement by carefully cutting up one of the unused Tamiya decals (one of the red L's on the flaps). After a bit more work (super carefully ) with the AK engine oil and my various enamel / oil washes and paints I ended up with a level of weathering I liked. It's a little more pronounced in certain areas compared to previous photos. But the plane is still generally quite clean. I even managed to paint in that streak from the oil streak hole without wrecking the paintwork again.. To prevent the oils rubbing off I laid down a light flat coating over the whole model. Weathering around the fuel fill cap and spilled fuel / exhaust stain / grime around the radiator duct area. The infamous oil hole with it's cursed streak... More oil streaking from the leaky merlin engine. I've seen a photo with quite pronounced streaks, but since I only found one example I kept it a bit lighter. Apologies for the inconsistency of the photos, my phone seems to be exploring it's range...
  9. What a load of drivel,another ruined chance by the Beeb.....
  10. Guessing this thread is about the enamels, but I can speak this is not true for acrylics, quality has been very iffy during the original flip top area, and then still a little hit and miss with the screw top, but they seem to have reformulated them for the newly issued larger flip top pots and the quality has been uniformly good
  11. If any one is building the old Airframe simple vacform kit of the 1/72 Mercury component. Use 1/48 Gipsy Moth propellers which size out quite nicely. John
  12. noelh

    The Weather,

    Here it's around 25c, dull and cloudy and there's a thunderstorm raising a racket not far away. Probably dumping bucket loads of rain, much needed rain because this country is suffering a drought too. The house I'm staying in hasn't had local authority water in months and is currently without electricity. I'm away from my usual haunts somewhere in Africa and the rainy season has started. The thunderstorms are nothing short of spectacular. But the rain is desperately needed. Bloody mozzies are out though
  13. Can I ask about 90's NATO Vs Warsaw Pact ? The Warsaw Pact was dissolved about February 1991 IIRC so it seems to be a very limited GB option.
  14. Thanks for the explanation Jamie, much appreciated. I'm having similar problems brushing gloss white at the moment. Started out with a Mr Hobby acrylic - it was hopeless for brushing, so thin. I also tried Humbrol acrylic, no better. I have now switched to humbrol enamel. Its better but I'm still very glad I'm not painting a 1970s USN fighter with it! Paint is just baffling me at the moment. I was a modeller in the 90s mainly and never seemed to have any problems with the paints (my mum would disagree looking at the state of my bedroom carpet back then, but that's another matter!!). Everything was enamel, and the choices were pretty much humbrol or Xtracolour, both of which I used. Nowadays there's a baffling array of paint options but it becomes a very expensive business searching for the best one. So, was paint better back then, or have I just got rose tinted specs on? I really don't want to get an airbush. I know the finish is nicer and the end result will almost certainly be better, but every time I think about it and look into it there seems to be a baffling amount of kit you need. Compressors, tanks etc. Never mind cleaning it, and having to thin the paint before hand. Just puts me right off.. Al.
  15. Caught the first episode on Sunday. Sad to say as I've loved the novel for years , I thought this adaptation to be meandering, tedious, lacking in tension and annoying. I cant ever remember a love story being woven into the novel? The SFX are lacking any wow at all, the Fighting machines really do look like the creature designs for the over lords in the Tripod serial from way back when. I'll watch the other episodes and try to keep my arms unfolded, not raise my eyebrows and mutter to my self. I've been really looking forward to this for ages. now I feel i've had the jam nicked out of my doughnut. Still, I haven't seen His Dark materials yet,that should be good!
  16. Looking fantastic Steve, must crack on with sanding the engines on my 767......
  17. Welcome aboard @Dansk the @Col. will be along soon to add you to the list. Dennis
  18. Well handled. Nice work Mr B. Enjoy that tea. ️ Johnny
  19. Morning folk's,glossed fuselage for decal's and it's really starting to resemble what I originally had in mind.
  20. Not the best of fit and will need some filler. These pics should explain why I needed to add the bulkheads etc. Lord knows what the openings at the back did to the airflow! It really is a strange design.
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