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  2. Welcome aboard, a classic to be certain, will watch with interest. All the best Chris (Co-host)
  3. Welcome aboard, interesting choice for the B-Wing. All the best Chris (Co-host)
  4. Surprisingly, this seems to be the first dedicated decal set for the Airfix kit that I'm aware of. Source: https://exito.site/en_GB/p/EXITO-DECALS-ED48005-148-Sweet-Fourteens-Supermarine-Spitfire-Mk.-XIVe/51140
  5. I said far, far worse than that Bill but the ship is recovering well. Martian
  6. Hello, I present the recently completed Polish PZL P11c fighter model. The model stuck together very nicely, is simple to build and well designed. I just chose this painting because the pilot who flew this plane was born and learned to fly near the place where I live. More information about the history of the pilot and aircraft here.
  7. Huzzah! We have lift off! Did somebody resurrect the Matchbox trench digger or what? I'm glad I passed this kit up but you will no doubt make another silk purse out of a sow's ear. As for graffiti, how about "Ced was here, fnar, fnar". Martian
  8. Nice, did you get it for a good price? I have the Krupp as well, so I'll be sure to follow your build
  9. Yes, we have decals! Great to see these going on Paul and they certainly look like they are going on very nicely too. And you can certainly see the green now.
  10. Got a copy of this a while back , lot of interesting information and brand new copies still available for ten pounds with free shipping on Amazon https://www.amazon.co.uk/Fairey-Rotodyne-David-Gibbings/dp/0752449168/ref=sr_1_2?keywords=fairey+rotodyne&qid=1569261150&s=gateway&sr=8-2
  11. @paul bardell and @Circloy, it IS the 13th of October, sent the confirmation of attendance for the club over earlier today. Paul Brown
  12. Oh no! Don't tell me that! Must resist. Must resist. Somebody stop me before I build yet another big, multi-engine, NMF bomber. Let my B-36 kit stay on the shelf a bit longer, please!
  13. Opinions, please, innie or outie? I’m about ready to deal with that grill underneath the nacelle. I have to assume it was the oil cooler as the radiators are on that stub wing to the rear of the nacelle. Problem is I’m not entirely sure that the cooler is inside the nacelle or outside as was done on the Brach 1/32 resin kit. I had just assumed, based on the kit, it was outside but after a closer look at the enlarged photos below I’m thinking maybe not. Why would the put the cooler, or grill, on the outside making it difficult to drop the shell to access the interior? What do you think, then? In or out? Dennis
  14. More books 50p each... Parky: Michael Parkinson - My Autobiography. Blackadder: The Whole Damn Dynasty 1485 - 1917 (the scripts from all episodes). A Matter of Honour: The Life,Campaigns and Generalship of Isaac Brock - Jonathon Riley...
  15. Very nice job on the figures Stix, I know they aren't finished yet but the camo scheme you have done on them looks great, no wonder it tested your eyes!
  16. Luckily I’m going to Finland in a couple of weeks so might have some Euros left over ... whatever the exchange rate does on 1 Nov...
  17. Neither did I but one never knows. Around here OOB category used to allowed up to 15% of modifications - and that included improvements like cutting Bf 109 kit's fuselage and inserting plug(s) to correct kit's length. I understand these days dropping flaps on a model counts as a major surgery. Back to the matter at hand: I agree with your realistic approach but I am afraid this severely limits your options. Position of nose undercarriage cancels out chin turret and while heavy weapons like (hypothetical, of course) landing area clearing version of Tall Boy would have been easily within Rotodyne's lifting capability, it would have been impossible to push such Daisy Cutter lookalike out and still remain airborne. So my suggestion would be to mount suitable external fuel tanks (Hunter's 230 gal. would be fine) under the wings (a must if you decide on COD what if), Matra 115 unguided rocket pods on wing tips and perhaps flare dispenser near engines' exhausts. Not much, but I hope it helps. Cheers Jure
  18. I did buy the new Tamiya Spitfire and look forward to the fillet-less Eduard P-51. I'll gladly do my part and buy models if it might give them the chance of branching out and taking risks.
  19. Thanks CC, the thread is here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234958089-karel-doorman-the-last-cruise-grumman-s-2a-tracker-and-sh-34-helicopter/&tab=comments#comment-1586623 I was aware of the story but had only heard the official line on the matter. There are two sides to every story and it was interesting to read the other side. In other news, there has been a slight delay in getting painting started while extensive repairs are made to my La Fauvette model after a bottle of paint fell on it, completely wrecking the fore mast. These repairs are progressing well and things should be back on track over the course of this week. Martian
  20. You can see the newer companies producing new subjects: so do I, but at a lower rate than 15 or so years ago. Look at the rate of exotic kits from MPM, Special Hobby, Azur.. then and now. The key matter here is that the expected market size matches the duration of the tooling and hence number produced. I can see that the move of the smaller companies to harder tooling has meant fewer and less "different" subjects from these companies. Hard tooling = greater production runs but at greater expense. Who will buy? Get the right subject, yes, but that means a popular one. Get a few successes under your belt and maybe you can try something riskier - but not often. Our best hope for more interesting subjects is large sales of the standards. Yes, that means more Spitfires, 109s and Mustangs.
  21. Don't going paying too much for an Airfix 1/72 Jaguar GR.3 kit. Its the standard old GR.1 kit with just two extra frames with the weapons on them The weapons can be found in other kits and the over-wing sidewinder rails adapted from under-wing ones. Aeroclub used to make the over-wing rails the ALE and the dispensers in whitemetal but the dispensers can be made from plastic card I had to pinch the fuel tank from another Airfix Jaguar kit to make up the more typical war load used in the 1st Gulf War Thanks for the compliments chaps
  22. Have applied some paint, I just seem to be struggling to find time at the bench. I am on leave this week but seem to busier than if I was work. Think I might need more than an extra week!
  23. Agreed, but for the sake of argument you can add Wirraways to a Mk.I tooling with very little difference in the tooling. That would considerably boost the sales potential as they did kill people. Deliberately, as opposed to accidentally. There may be a few other possible variations but in penny-packet numbers,
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