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  2. Hi folks, eventually got there. All done. More photos in RF!. Time to tackle some other stragglers before the end of 2019. Stuart
  3. Do ' most modellers like their aircraft to look spick-and-span' I think looking on here the amount of weathering, pre and post shading and fantastic paint work effects that are carried out I can't see how a factory finish is more appropriate, appropriate to brand new but not to in-service. However some onlookers would think a model was wrong if it had different colours on it take for example late in service Lightnings that were still in Green/Gray cammo with mismatched panels some from other A/C and in the light greys and as for Grey RAF F4's it's pick a photo and model to that. Many would say it's realism that modellers strive for and worn paint and markings can be that and often create that 'real look'. As most of my modelling has always been to deadlines I have never really had the time to weather but the fantastic F14's over on ready for inspection are just works of art.
  4. @Corsairfoxfouruncle do you think the Eduard prop will fit the Airfix kit? I 'maware I should modify it a bit but, is it even worth it?
  5. Thank you Graham I will give Humbrol 155 and 159 a look.
  6. ....hmmmm arrrr ummmm!!! Don't ever rely on me to be 100% correct in my counting/keeping track of numbers stuff! Just doing a wee check on the list and I found I forgot someone @SleeperService So with the list updated and correct we now have the numbers to go into the vote/bun or bum fight!! So @Enzo Matrix my good man put us on the voting form if you could old chap.
  7. I scored big finally. A Revell 1/139 707 Astrojet kit complete and in shrink wrap. I am doubly happy as it's mold date is 1964, the year I started building models. I will need to replace the decals, look a bit yellowed and suspicious. I will order new ones from Vintage Flyer which has American Airlines in 1/139 and 1/144.---John
  8. It is the Halifax ones which have too small a diameter. For a Halifax...
  9. Have never heard any voices raised against the diameter of the Trumpeter wheels: it's all been about the fact they look as if they are intended for a racing bike rather than a heavy bomber. Easy to correct that, but then you'll need to redo the main u/c legs to accommodate them, then you'll need to adjust the nacelle/wheel wells to take them …. Then you decide it's all too much like hard work, put the bits back in the box and toss the kit onto the Too Difficult pile.
  10. Should be RLM 65, 70 and 71. Someone on a Romanian forum is using the same Italeri kit to produce a Romanian machine: http://www.cartula.ro/forum/topic/15536-henschel-hs-129b-2der-geflugelte-buchsenoeffner/ Language barrier aside (there`s always google translator available), the thread is full of useful photos. There`s also a book on the subject of Romanian Hs-129, in the same series with the one about the Hurricane that I`ve reviewed here - that should be ready by November and present at Telford, according to this post: http://www.cartula.ro/forum/topic/15536-henschel-hs-129b-2der-geflugelte-buchsenoeffner/page__view__findpost__p__230629 Hopefully it will bring together everything that is available atm as far as imagery is concerned.
  11. I know the Matchbox Welly wheels are too narrow for the undercarriage legs. When I built mine years ago ( unfinished ) I just glued some sheet plastic between the halves. I have just looked at my Trumpeter kit and checked the wheels. They are not too narrow for the gear legs and are the same diameter as the Matchbox wheels. To check them against something more modern, I measured the diameter of the Airfix Wellington's wheels. Trumpeter's are a half millimeter smaller ( maybe less ) than the Airfix kit. Chris
  12. Thanks chaps, the Ammo/mig dust needs a bit more experimentation yet but I'll save that for another time. I was quite surprised myself in the change after its matt coat. I've added a few chips and some graphite from a pencil around the exposed edges but I think I'll crack on with tracks, stowage etc before I do something silly with it. Could just be me but it reaches a point with a kit, if I'm happy with it, i don't want to push my luck by playing around with it anymore! The Firefly hasn't has much of a look in since painted at the weekend and is still waiting its gloss coat. Thanks once again for looking and taking the time to comment. Much appreciated Darryl
  13. Yes, F/L Hopgood's aircraft. There is a photo which shows the part of wreck in question in Helmut Euler's book Als Deutschlands Dämme brachen. Unfortunately, I could not find it on the web. Cheers Jure
  14. In Iceland, Aisle three (Iceland is the name of a British frozen food store)
  15. WOW, that was fast, nice Swordfish. Good work.
  16. About 6" for Buzz. Warren, Steve in in New Zealand so HLJ is probably better. Any one in the UK support your local importer aka Warren! Julien
  17. Hi there I am planning to build a WV-2 in the Engine grey scheme. Some pictures show lots of white lines for the wing walk areas on the top of the wings. Other pictures have none of these. Any idea why there is adifference in the markings? Regards Toby
  18. Has anyone got any tips on how to deal with steps in seams. I am building a PM Models 223 flamingo and its a really basic kit. I have joined the two halves of the fuselage together and it has left a small step in the seam. I have had a few goes at using putty around it and sanding down but i just seem to be creating another step with the putty. The step is going, slowly, by using this method, just wondering if there is a better way of doing it In hindsight I should have cut off the locating tabs on the fuselage halves and mated the surfaces bit by bit so it didn't produce a gap/step. Oh well i'll try that next time. Thanks
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