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  2. 6 in total: Badger 250 (for large area jobs) Paasche Copy (for general uncomplicated work and priming) Aztek 470 (for general use with acrylics) H&S Ultra (for general use but good for cammo) Neo Iwata (as above) H&S Infinity CR Plus (for finest detail)
  3. Gorgeous aircraft, superb model, great scheme. Fantastic.
  4. 1/48 Hasegawa EA-18G Growler VAQ-132 'Scorpions' Operation 'Odyssey Dawn', Libya 2011. Build thread Cheers Dave
  5. OK - I better toddle off to my own thread and ask the question there - I have been having a crack at my wheels and they do indeed look very different to yours - best to find out now - rather than screw it up later.
  6. Lovely job, as always Jo. Coffee and tea make wonderful colouring/staining media. You should be able to achieve nearly any shade of wood with varying applications and experimentation. Failing that, good, old-fashioned wood-stain from the hardware shop would do the job just as well...
  7. Hello Ced, good to have you back here. Having not heard of you anything for quite a while my first hought was, that you have changed your first residence immediately to Crete saying cheerio to all and us Cheers. Btw: Why no Rfi?. Looking good so far (statement from one ,who doesn't like the BAC Lighning II at all)
  8. Wow, what a lovely typhoon. Great job. I think your model sits well with others.
  9. What it does raise, particularly for those of us involved in organising our own club shows, is the security of the venues we use. It is a heartbreaking story and I feel terribly for the guys who have had their work destroyed, but let's not kid ourselves and think it could not happen elsewhere. SMW enjoys the onsite security services provided by the TIC, but the vast majority of shows at which we display our models rely just on a locked key and maybe a burglar alarm as well.
  10. Looks like you and Lady H. had a great time there Ced. The Lightening looks magic mate. And yet another tool!!! Still, it`s nice to have one to hand, Oh yeah, welcome back from hols dear chap. Simon.
  11. I'm getting it too on a tablet I think it was photographed with my phone Further investigations proceed
  12. I put in a cheeky bid on an eBay lot comprising of a Fujimi Phantom FG.1, Airfix Lightning F.6, Airfix Gnat T.1 and Revell Hunter FGA.9 and was successful. Quite a reasonable price for the bundle!
  13. I think the Attacker was my first foray into Frog (well it was Novo by then) as well. I certainly recall the lack of wheel wells and pilots head in that solid cockpit. I got my cousin to paint her up and he did a good job of it too. We were both really annoyed when when the Novo decals exploded into a million bits when they hit the dish of water - it was pretty soul destroying. The kits windscreen is also a little off, however I do have a Vac replacement which will no doubt need a lot of work to fit right. I probably won't build it during this GB, so will put it aside until I that I get that mad urge to tackle something insanely stupid. Cheers.. Dave
  14. Now on national news https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/england
  15. That looks a little like trying to pass off a bulldog as a wolf.
  16. I have just seen this on the Beeb - posting just in case offers of help to reconstruct some of the damage might be offered. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-48326572
  17. My reaction is much the same as everyone else's has been, but what to do with them, I just don't know. Someone suggested the army, but years ago I saw something like this suggested for anti social cretins and the response was, do we really want this type of low life, polluting out professional armed forces? We abolished corporal punishment years ago, which IMO is a shame. Capital punishment also, but maybe that would have been a bit extreme in this case. They'll probably end up with an ASBO and leave the court laughing their heads off. My own personal opinion is to shame them. Post photos of them in their area so that their neighbours can see just what cretins they are. Trouble with that is that some of them would see it as a badge of honour. I know that as an idiotic 12 year old, I ended up in juvenile court for a piece of stupidity and got off with a fine. Another boy who was also up that day wasn't so lucky and was sent to reform school. My Mum said to me at the time, "that's where you'll end up if you do something like that again". It scared the out of me and for the last 60 years, I have been a model citizen (well almost). I'm not advocating a return to the rack or the cat o' nine tails et al, but I believe the the bleeding heart liberals have held sway for too long and that it's time the punishment fitted the crime, or we are going to go on seeing this type of mindless vandalism continue. John. 5.......
  18. Certainly is a good kit so far , even without the airscale stuff it would be very good.
  19. This is my method - I also make weathering when the main components are still apart. But one thing is absolutely essential in this case - a perfect fit of the components in places where they are to be attached. And the glue must be used very carefully and in moderate quantities - that's the difficult part here. Attached is the picture of my workbench as it looks right now - the Boeing main components are almost ready to be glued together.
  20. What could possibly go wrong? Hope they fix this now BEFORE they cut the molds. Why? Because I would like to see a really decent 1/48 Su-25.
  21. That's a lovely result from a kit whose moulds are probably older than most of us - nice one.
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