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  2. While surface blemishes are being fixed, a few more details go to the interior: More airbrushing ensues, for the other side of some parts, the interior color, a partial coat of primer on the aft fuselage, the tires, the interior of the engine covers, and even a minuscule fire extinguisher attached to a little blob of bluetack on a clothes peg.
  3. I'm in the same boat (oops!) as @Fritag in understanding this nautical stuff. So, abaft and aft are different then? And pom-poms aren't really pom-poms? And Pinnace wasn't just mispronounced? I tried googling pom-pom platform but I don't think I ended up at the right website. The spidery pom-pom thingy looks like an interesting soldering challenge Wonderful stuff so far. I'm especially enjoying not understanding anything and just gawking at the pictures.
  4. N.M. Zameskin, 828 GvIAP 216 IAD, Myaogou, Feb 1952. Blue 263. North Korean markings with a sand/green camouflage This is from an H-Models decal set, "Russian Aces in Mig-15s during the Korea War". It gives the serial # as 2315263.
  5. No problem with this in principle from my side, as long as duties and responsibilities are clear... with such an unusual and wide ranging GB, hosting is likely not going to be the same as with a "normal" GB.
  6. the well known velocitraptor
  7. Which pilot MiG-15 are you building? B.R. Serge
  8. Looks fine Bill though I would probably have stuck with the originals and claim that they were "weathered"
  9. I have a whole air force to do!. I have another C-27 kit which will be in coast guard colours. I have decided to add the C-130J and, Merlin helicopter to the line up.. F/A -18E/F as the main combat type. Allan
  10. Hi, Thanks a lot for the kind comments. Small progress ... Preparation and installation of the hose and the serflexes on the pipes of the cooling system. The tightening of the collar is simulated using aluminum foil and a piece of welding wire. Same preparation for the 2 cooling scoops. Test and alignment of the 1/2 rear axles and rods of the anti-roll bar. Pascal
  11. Good looking work so far, sorry i didn't see this before now. Im going to follow if you don't mind ? You see I'm kind of a Corsair nut myself. Dennis
  12. Or perhaps those who suggested the GBs and had volunteered to moderate them if they got through the bum fight could be roped in as well? 5 or 6 extra mods would not go astray for such a long running GB.
  13. The Italeri kit plastic is basically an E model. The sponsons were extended on the H model. The shorter sponsons on the Italeri kit are fine for the early models including the A. A-E
  14. Hello Cousin... Another good looking build. Such a nice looking Stuka which as we all know is another bent-wing bird.
  15. No comparison needed for me, my money is going to AMP, their 48th one is nice.
  16. As a matter of interest, does this GB have a 'signature banner'? Stuart
  17. Dave all of the @war series of books are great in that they cover conflicts not widely known. I have not seen a dud yet. I spoke to the publishers and one of the authors at Telford and they go quite the distance to dig up the source materials for these. They have done Latin America, The Middle East, Africa etc This is the first in the Europe @ War series so hoping for some more good ones. If you are on facebook look up AtWar Book Series by Helion & Company Julien
  18. Well for 109E's, the brands of kits discussed at length in the thread currently nearby are all available in Trop variants. For F's and G's, and without doing any research on individual releases, the AZ range of 109's have covered just about every conceivable late variant including Trops (in fact, if you aren't planning to use kit decals, I think most of them have the supercharger intake filter included on their large common sprue of detail parts). I like these kits but others will have a wide spectrum of opinion!
  19. Today
  20. Nice to see you back at it, it's looking pretty good.
  21. Hou la la! Vos peintures sont incroyables! La finition en métal ainsi que le bois sont brillants Ta sculpture sur les figures est aussi magnifique! J'attends avec impatience le reste de la version. Bravo! (Désolé pour mon mauvais français )
  22. Excellent, eye catching model, Camouflage looks complex on such small airplane, Well done Regards Djordje
  23. Having been to the club meet tonight, I have now returned with my entry for the group build. As can be seen, it is a 1/???? Scale whatsit thingummajig. It looks like a perfect example of a shake and bake kit where parts may fit only where they touch. The included paint schemes are unusual to say the least and are a singular example of this flying aircraft carrier pigeon post man pat van de valk I have no idea where this is going. Opening date is the 26th sometime in the evening. Completion is 27th, sometime earlier in the evening.
  24. Very nice Spitfire in interesting markings. Only small suggestion, exhaust pipes will be more realistic if you mix black, red and brown, as already you have those colors you will get some like rusty finish. But that is matter of taste. I like it how it looks now. Best regards Djordje
  25. Very nice Lightning, NMF is excellent, and details in cockpit....superb! Regards Djordje
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