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  2. Super model of a thoroughbred design
  3. tony.t

    Eduard - leaflet for distributors

    I like the Thunderceptor with the butterfly tail best. Tony
  4. Toe

    What was your first single and album.

    Hmmm. I believe first single was a 12" of Alison Moyet's "Is this love?" I have very few 7" singles, would either buy a 12" or not at all... Album would be a 2nd hand Exceller 8 by Kraftwerk, but new I believe it was OMD's Dazzle Ships Still prefer to buy vinyl even now.. Oh, as an extra the 1st video I bought was "Close Encounters of the Third Kind"
  5. Ham Hands

    Fw-189 differences between Mk's 1 & 2?

    Thanks guy. I accidentally bought A1 decals for my A2 bird. I note the rear canopy differs. Plus the information regarding the shell-casing chutes... Perhaps I will buy an A1 as well? I have always loved this aircraft. (As a kid I built the Airfix version, alongside the B&V 141. I have loved ugly ducklings ever since. Thanks again. HH.
  6. tony.t

    Phantom FG1

    I doubt the colours were spectrophotometrically matched fifty years ago. Still hoping somebody like Aerocraft see fit to make the chunkier FG.1 NLG leg as a drop-in replacement. Tony
  7. Thanks All on to the Sherman Tank Cheers Bill
  8. Gordon J

    Perth Scottish nationals 2019

    I know Perth isn't Telford but with the increase in traders has a floor plan been made available for this year? Just wondering
  9. Colin W

    Tornado warning

    Well with Hellios, Peter and Caerbannog we should be on. Sorry I have been bobbing around in the Indian ocean for a while and out of touch with the world. As is evidence of lack of progress on my 3 current GBs. Colin
  10. Hub Plott

    1:48 B-24 conversions & replacement vac canopies

    The vac canopies are great, The resin is okay but not very detailed. If you want to do one that is externally okay his products fit the bill but very lacking in detail and he has stated it was not worth his time to add the details as those that wanted it could add it themselves and those that didn't he would give them an externally correct model at least on the PB4Ys. Lone Star has a much more detailed PB4Y-1 conversion and is bringing out a full PB4Y-2 in 1/48.
  11. What gap are you referring to sir? The one directly behind the canopy? that's for the center canopy roller. I'm sure they will tighten up anything small.
  12. Hi Dennis, Thanks for that. I have looked at the chart you mentioned together with a good few others but although helpful they are all subject to the usual problems of how they were scanned/produced and how your monitor is set up, so just how close they are to the original is a matter of debate. Paint is a subject people have been arguing over since the first modelling magazine was published I guess. In real life it seems there were variations not only between different manufacturers but even in different batches from the same source, and when you add in variations due to application and weathering it becomes a real mess. As to "Scale Colour" I won't even bother going into that. 72 and 73 seem to be pretty close to each other but on the previous float/seaplane GB I saw one or two models with quite a difference, and it looked OK - I might try a few different greens and see what I come up with. Cheers Pete
  13. I'll have to wait until I get back from Athens on Saturday (I go tomorrow). I'll have time to build it before the GB ends on the 12th.
  14. Diego

    Algeria Air Force MiG-21F

    Well, - at the beginning Algerian MiG-21F-13 had no markings on the wings (option A), - later, roundels were applied on the left upper wing and on the under the right wing (option D) - Option D was an exception from the a.m. rule and appeared on aircraft (Su-7, MiG-21MF) deployed to Egypt during the October 1973 war against Israel that got the"Nile Valley" camo patterns and Egyptian markings. Later, as these aircraft returned to Algeria, EAF markings were overpainted with Algerian roundels on 4 wing positions. - The option C the one currently used - only with the current alphanumeric "XX-00" codes. HTH Greetings Diego
  15. Renek

    Bentley Blower 1:12

    I drove out the positions of rivets and bolts on the fenders and went to fit, especially the front ... I got them to the same shape as possible by heating, but those cars did not fit on the car - the brackets and as my colleague prophesied, I was forced to use the front fenders 2mm wire. Now all four are on the right proportions and waiting for the MFH's studs and rivets. Interestingly, at all similar Bentley buildings, no one is burdened by riveting on the mudguards ...
  16. stalal

    737 Max

    Its end of the line for Boeing 737. Its easy to criticize flight crew after crash but it has been found that the aircraft is difficult to operate. Too much compromise in 737 MAX to make old infrastructure in the aircraft design to support modern engines and avionics. https://www.nytimes.com/2019/04/08/business/boeing-737-max-.html
  17. Renek

    Bentley Blower 1:12

    Bentley is not yet finished and is already collecting prizes at competitions
  18. Both are looking really good so far
  19. Julien

    Airfix XIV 1/48

    Exactly, one thread only pls guys
  20. "MERSU" Messerschmitt Bf 109 G-2/R1 HLeLv 11, Ilmavoimat, Pori 1946 Build thread here AZmodel 1:72 G-several variants kit InScale 72 decalbash Eduard steel photoetch seat belts Humbrol enamel paints brushed on Tamiya rattle can flat varnish on top MT-230 was one of the very few Mersus that received the full olive green-black-light blue "Finnish warpaint" during the continuation war. Mercedes-Benz cars have traditionally been called "Mersu" in Finland, even before the wars. It was quite natural that Messerschmitts, arriving in 1943, got the same shorter and more "pronouncable" name. Thanks to Col. and Enzo Matrix for the GB .
  21. Renek

    Bentley Blower 1:12

    Other adjustments are related to the bonnet, made of brass plate and pipe I made a "piano" hinge I made a crossbar (or longitudinal) of a duralumin bonnet, I carved a "l" bracket and riveted a 1mm rivet to the end of the bracket ... it's just rough. Next to it is the original plastic part on which the bonnet was just lying Little Evolution of the Great Shield ... Terrible ... The original frame was in the frame on the bald as well as the two places cracked ... I used a steel mesh and produced a slightly better version than the plexiglass that is the original kit component on the test he assembled the lower frame of the big label ... well ... the plastic holds only the chromes and in addition does not fit the profile, the lower paws bend ... First I tried to grind but then I decided to make the whole lower frame of dural and I will also try to move the upper segments of the frame ... semi-finished. Bottom frame finished and after basic polishing. I even managed the 3D effect of the bottom "paws" where the bolt will be acknowledged. I'm still thinking that I'm gonna get thin ... but the car looks good ... I made my rivets to mount the frame in place, I put down the test with the car as it would look ... I think making the new part was the right decision ... I replaced the original hinges of the bonnet flap with new wire, I think it's a bit better I made other parts for the model, missing in the kit again. Mains suction turbo, material dural Adjusting the interior of the bodywork from 2D to 3D Adjusting wind labels, gradual assembly and machine work Steering wheel adjustment Adjusting the roof overlay to the final variant Details and decals
  22. noelh

    What was your first single and album.

    Can't say I can remember the first single I bought or if there even was one. No I wasted my money buying model kits. In any case my parents didn't even own a record player and didn't like 'that pop music'. I think even Glenn Miller was a bit racy for them. So no records in the house until my younger sister became a teenager and demanded one in the early seventies. So an even then almost vintage box type record player was acquired. Stereo it was not. Naturally it was 'hers' so I didn't get much of a look in and I wasn't very welcome in the now requesitioned sitting room when her friends were over. But I think I remember my first LP. It was either Oxygene by Jean Michel Jarre or Into the Blue by ELO. Although I might be misremembering the ELO LP. That might have been hers. I definitely bought Oxygene though. I got little enough use out of it though as it soon vanished whether nicked or Sis simply lent/gave it away in the absent minded way of hers. I think it was my last LP too as cassettes arrived soon thereafter. Much more practical. My first cassette album was I think, The Cars. I might even still have it somewhere.
  23. PeterB

    Me 410 guns query

    Thanks Jerry, I will have a go but my German is none too good. Another source has sent me a manual page that confirms Green's layout of MG151 on outside but then there is this: Copied form the Mushroom Models book on the 410 with their kind permission. Bit of a head scratcher! Thanks for your help. Pete
  24. Hello H, Master modeler . This AC is ready for a nice shelf in some museum. Regards, Orion.
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