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  2. Smithy

    Spitfires over Holland May 13th 1940

    ...I should also add that whilst most profiles and sources state N3035 is X, in the photo I have, and although the quality isn't perfect, a down-stroke is visible below the roundel which would be in the correct position for K. You can see for yourself when I post the photo. K also tallies with the aircraft belonging to A Flight as the vast majority of Fighter Command squadrons at this time used a linear, alphabet marking system for aircraft. X being more probably a B Flight machine.
  3. GordonD

    Ups and Downs for April

    24 APRIL 1967 Soyuz 1 crash Pilot: Vladimir Komarov Crash site: 51.3615°N 59.5622°E (3km west of Karabutak) With the mission abandoned, Komarov began re-entry but the recovery went catastrophically wrong when the main parachute failed to open. He attempted to deploy the reserve chute but this became entangled with the primary and the spacecraft hit the ground at a speed of around 140km/h and exploded. Komarov was of course killed instantly; the cause of death was determined to be multiple blunt force injuries rather than the fire. Flight time had been 1d 2h 48m and 18 orbits. Several years after the flight, rumours emerged that Komarov had spoken to his wife in the final moments before impact, and/or that he had cursed the spacecraft designers for what they had done to him. These are untrue. 1971 Soyuz 10 landing Crew: Vladimir Shatalov (CDR); Aleksei Yeliseyev (FE); Nikolai Rukavishnikov (TE) Landing site: 120 km NW of Karaganda Following their failed attempt to board Salyut 1, the cosmonauts landed safely. Flight time was 1d 23h 46m, 32 orbits. 1972 Apollo 16 lunar liftoff Crew: John Young (CDR); Charlie Duke (LMP); Ken Mattingly (CMP) CSM: Casper; LM: Orion After three days on the Moon the LM ascent stage lifted off for rendezvous with the CSM. Three EVAs had been carried out, lasting 7h 11m, 7h 23m and 5h 41m - a total of 20h 15m for each man. Docking was achieved without incident and the following day the LM was jettisoned. However because of a wrongly-set switch it did not perform the retro-burn that would have crashed it onto the lunar surface; it remained in orbit for nearly a year before impacting. The CSM also deployed a subsatellite into orbit to study the plasma, particle, and magnetic field environment of the Moon and map the lunar gravity field, before departing for home. 1990 STS-31 launch Crew: Loren Shriver (CDR); Charlie Bolden (P); Bruce McCandless, Steven Hawley, Kathy Sullivan (MS) 35th Shuttle mission; tenth flight of Discovery This was the long-awaited deployment of the Hubble Space Telescope, originally scheduled for August 1986 but postponed because of the Challenger accident. That flight would have had John Young as Commander, becoming the first astronaut to fly seven missions, but by the time the Shuttle resumed operations Young had been reassigned to an administrative position. The HST is more than 13 metres long, 4.27 metres across at the base and weighs 10,886kg. Deployment took place on Day Two, with Hawley gently lifting it out of the payload bay with the manipulator arm then waiting for the solar arrays to unfurl. However one failed to open properly, leading to Sullivan and McCandless preparing to make an EVA to release it. This ultimately proved unnecessary as Mission Control managed to open the array while the EVA crew were still pre-breathing in the airlock. Discovery then backed away, leaving the ground controllers to bring the telescope into operation--which was to prove a major headache. 2005 Soyuz TMA-5 landing Crew: Salizhan Sharipov (CDR); Leroy Chiao [USA], Roberto Vittori [Italy] (FE) Landing site: 51° 03' 24.96" N, 67° 18' 02.88" E (93 km north of Arkalyk) Sharipov and Chiao had been ISS Expedition 10, spending 192d 19h 2m in space and completing 3.032 orbits. Vittori had arrived on the station with the Expedition 11 crew: his own flight time was 9d 21h 22m, 155 orbits.
  4. F-32

    Tamiya 1/32 Mosquito

    She’s a real stunner
  5. F-32

    Old School Aggressor

    That’s great work!!
  6. AndyL

    Spitfires over Holland May 13th 1940

    From the report issued by Headquarters, No 1 Group, Intelligence. "F/Lt Gillies - Red 1; F/O Smith Red 2; P/O Crooks Red 3. P/O Brown Yellow 1; Sgt Cameron Yellow 2; P/O King Yellow 3. P/O Brown force landed at Le Zoute and is returning from Dunkirk to England by boat today or tomorrow. P/O King - Yellow 3 in attempting to return to this country got lost, mistook Calais for Margate and landed there. He returned in his own aircraft the same evening. Red 1 fired 2663 rounds, Red 2 2500, Red 3 2667 and Yellow 2 1006. Both Red 2 and Yellow 3 suffered one bullet strike apiece. Cine guns were fitted but not used. The composite squadron spotted a formation of seven Ju 87's in line astern and engaged. One Ju 87 fired red parachute flares which was a signal for fighter assistance which appeared in the form of 30 Me 109's which attacked our fighters. The engagement developed into a series of individual combats. Red 1 engaged a Ju 87 from which tracer was observed from twin rear guns. This tracer ceased after some seconds fire after which the enemy went into a steep dive with smoke coming from it, and disappeared down to the ground. Our a/c next engaged a Me 109 and as the Spitfire ran out of ammunition the enemy went into a dive. The result was not reserved. Red 2 attacked a Ju 87 and observed tracer going into the enemy aircraft between the rear turret and the pilot. The enemy went down in a dive. Red 2 broke off his attack and attacked three other Ju 87's. He then sighted a Ju 88 which he attacked, the enemy turning steeply, only receiving two short deflection bursts. The top rear gunner of the Ju 88 was firing two guns with tracer. Red 3 engaged three Ju 87's, one of which was seen to crash in flames, and a second was last seen to crash in flames, and a second was last seen in a shallow dive with petrol vapour streaming behind. Report on Yellow 1 is not yet to hand, but P/O Kay confirms that he saw P/O Brown bring down a Ju 87 in flames. Yellow 2 engaged a Ju 87 at 1,000 feet, attacking from astern and after his fourth burst of fire the enemy aircraft crashed. He then attacked two more Ju 87's, firing short bursts, but no result was observed. Our aircraft received fire from twin guns using tracer from the top turret of the enemy aircraft. Yellow 3 got in a short burst on a Ju 87 with no apparent effect. He then developed deflection attack, still with no effect. Then he noticed his reflector sight was inclined to the left . He made one more burst before his ammunition was expended. He received no return fire from the enemy rear gunner who had fired during the first attack. From this he assumed the rear gunner had been out of action. He then followed the E/A inland and made repeated dives on it hoping to make it crash. He drove the enemy down to approximately 20 feet from the ground. At this time, having received Red 1's call to rendezvous over Rotterdam, he left the enemy aircraft and started looking for Rotterdam. Enemy casualties: 5 Ju 87's conclusive, 5 Ju 87's inconclusive, 2 Me 109's inconclusive."
  7. Gorby

    Does anybody give a grump?!!

    It's a common belief that population growth will continue exponentially until there isn't room or resources for other life forms to co-exist with us. But there is a very interesting and very believable theory that Earth will reach it's peak population at the end of this century – 10 or 11 billion, and then actually start to reduce. Below is a the link to Hans Rosling's very entertaining lecture. If you have an hour to kill it's well worth watching, I think it is one of the most interesting things I have ever seen on the telly.
  8. Lovely work
  9. Marco F.

    Mini Moke Line Drawings

    Lovely little Moke, I'm happy I already preordered one.... can't await to receive the kit
  10. busnproplinerfan

    Cute Plane Scale - B-24 Liberator by Meng Model - released

    ok, didn't know that, thanks for the info.
  11. F-32

    1/48 Academy RAF Phantom

    Just the way they should’ve been, off the shelf at half the price with more of them!
  12. Work In Progress

    1/48 Hasegawa P-47 Razorback instructions

    Those are for the Tamiya kits, not the Hasegawa one
  13. Hamden

    Panhard EBR Armoured Car Query

    Hi John Thanks for your prompt reply they are a set of very useful photo's. I'll study them in detail later. Thanks again for your time and trouble Roger
  14. S5 modeller

    1/72 KP XF-1 "Pogo"

    Good work Stephen. Kit looks infinitely better than the lindberg kit I started building. Matt
  15. 71chally

    Fairey gannet

    Fairey specified Sky for the u/c legs and mainwheel bays. Out of stores the legs/components usually came painted in Sky (the airframe underside colour), however there were examples in light grey finish. I've never heard of the bays being white, but again a light grey finish does seem to have been used. I think some of the variations come about from the periods in service, and the methods of the time This leg came from an ex stock crate, Fairey Gannet AEW.3 nose undercarriage by James Thomas, on Flickr A good example of the variable colours used, the grey does feel like a primer and I wonder if some of the components didn't receive a top coat before fitting. All parts were new old stock, apart from the bay which has been stripped & treated. Fairey Gannet AEW.3 main undercarriage by James Thomas, on Flickr In short, Sky and the light grey would be acceptable.
  16. Terry1954

    RF-101B Voodoo - Kittyhawk 1/48

    Amazing work. Love this one and the silver F-101A or C (I think). Terry
  17. PhoenixII

    Does anybody give a grump?!!

    He, he, he, I'm waiting for a near neighbour to start on his A35 or his 1934 taxi!
  18. Smithy

    Spitfires over Holland May 13th 1940

    I have a photo of N3035 showing the port side. The aircraft does have the individual code letter partly obscured by the roundel. The serial is visible and is in the "Supermarine style" and in a light colour, most probably grey. I'll scan the photo and post it here later when I have time. Tim
  19. nimrod54

    Moving Time Again

    Or you could resort to my comment as a four week newly-wed when, having bought my first set of spectacles, I returned home from the opticians and said "Good grief, I haven't married you have I" . That should cut out the need for any further use of the above phrases. I'm pleased to say that Mrs N did see the funny side though, and 37 years later we are still together ... well I think that it is her, excuse me whilst I go to check.
  20. F-32

    Me 262

    I’d be very happy with that, I think it looks great!
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