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  2. This is a absolutely stunning. What shade of Alclad? Did you overcoat it??
  3. Another fine entry that's flying together!
  4. Very nice! I've been pondering buying the Takom Grant, but the MiniArt has just kicked that into touch.
  5. Well that's set the bar pretty high beggsy,a real smasher!
  6. Thanks Kirk for your nice words. I'm also learning something new every time about this brilliant technique, which is why I firstly always make a detailed research before I'm building, which is meanwhile like a drug, in this sense I am a junkie ... And thus all progress takes a little longer ... Regarding your nice desire, the Admin of our German Raumcon Forum already had the same wish long time ago, and maybe many others might think so too.
  7. Ooo sorry I thought you meant them all... nice to see the squadron alive again.
  8. Ok this is the progress. Just to show the Do 335 hasn't taken over this project. This is the black base. It is the Black Mr Surfacer 1500. I think I might have a few issues on the bottow of the Engines that need sorting. The top seems Ok.
  9. Rapid progress Dave and she's looking great.
  10. I was just reeling off the types that served at RAF Waterbeach but yes the F3 too. Marc
  11. Wow, 9.5 lbs! Yikes. My '79 Les Paul comes in around 9 lbs, and I complain about that! That's a beautiful collection you have there. And thanks for the link-
  12. seascape in progress, so far so good Sry for phone pictures ....
  13. I've found my conversion - not where it was supposed to be, but that's another story. The Flightpath instructions are quite comprehensive, and include details on how to modify the various Airfix bits, including the intakes, to make a B.1/1A. I don't have any references other than that, but I've been able to get mine to the point where it's almost ready for paint. I should stop faffing around and finish it!
  14. That look's nicely molded from here John,look forward to progress.
  15. Hi all, Having started a FW190 but had many ships sat waiting and I was itching to build another so the plane has taken a back seat. I'm build this with the Eduard Big Ed set and wooden decks. The paint scheme Will be the disruptive colours. Only thing is the ship is being built as 1945 refit. So paint won't match the year, I'm not after too much accuracy but a nice looking model to display at home. This is my first Tamiya kit so hopefully it will be a good one. I started by drilling the portholes out then cleaning the decks up. Chris
  16. That look's great Ian and molded in a very sensible colour.
  17. Grahame is correct in saying no problemo was rather ambitious on the behalf of Allison. There was a problem and the 3 Sqn RAAF Engineering Officer developed an additional filter that was fitted entirely inside the air intake trunking at the top of the nose. Nothing different was visible externally so no need to worry about it from a modelling perspective.
  18. 28 Sqn had one like that in Feb '82 and it flew... Briefly. (as the gearbox was still going in the other direction). When it came back in the blades were a bit mangled and twisted, and later so was the SAC in the blade bay who had fitted them the wrong way round. Tech Charge anyone?
  19. souda99

    Moving to the UK

    I'm looking forward to the beer, it beats the stuff here in the states hands down!
  20. This build reminds me that I built the Chematic issue E28/39 here in 2008, mentioning the scale inconsistencies. That model now forms part of a 1/72 representation of Jet Age, as the museum has a full size replica E28/39.
  21. I wondered where it went, I thought I’d imagined it lol. You got me all excited with your sandgelbbrauns sorry, just thought you needed a bit of air cover of your Rommel style speed advance
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