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  2. Beware that if you are beginning to look at period interior pictures, you are very likely to discover that the Trumpeter kit is missing other details beside wiring, and have stuff wrong. Just look at what people like David Parker (AFV Modeller) etc do with the Tiger II and Pz IV kits. I have no reason to believe the Panther to be any different, but who knows?
  3. Stupid question time! is a double action airbrush when you can change the nozzle size.
  4. Hi, Knew that the Norwegian one had them, saw a pic in Valiant Wings No.12. The USAAF one, though, doesn't seem to have any pump bulges at all, is it really a bowser wing at all? The cockpit seems to be fully equipped, camera control box in place of gun sight.
  5. Today's blast from the past was unexpected. North Lincoln, a Blue T reg Volvo 66. For those unfamiliar with the thing, it's a badge engineered DAF variomatic. I seem to remember that by this stage Volvo had bought out DAF. This one had come out of a house driveway and was still warming up. The petrol fumes were seeping into our truck cab as we waited for the lights to change!
  6. I just got a second Victor, I love that kit! In fact I'm now considering a third! It's just the space that they would take from new tool Vulcans next year that's against the idea right now
  7. I damn' well hope not!!! The Victor kit is beautiful, even if it does take a bit of fettling to get the wings on (and you can't beat a good fettle!).
  8. Emu

    Twice Two Four Times

    shown only after midnight
  9. I bought a couple of assembled Kibri crane trucks for parts. It was a job to get a No 11 blade between the mouldings. I think if they tried they might give Bandai robot kits a good run for their money. Prepare to be impressed. Pete
  10. Procopius, This was incorrectly posted on this thread. I used the Matchbox kit as the basis. Added some Airfix Lanc engines splayed at the back to fit nacelle profile. The pressure vessel on the front was made by turning in a lathe a billet of aluminium and then vac-forming two halves over it and joining. The tail profile and under nose fairing was made using Milliput. DF loop pull moulded in clear over a kit one. Canopy pull moulded over a suitably shaped bit of Milliput. It hung in a model shop for many years in Lewes, East Sussex and I was never happy with the colour blue and the shape of the nose. Ian Huntley, who I took my colour reference from specified a darker blue, which I initially used but then repainted it lighter. As I was refinishing the model I took the opportunity to make the nose more pointy with Milliput as my skills with a lathe aren't too good and my billet was too blunt. I used the same billet method to produce a grand slam bomb for a Lanc but I don't have that any more. A friend has recently turned two pressure vessel billets for me. One 1/72 and the other 1/48 !! Watch this space
  11. Very nice model ! Scratch and in 1/72, My compliments! With regards, JohnHaa
  12. and presented on telly
  13. The missing images. The other Heyford seen is one I did to celebrate the Daventry experiment - Britain's first attempt by Watson-Watt to detect an aircraft using radar. IMG_1697 by arhills, on Flickr IMG_1662 by arhills, on Flickr IMG_1661 by arhills, on Flickr
  14. thank you very much for this info vampiredave and Antti, i can do all these now .
  15. Barack Obama would say,,,,, yes, you can..............
  16. Almost fit for RFI but I need to either find the wing nav lights or make some from scratch.
  17. I'd like to know more about this pressurized Wimpy!
  18. jaw

    1/48 Gannet AEW3

    Alan Wilson of Icelandic Fine Arts has produced a resin 1/48 Gannet AEW3 which is pretty good. Whether or not it is still available I do not know. John
  19. 71Chally, Good reference? You've gotta be kidding! Great site- thanks so much for posting it! Mike
  20. Thanks. I will be getting one in due course so will try to make it one which I can inspect before purchase
  21. It was this stream that motivated me to do a 'Jurby' yellow Heyford. Thank you for the inspiration. I hope you like my effort - 'Unkempt's' work was a useful guide. As you can see I chose to pre-paint top and bottom wings separately and then join them !! IMG_0121 by arhills, on Flickr IMG_1711 by arhills, on Flickr Oops, looks a bit S&M IMG_1711 by arhills, on Flickr IMG_1711 by arhills, on Flickr IMG_0128 by arhills, on Flickr IMG_0127 by arhills, on Flickr IMG_0130 by arhills, on Flickr
  22. Another fantastic model Alistair - thanks for sharing. Mike
  23. Hi - Your very right about contradiction on you tube, but each video adds knowledge, one video may confirm what you suspect, then another adds something you didn't know about, another will tell you ways to detract from a kit build to build a kit better than the instructions suggest. Before I bought my H&S airbrush, I must have watched in excess of a dozen videos on various airbrushes, going back and forth...….I find the more videos the better, you soon get to know the owners of the videos and which ones to ovoid...…., a lot of people on YouTube enjoy there builds whilst other who have a large following, Flory, Genisis but to name a couple are to interesting by far!! I spend more time watching their builds, reviews and demos that before I know it, 4-5 hours of kit build has been lost through watching these fabulous sites...……..horses for courses...……….I dip into these sites more than I do Britmodeller
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