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  2. Looks excellent. I always love to see the old kits built up. Brings back good memories.
  3. Did you finish the other one? How tall are the daleks?
  4. That is one great looking Mirage. The Israeli's had several different recon Mirage IIIC variants that are not well known. I think AML does them all. AML makes some amazing conversions and their quality is excellent. What paint did you use? Thanks for posting!
  5. Yes the original is just the same as the first one above, sitting below the keyboard, as opposed to the second one above, below that, sitting above the keyboard! Always like to bring clarity to a thread.
  6. The C-5 Galaxy was from 1971, the following year Frosties gave one this: Tommo.
  7. Is the original exactly like the new one above? which means it isnt the original because I did an edit in the thread I cannot find the original anywhere in the postimg. gallery
  8. Hi Steve Quick answer I'm afraid as I'm up the attic stash mining. They didn't - all steel. All the best Ben
  9. Looking very window like in a good way! By the way, the original which @CedB and I couldn't see is actually fine now, for me anyway. Very odd. Terry
  10. He's back, and at full steam too! Now I'm gonna have to start looking for a mini lathe ... Ciao
  11. As it has disappeared into the vagaries of Win 10 and Postimage I took the shot again (here again) for your references of course However it doesnt even look like that anymore I didnt like the junctions between clear and solid so... Off with its windows, port side at least I intend trying strips of bespoke CD case plastic I know it responds well to polystyrene glue so... Watch this space Later after I come home from 'club' this arvo
  12. Disaster, the super glue I always use has decided today to fog the canopy Not sure what to do with this now. Tempted to make a canopy cover.
  13. I just bought my 6th and 7th (or 7th and 8th if you include my second(?) ever kit- it's awful btw) 1/72 Spitfires. None of them are the same. I have a Mk.I, Mk.Ia, Mk.II, MkVb, Mk.VIII (bought today), Mk.IX (bought today), and Pr.XIX
  14. Oh, I wish we could just skip ahead to that part! I bought some rolls of nickel silver vaping wire off ebay.uk from a place called the Crazy Wire Company. I was able to get 0.05, 0.07 and 0.10mm wire which should cover all my 1/144 needs for a lifetime. My biggest question is, how wide and how thick were those actual rigging wires anyway? If anyone has ever measured some real life control cables and streamlined raf wires I would be very keen to know! Today I was able to mask and spray the roundels under the wings. I'm not super happy with them, but they will do. The starboard one on A857 was unusual inasmuch as it did not have the white circle. I swear I didn't forget... If anybody knows a source of 4.2mm capital B's in white, do let me know!
  15. A Swift F1/FR5 and HS125/Dominie and Jet Provost in 1/48th. Andover/HS748 in 1/72nd. Wessex, Whirlwind and Puma in 1/48th.
  16. ...and yeah...... I had one not so clear photo the showed the top of the spring actually mounted on the seat and you could just see the cockpit sill as well......and I've lost it! i though it was in one of my books but can't find it, so it must have been a web page. I normally grab photos like this but forgot this time. There are a few photo's on the web showing the seat without the spring during resto's, but this one show the seat really clearly and you can see exactly where the print brackets go, plus some love views of the cockpit structure itself. Unfortunately it's a bit of an add for this companies services...but at least you get a hard to get look of this area. https://resources.renishaw.com/gen/details/Case study: Additive manufacturing revives Hawker Typhoon aircraft(86151)
  17. That reminds me, must go and cut the grass. 14:00 on Sunday.....
  18. Brilliant. I recall building this kit in the 70's. It is wonderful to be able to see it now. Interesting to compare it to today's kits. Great job.
  19. At this point I have a keen amateurs question - did KING TIGERS have rubber tyres. Looking at mine they seem to be just steel rims and a quick google hasn't helped...
  20. Ok Ceb, A few things: Did you get to the St Maria Gorge? Lot pf pretty flowers there, or there were in 1996 bit of a trek tho. What's the torque like on the mini? Does it have a speed controller? Would making intake tunnels on a Sword P60 qualify for the brownie points to get a lathe? The nose ring on the Ligthning looks the biz, (another Ceb recomendation...the pen thingy) with the speed of your builds I'm not surprised..no time for hanging around (see what I did there?) Box On Strickers
  21. Apart from Telford and Perth the shows I know are one day affairs with clubs and traders typically setting up around 8 a.m. for a 10 a.m. opening and taking down after close of play around 4 p.m. so there is less need for stuff to stay in a hall overnight. While this scenario could certainly happen at one of our shows we're maybe a bit less vulnerable than the model railway guys who really have to set up the day before. The other thought that crossed my mind was insurance. No amount of money could fully compensate for the wanton destruction of a model which has taken years to build but I hope some sort of recompense will be forthcoming.
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