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  2. That is beautiful work! Excellent Albatros!
  3. Chaps: I've given her a good clean and tightened the screw joint between the body and the paint head. It seems to now work. A slight helping hand with a small set of pliers and bingo! There must have either been a speck of muck in there or the seal wasn't quite right. Martin
  4. Are you sure? 1) most airfields use a left hand circuit so the carriers just followed suit. 2) flyco on a carrier overlooking the deck can also see the landing pattern if it's opposite the island. 3) the Japanese built carriers in pairs one with a port island and one starboard so the ships could be closer together and not interfere with each others landing patterns. This even though they operated identical aircraft. I don't think the direction of rotation of the propeller had the final say. Colin
  5. Daco decals You can order here: https://www.dacoproducts.com/KAst16.php /Bosse
  6. I don't have a copy of the 26 sheet to hand but it is quite clearly listed on their website as "British Caledonian Vickers VC-10", not a mention of "Super" anywhere. I'm sure that Ray Charles at 26 (who is a member of this site) knows as well as the rest of us that B-Cal never used the Super VC-10 and I don't accept for a moment that he intends the B-Cal VC-10 sheet for use on the unmodified Roden kit. For what it's worth making a standard VC-10 from the Roden kit involves quite a challenging conversion and is far from straightforward.
  7. Hi Stuart @Courageous I've given her a good clean and tightened the screw joint between the body and the paint head. It seems to now work. A slight helping hand with a small set of pliers and bingo! There must have either been a speck of muck in there or the seal wasn't quite right. Thanks for your post M
  8. Thanks, I will have a look when the kit arrives. My initial thoughts were build the one on the box front. Where did you get the decals from?
  9. Just joined it myself a couple of weeks ago, and from some initial enjoyment I note that I am now getting a regular a**-whooping from far more experienced gamers! So, if you should happen to see some flaming wreckage plummeting earthwards with the username Flashheart606, that'll be me
  10. To what depths will she plumb?....if you're worried then then I fear things are going to get very nasty, rather quickly
  11. Lovely! Outstanding work on all the shape changes.
  12. Excellent work. All that rigging must have been fun!
  13. Dang, the beauty of that kit is making me want to get one.
  14. Another beauty. The engine arrangement has a distinctly De Havilland look to it.
  15. Gosh. I'm running out of superlatives. Another exceptional model. Museum quality.
  16. Dear fellow Britmodellers, here's my 1/72 Zvezda ISU-152 assault gun, built from the box. Painted with Gunze acrylics, weathered with pastel chalks and artist's oils. The kit has nice details, but unfortunately, the tracks are too short to represent the characteristic 'sagging' on the upper rollers. In fact the tracks are so tight you'll hardly get them to fix if you painted the wheels/tracks seperately. On my first attempt I applied too much pressure and broke both the idler wheel and the tracks themselves. These had to be replaced them with parts from another Zvezda kit (the ISU-122, which has the same chassis). All photos by Wolfgang Rabel. Thanks for your interest, with best greetings from Vienna Roman
  17. A beautiful rendition of this somewhat forgotten type. The Pfalz Silbergrau looks great. Apparently when Jastas which were expecting D.VIIs received these instead they were not amused.
  18. Another stunner. Once again the wood affect paintwork is exceptional.
  19. Das Abteilung

    Sherman III

    You've spotted the key difference - the obvious vision slots in the front of the drivers' hoods. As I'm sure you know, Sherman factory and production date variations are a real minefield. Yes, the hood castings were different. DV hoods are shorter as they do not have the periscope in front of the hatch, which was added when the slots were deleted. DV hoods only have a periscope in the hatch itself. So in side profile the later hoods will protrude about 9" further forward and if the periscope is up you will see it right towards the front of the hood. If the hatch is open and the front edge is very close to the front of the hood then it's probably a DV. If you can see 2 periscopes per hood then it's definitely non-DV. Some tanks with applique plates in front of the drivers' hoods are DV - which must have made driving closed-down a real pain. This is true for all M4 variants, not just the M4A2 / Sherman III. However, there are 2 unique complications with the A2 not applicable to any other variant. 1. All ALCO-built A2s (only 150) were DV. It is unclear if any of these came to the UK, but they would in any case have been rare among the 5,000 or so A2s supplied to the UK. 2. The Fisher Grand Blanc Tank Arsenal was by far the greatest producer of A2s, making over 4,300 "small hatch" and about 3,300 "large hatch". When they transitioned from DV they introduced a flat-plate square-edged welded driver's hood design not used by any other factory. So if you see this it is definitely a non-DV A2. Apart from a small number used by USMC, all A2s went for Lend-Lease to Russia and the UK. USMC insisted on Fisher-built A2s. The Dragon 6313 kit is non-DV and is representative of a Pullman Standard-built A2 but could be a Federal. The Dragon 6231 "Sicily" kit is a Fisher-built non-DV A2 (although the Double-I tracks are suspect here) The Dragon 6573 kit is their only DV A2 / III (also in a Cyber Hobby boxing) The Dragon 6062 "Tarawa" kit is another Fisher-built A2 which can be used for a British vehicle, but the more recent 6231 "Sicily" kit has some beneficial corrections. Asuka have both DV and non-DV A2 / III kits, but hard to work out if they're Federal or Pullman Standard. I'm sure you know that the "large hatch" A2 (i.e. Academy) was not used by the UK. As you've also discovered, not all artwork such as that in aftermarket decal sets is correct or conclusive. Dragon's own marking scheme side views in their 6313 kit appear to show DV hoods which the kit doesn't have! If you haven't already discovered the Sherman Minutia website, you need to have a look at this most excellent free resource here http://the.shadock.free.fr/sherman_minutia/ I can recomment the Son Of Sherman book, but it isn't cheap.
  20. using the butchers thumb
  21. Cheers, Bill - at some point I hope to get hold of the later issue, and will probably then cast some in resin to use on the older one...
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