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  2. Twisted News Epilogue: What became of the Angels. Well they are all of retirement age now. Destiny - married the base Weapons Officer, had 2 children, became a schoool teacher. Harmony - continued her flying career with executive helicopters, marrying a fellow pilot. One son, she is now a proud gran. Melody - string of affairs eventually resulted in a child and a short but disastrous marriage. Emegrated with her daughter to USA where she had a highly successflatinul career as a marketting manager. Rhapsody - Married and divorced 3 times, never really settling into any job. Was the madame at several dubious establishments. Retained her interest in flying, she has dissapeared - thought to be running drugs in Latin America. Symphony - Married a university lecturer, then moved into the hotel industry. Two grown-up children, Symphony is now retired , living by the sea, with a cat and a dog.
  3. Trusting to memory is always a risk , should have checked first , many thanks for setting it right.
  4. I did fly for a living for 15 years, so it was meant as a rhetorical question (though flight levels and compressibility error aren’t generally a big deal in helicopters!). I was merely trying to point out to our resident single-seat-mud-mover-turned-legal-wrangler that the nautical environment isn’t the only one whose language can be confusing to the layman
  5. Thanks John. It will be particularly nice to have another inter-build in the GB Cheers
  6. Troy Smith

    Airfix Bf 109E-3

    Nearest Humbrol equivalents to RLM 71 Dunkel Grun and RLM 02 Grau, so yes, certainly near correct. 117 is OK for 71, 31 I think is too green. Do you have a preferred type and brand of paint?
  7. Hi guys, Going to enter with the Eduard Chattango Choo Choo model. It seems a nice kit, but I have noticed the landing gear seems off. So any advice there will be appreciated! Pictures will follow very shortly, I've managed to break my phone's camera so have to use the DSLR and transfer it all over. Anyway, the attraction which is markings. In the kit there are six marking, five of them nmf and then one OD and NG. I'm leaning towards the OD and NG but I also like the miss Steve marking! Choices choices! Waffling over and let's crack on! Thanks for looking Any comments, suggestions or criticisms are welcome! Joss
  8. As others have said - these build up into a nice model with a bit of care I had a very similar shopping basket to you with that Mossie and Comet resulting in...
  9. Try asking if anyone has a spare from the first run of the kit which included a clear and tinted canopy. I have already sent someone the spare canopy from my own kit but there are bound to be others out there that still have theirs. Failing that I understand there are some companies that can make resin replacement parts, TopNotch springs to mind. As an aside I recently had to request a spare GWH Su-35 canopy (to replace one that had a broken front canopy) from the Distributor that I get the kits from. After months of delay they eventually sent me a canopy sprue that was completely trashed, fully worse than the original !! Duncan B
  10. Thanks Ian, Glad you like it. For the GSB I mixed Humbrol Gloss Blue 15 and some Gloss Black. No particular proportions, I just kept adding black until it looked about right. Cheers Russ
  11. Okay, so those floats were loaded on racks as regular bombs? Call me silly, but having not seen any suspension lug, I was under the impression that they were dropped manually.
  12. a couple of pages late to the party again. Congrats on the medallion - open necked shirt and matching gold chain from now on is it? Excellent scribing skills Ian - very impressive
  13. It's not just upcoming but the STGB started today. Talk about timing, eh?
  14. Thanks pete, would have probably been wise to have started this in september or october maybe to cram a bit more in , i did get a ready salted crisp box done and painted ,but, the last minute beer fridge hogged too mutch room ,and it didn't look right on the shelf beneath , the mcewan's export and tennants super cans can be seen cooling in the fridge, got to be honest the decals at that size defeated me ,so i had to blob some paint on , your comments, advice, and technical help have been superb, a short but fun build,should only be another few days or so fingers crossedthanks again,
  15. Some more clandestine B-17s about half way down https://weaponsandwarfare.com/2019/09/24/b-17-clandestine-special-service/
  16. The nose would have been red the protective cap would have been removed either immediately after loading or just before flight. its a handling safety device not an in air safety device.. Selwyn
  17. prosser

    Airfix Bf 109E-3

    OK so reverting to maybe an E-3 in the air war over France pre Dunkirk....which fits with my other interest in No.1 squadron RAF at the same era. My Airfix E-3 gives upper camo with Humbrols 117 and 31....is this anywhere near correct?? Would welcome some advice as to whether this is correct...…... Thanks in advance Martyn
  18. Hi Neil, Do you have a vacform machine? Cheers, Ian
  19. One of your best ever Russ. Beautifully photographed as usual. Whose GSB did you use? Or was it a home brew..? Ian
  20. Tzulscha

    Fore here, forever

    of half a rhinoceros
  21. I think the airbrakes are really a worthwhile addition - splendid job Ciao
  22. Today I'd thought to try out what Vallejo Red looks like. Well, it's... red. Coverage is good. Just a few drops thinner, but boy does it spray fast. Looks a bit light here due to the artificial lighting. Nice tone though in the LED spots where it's going to end up. The Tamiya XF23 is for the other kit - that went a bit under the radar but is turning out pretty nice for a first try at camo with an airbrush.
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