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    Mauve Fairey Delta 2

    There is a new book published by Flightcraft "British Military Test and Evaluation Aircraft. which describes this scheme. Colour is either BS381C-542 Ruby or BS381C-796 Dark Violet, Pale Cream stripe BS381C-352. The book is well worth the money if interested in British research aircraft
  3. Thank you guys for the reply, very motivating ... The kit is the Tamiya 1/48, OBB
  4. The Mig-21F kit comes with two cannons but you need the F13 kit to build the J-7 this if Chengdu didn't further modifiy the fuselage Luigi
  5. Hi everyone, Thanks to my daughter, I'm getting back into modelling after a bit of a break. Something around 45 years !! Used to do lots of Airfix aircraft with my 2 cousins. I'm in Wellington but originally from Yorkshire, been out here for 20+ years. As well as the modelling I 'm also into classic cars so will be looking to this for inspiration, also steam engines, vintage machinery and classic motorbikes.
  6. Let's be honest. This is basically a one man rant, and the OP hasn't responded since a lot of people found his posts to be a little OTT. Unless there are obligatory boxes to fill in when you start a new thread, it's inevitable that some info will be missed off. I do it, and so, probably, do the ones who think that they never make a mistake. Next time I start a new post, I will endeavour to include ALL of the relevant info, but if I don't, it won't be because I'm being lazy, rude or any of the aforementioned reasons given by others. It will be because I have a lousy memory and always have had. John.
  7. I've got one of the Avro Arrow kits... the last re tool with a different parts break down and more of them and the coloured instructions.
  8. NZ is close enough to Thailand (and no local shop carries WNW)... so i went a bit nuts on the anniversary sale... Eindecker E.I Eindecker IE.V Pfalz D.XII Stahltaube Roland C.II late Fee HB.12 Albatros B.II Post-war Ninak Salmson 2A-2 USAS Camel/LVG C.VI duellists AEG G.IV late my WNW stash is now large enough to call it a fleet in being.
  9. The Hobbycraft Canada name is definitely dead and buried. The company tried branching into model railroading in the 1990s when they entered some sort of partnership with the Life-Like train company and produced a series of specifically Canadian railroading subjects. They also redesigned their scale model packaging a few times through the 1990s and 2000s Though the specifics of the next step seem hazy, Life-Like at some point sold the model train division to Walthers and Hobbycraft Canada's assets became part of a new company called True Line Trains. True Line still exists, but have not produced anything new for a long time. They claim Hobbycraft Canada as part of their legacy on their website. All of Hobbycraft Canada's scale model moulds were kept in South Korea and probably remain there if they still exist at all.
  10. That video clip is nice. Shows the prominent dihedral of the Caribou to great effect.
  11. Dear Gwart, Thanks for the installation drawing! Confirming the installation, but also helping with the controlboxes in the cockpit. Do you know from which publication it is taken, Technical Manual? Ricardoo, The only proper review I've seen so far is in the magazine Airfix Modelworld, March '19 issue.
  12. Thanks Stix. It was the "gimels" that caused the biggest problem, one of them splitting into three separate pieces, and I didn't have any spares. Started applying the washes last night. Had a few complaints from the household authority with regards to the stink of thinners upstairs. John.
  13. Lately I've been starting threads off using a picture of the front of the box. If that's not enough to tell people what kit/scale/edition the thread is about then they're going to struggle understanding where to glue the pieces on their own models.
  14. Very nice work on the Constellation, beautiful aeroplane. You really lucked out with the decals! Alan
  15. Black it is then - thanks for your assistance.
  16. Looks like playing in (with) the mud has gone well Dennis! Good luck with painting the figures. Kind regards, Stix
  17. Hi John. I agree with Glynn - it does look really good despite the decal issues - and I'm sure you will be able to 'disguise' the problem ones. Hope the washes go on okay. Kind regards, Stix
  18. Heinemann's Hot Rods, Vigilantes, Phantoms,... Great stuff! Thank you for sharing Mike I was impressed to see (at 0:12) four Skyhawks fueling other aircraft and still flying in formation. Not for those who have just earned their wings... Cheers, Antti
  19. You may find that lacquer / cellulose thinners causes fluorescent pigment to congeal in to a rubbery blob. It does with our fluorescent orange anyway, which I learned the first time I went to spray our tin lids. Generally the stuff does a good job on cleaning out enamel from airbrushes though, but it's not universally compatible with everything that may find its way into enamel paints.
  20. I got lucky so to speak. The rather nifty hobbyshop in Borås is closing down and he's running clearance sale until the end of may. 50% off for everything! Since my stash is quite overflowing right now I didn't go totally crazy.... Very strange that the resin-RAT is that much larger? Also, that extra sprute that Special Hobby offers now, is that also applicable for the AJ family?
  21. Hello every body, after my ANR G-14 I want to show you my G-6 from JG3. Its the first generation 109 from eduard (this with some well known failurs) which I corrected.
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