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  2. No problem here, Johnny - it’s all about fun! Cheers!
  3. Renek

    Bentley Blower 1:12

    Thank you very much
  4. I cannot decide as of yet on the paint scheme however I want to imagine this as a partial replacement of our Avro Arrow following its demise. Wether it will be the Dayglo and white scheme, or the straight white and black and maybe possibly if I could get the correct decals to fit like on the voodoos or starfighters. I’ve heard ghastly tails of very poor fitting from this kit and I plan on doing it OOB except for a Master Model Pitot tube and of course Canadian decals. As always any suggestions or criticisms are welcome. So here we go. Starting on the cockpit which surprisingly has a lot of detail.
  5. Dave Swindell

    1/72 Airfix Avro Lancaster

    Yes. Check whether the aircraft you're modelling has them. If it does it may be easier to make a note of their location, remove them whilst sanding the joint smooth and replace then with small squares of plastic card once the joints are sorted.
  6. Decals on: I was worried about how these would go being very old and they proved to be a bit difficult, taking a very long time to release from the backing paper despite using quite warm water. They also proved difficult to settle and were stiff yet soft at the same time with a tendency to wrinkle at the slightest touch. The frame around the sonar buoys was not provided by Fujimi but is quite prominent in many photos of Seasprites, so I made my own by painting red stripes on some spare white decal and cutting very thin strips to make up the frame. I'll let these dry and settle properly before sealing with a clear coat. Thanks for looking. AW
  7. Cheers Will! Yes I am but keeping it very light on the chipping, definitely some dry brushing of the darker bits too
  8. Johnson

    Airfix 1/72 Spitfire XIX

    Thanks for the encouragement! It's going OK and is a pretty straightforward kit, despite the time it's taking me and the amount of filler you can see! Looking forward to getting on to painting it.
  9. Sky Keg

    Su-22M4 "8101" Hobby Boss 1:48

    From nose to tail, this is one impressive work of art. Congratulations!!!!!
  10. BerndM

    Hobby Boss P-39

    Good work and a nice scheme. The Hobby Boss easy kits have a very mixed reputation and the shape errors noted by you are sadly well visible. My last Airacobra became a tail sitter as well so i added "wheel chocks" behind the main wheels.
  11. Jasonb13

    Tamiya 1:48 F-117A Grey Dragon

    Tell me about it! Thankfully there’s not a lot of white left, soon I’ll be moving on to grey. That said, the cockpit sill is white, so it’s not gone yet! All the white, and trying to weather it subtly, is always an issue for me with US aircraft.
  12. Sky Keg

    My 1/48 OEZ Su-7

    An Su-7!!!!!!!! Wow!!!!! I agree with you, it`s a mean looking aircraft. Congratulations for making a “challenging” kit turn out with excellent results!!!!!
  13. stevehnz

    Aston Martin barn find

    That's brilliant, I'd love to see some more general view type photos rather than just corners as it were, especially of the car. The "stuff" you have around the walls is superb. Steve.
  14. Here’s a “What If” build. I like to take American designed aircraft and imagine What If they had entered service with the Canadian Military. These are from all ages but usually end up being Cold War aircraft that Canada had seen and possibly even experimented with. There were many times us Canadians dropped a new engine in an existing American aircraft for future use. Ie F-86 Sabre, and F-104 Starfighter. I also “imagine” our air service had taken a more active role in the Cold War and miss the opportunity on building an Avro Arrow. Thus this is where I garnered an idea from. Take an aircraft designed for delivering nuclear weapons (The genie missile) and was involved with the RCAF, even operating out of Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan. This F-106 Delta Dart pre-six pack. That is before it was designed for using AIM missiles.
  15. Duncan B

    Su-22M4 "8101" Hobby Boss 1:48

    The grey scheme really suits the Fitter. Not being an expert on the type I must admit to not being able to tell the difference between the Hobby Boss kit and the KH one. I guess the 'Devil is in the details'? Duncan B
  16. Bill......... I agree with the others. Very nicely done!!!!! Mike
  17. AaronKSJ

    P-61B Black Widow- Sleepy Time Gal

    Excellent, that's good to know! I seem to always have difficulty with chipping and getting it to look "right" I guess at least with this plane I'll have lots to practice on. Gulp. Since my last post I managed to get a fair bit done, for didn't get any interim pics of progress. Following on from the squiggly grey line mess that I made, gave the P-61 a coat of very thinned down Tamiya rubber black. Turns out my airbrush work needs a lot more practice. Managed to get a few very grainy / rough paint patches on the booms under the wing I guess from over spray on the wings were the paint has dried before it's hit the boom. Which I hadn't expected as the paint was thinned heavily - 50/50 ish It was so bad that lightly brushing it and it rubbed off. D'oh. So had to do some touching up. To be honest the overall finish was pretty poor and I was really annoyed with how it turned out, it is rough in other areas rather than a nice smooth coat. Gave it a couple of coats of Klear - which has helped a tad. But I suspect I might still get some silvering when the decals go down. The Klear coat helped to darken down the rubber black, which was initially looking pretty grey on such a big model! And then last night gave the entire thing a wash with black oil paint heavily thinned to darken it further and with the aim of picking out the panel lines - not sure this worked that well. But hey-ho. This evening planning on using a light grey oil wash to pick out some of the panel lines. But this is how it stands at the moment.... Thanks for looking Aaron
  18. jean

    Hobby Boss P-39

    Hi AW, Lovely build!!! And for a first airbrush trial, it is damn good! I have never touched an airbrush in my life... It would help if you add some lead to the bluetack!!! Just kidding! Great show. JR
  19. I have to agree with @kapam, this is an excellent build indeed. I too like the T-33, I have three in my stash. Love it. Terry
  20. Duncan B

    Fairey Delta 2

    What a great result on a very basic kit. i know how much work you must have put into this as I have one somewhere in the pile of shame waiting to be finished some day. Duncan B
  21. Having acquired my first airbrush earlier this year I wanted a quick, easy build and simple colour scheme as a training exercise and also to use some decals from my stash. I decided on Hobby Boss' easy build P-39, which despite its name did not go together particularly well, there were gaps in the nose joint and also where the tailplanes attached that required filler and sanding. The canopy looks to be too low and the framing was so indistinct as to make masking very difficult, I ended up masking the entire forward section and painting the frames on by hand. The only changes made to the model were the addition of some seat belts from wine bottle foil and I drilled out the end of the 37mm canon in the spinner. Decals are from AeroMaster set 72-037 Stalin's Kobras and portray the aircraft of Major V F Sirotin of the 17th IAP, an ace credited with 26 victories and the award of the HSU. As you can see from the strategically placed blob of bluetack under the nosewheel its a tail sitter, despite packing the nose space with bluetack. Thanks for looking AW
  22. Giorgio N

    90s NATO Vs Warsaw Pact in Europe GB

    It would be hard to call this a "NATO Vs. Warsaw Pact", as the latter disbanded early in the decade, in any case the '90s were quite turbulent years in Europe, with a lot of changes so I feel that it would be good to continue the series. Plenty of interesting subjects here, with countries switching from one alliance to the other, the birth of new countries with new armed forces and the sad years of the war in former Yugoslavia. Please count me in !
  23. Cooper645

    Tamiya Austin Mini - aftermarket upgrades

    Probably going to be too small but 1/43 Minilites from Arena Modelli or you could always get them on a diecast and remove them. Bburago 1/32
  24. One-Two

    1/48 Focke Wulf Fw-190 Anton

    In the meantime I realized that although I finished the painting stage for the Eduard A5 also, I completely forgot about the auxiliary gas tank. The Eduard instructions says that Walter Kohne's Fw190A5 was equipped, at the time of its deployment to Deelen/Holland, with WGr 21 rocket launchers under the wings but also with auxiliary tank. As I said earlier, I seriously doubt that at that time this machine was equipped with the auxiliary tank, but since I made this research only after I installed the rack under the wing, now I have no option than to go for the auxiliary tank also. The problem is this auxiliary tank had some sort of metal strip which was used in order to secure it to the rack, besides the 4 connection points with the rack itself. Well, Eduad had represented this metal belt molded-on the upper part of the auxiliary tank, and I don't like at all this approach. So I removed it completely I I have to see later on how I will represent it in a better way. I also detailed a little bit the auxiliary tank support and some pipes for the incoming/outgoing gas circuit. Now I have to see how to represent that metal strip which was coming around the tank and I can go further on with the painting stage.
  25. HansReggelsen

    Fairey Delta 2

    Such an innovative aircraft and such a great model! Maybe I should get me one?......NO! Spend too much already this year! Cheers Hans J
  26. Very nice indeed. Those wings look scarily stumpy. I assume they were modified for pylon racing? Terry
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