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  2. What do you mean by that? First i've heard of the other show, but looking at the description for it, I don't see how it's unrelated.
  3. The Gee Bee in The Rocketeer film was a Gee Bee Z, not an R like this model. See the link to a neat video of a very nice replica Gee Bee Z. Mike https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=og1MHoYY-mc
  4. Rob. I agree that there's not much control using rattle cans, compared to an airbrush. I'm not sure if any of the local hobby stores here carry Mig products. Although, it's available on the Canadian Amazon site. I'll order bottle & try it out. Thanks for the suggestion. John
  5. My models are far from perfect - but I'm having fun making them. And I try to learn something from every build - and take that lesson to my next build. And sometimes its better just to finish a build an move on - rather than get bogged down on possible problems or mistakes.
  6. If you can find one Revell do a release which is the Hasegawa kit, but usually cheaper.
  7. But I understand that the other show is NOTHING to do with War of the Worlds - they have just nicked the title. Cheers, Nigel
  8. All control surfaces had a metall frame and metal skin, but of course not riveted! A very pleasant model Thorfinn! I converted mine to BFC-2 status many years ago. It will need a major overhaul now, I'm afraid. I like the colours you used - they have a nice luster. Just one remark if you don't mind: Navy painting instructions called for aluminium dope on all fabric surfaces like the wings and for light grey (aircraft grey) on all metal parts, e.g. the fuselage. This changed with SR-15b to overall aluminium in ca. 1937. Curtiss actually got an exemption to paint theirs aluminium earlier. Thus the F11C may have already appeared in overall silver (except upper wing). On monochrome pictures this change is often obscured because the shimmer of aluminium dope on fabric and lacquer on metal was different, too. I posted this question a year ago here because I wanted to be sure my BFC-2 was overall silver. Cheers, Michael
  9. They Sold HMS Ocean in order to crew POW(unfortunate initials!!). RFA Argus is currently being used as a makeshift LPH in recent exercises. A lot more money needs to be spent on the RN! POW's SeaTrials have gone well and she'll be heading down to Portsmouth in the next couple of weeks to meet her sister at sea for a unique photographic opportunity before entering Portsmouth for the first time. Commissioning due before Christmas which will see both our new carriers alongside together for the first time.
  10. Great work! Extra credit for rivets - I believe those were not part of the kit.
  11. Thanks @Gorby The lack of images on the site isn't really because many are private... it's simply because the site is new-ish and I've only mentioned and used it here on these forums. So there arent many users yet! As for stability and the survival of the site. I've run a company developing and hosting online apps and websites for about 10 years. Many of my clients have kept their sites hosted with me that whole time. This gives me cheap access to lots of reliable server space, image hosting is not a problem Here are the different available accounts. FREE £0/month Upload Size Limit: 4MB Storage: 1000 images Images Expire: After 730 days (2 years) of not being viewed Max. Images Views: Unlimited Watermark: Yes Disable Auto-Resize: No Image rotation (JPG & PNG) Image Tags & Titles Supports: JPG, PNG BASIC £2.99/month Same as 'FREE' plus; Upload Size Limit: 4MB Storage: 2000 images Images Expire: Never Watermark: No Disable Auto-Resize: Yes Supports: GIF, JPG, PNG STANDARD £4.99/month Same as 'BASIC' plus; Upload Size Limit: 5MB Storage: Unlimited* Custom Text Watermark Custom Image Watermark Hidden Uploads (on this site) PREMIUM £9.99/month Same as 'STANDARD' plus; Upload Size Limit: 6MB * Subject to 'Fair Use Policy'
  12. Yeah I can imagine how fragile they’ll be even with the tougher resin from cutting edge. Considering how much effort is required. I mean why not just do a whole new kit right?
  13. Looking good, Mark, like the added details. All the best Chris
  14. Wow! Very, very nice XVI, Fuad! The riveting is very precisely done- have to learn how to do this, as I think it would really enhance some models. Glad you didn't weather the bejeezus out of this one, as I would have been tempted to cross the pond and smack you around a little! Seriously, you are a very consistent and skilled builder and painter, and I marvel at each and every one of your finished replicas. Mike
  15. Easy: black tempera wash. It doesn't show through primer and paint at all. Definitely Ciao
  16. But totally unnecessary nowadays. A simple online search would give profiles, shapes, outlines and dimensions within seconds. Aftermarket to enhance and add the really fine detail unachievable with injection moulding is great, but not to correct the basic shape that should have been made in the mould. If I had the money I would add my name to Alans waiting list. Jeff
  17. Whofan

    Telford 2019

    Best guess would be someone was taken ill, or had fallen and got some potentially serious injury. Whatever hapened, an ambulance with blue lights on is a sad reminder someone's in trouble.
  18. Sacre Bleu! Are you SURE this is not a 1/48 kit? Very, very nice model that we seldom see! Mike
  19. Just a combination of micro set/sol and hot water and I touched up the bits where raised detail showed through. cheers Allan
  20. Not at first, it was familiar but dug up the info on “Episode six” and its a band I'm totally unfamiliar with however some of its members are well known.
  21. First off, I finally see somebody who has almost as many paints as I do! (But I bet I have a lot more Pactra and Floquil than you do- ha!) Very nice workbench, too! I agree with the diecast comment regarding this kit, but you have made as good a model of it as any other I've seen! (Bet it even brings a smile to @canberra kid's face!) Very, very nice Canberra! It always amazes me that Airfix can do so many nice subtly detailed parts on their new releases, but continue to mold kits with such wide panel lines- they do seem to be getting better, but there doesn't seem to be consistent improvement from kit to kit. Sorry to drift off-thread, but the comments made and your outstanding build in spite of the kit's issues reminded me- much like the discussion on the Airfix and Fujimi Spey Phantoms. Mike
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