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  2. I'm thinking it might be a 'Clan' Although they all had similar body styles there was great variation in them
  3. Toryu

    Soft edge masking tape?

    @bmwh548 - @dnl42 - @ckw Many thanks gents! The idea with the blue/white tac/silly putty worked very well. No fat blast of colour from the rattle can either. I got a very fine line of feathering. Cheers, Michael
  4. Vid is a Super VC10 I know the son of the photographer that did most of these brochures and Marlene Dietrich . Shoot was in a London studio . The tension of her turning up with an attitude and reputation of her being a diva etc. was soon forgotten . She arrived with her staff, BOAC execs etc. The photog explained what he wanted her to do … Sit in the seat here and recline it ,stretch your legs forward . She gets in the seat ,it's already moving and reclines …. The whole lot goes over backwards ,she's a heap half in the seat and pile of books that have raised the seat feet off the ground ! The onlookers are terrified . Miss Dietrich ! Are you alright ? She's laying there laughing her head off . All was well and the shoot continued . I have a pre-publication shot of her in the seat on books with a white sheet over those ( was photoshopped out for printing obviously ) Also in shot is a bloke holding the back of the seat . You can't sit in a PAX seat that isn't fitted to Seat Rail/Track unless it's the centre seat on a triple or outboard seat on a double , it's unbalanced . If you want a copy of the unpublished photo let me have your email . I have several others too . BOAC cartoons from papers and BOAC Review about Ms Dietrich's advert . One of those above , "Our Flighty Birds" has used the prototype as it was on it's 1st flight and touched up in the 1965 BOAC scheme . The VC10 Economy Class seat ad was a pull out in a Flight magazine , bought the mag on ebay for £2 ,making sure the ad was still attached ! 1st was ad . Bit of weirdness with the later mark Super Beaver Tails , like spikes . I got the 25th BOAC Anniversary special the day it came out ,also got the previous years ( April/May 1964 ) VC10 service entry special . I had no idea I would be working on VC10s 6/7 years later , none at all . Great collection of VC10 ads . Anyone wanting the original Dietrich ad shot ,PM me with email address .
  5. Thanks very much, those are exactly what I needed! Finding clear info on the Mk IV.f gun pack was very difficult, and it shows how very, very wrong both Squadron and Classic Airframes got it! Much appreciation to both you (for the drawings and the excellent photo's) and Selwyn (for the clarification and photo) for the help. Colin
  6. Thank you for sharing! The photo below is the most puzling to me with two colours upper camo and tail from end of twenties... http://silverhawkauthor.com/images/site_graphics/Aircraft/Aircraft---Britain/WeslandWapatiMkIiAAgainNoNegativeNumber.jpg Cheers J-W
  7. I have been using a knackered, old Optivisor that I salvaged from a skip and repaired. It has served me well, but sometimes I feel like I could do with some higher magnification. @TimB the visor you mentioned looks like good buy. One question: does the headband have a reasonable amount of adjustment? Apparently I have a big ol' noggin, so some things just won't fit me! Cheers, Mark.
  8. Lovely pint-sized teetering head flying scaffolding. I drove past the entrance to Middle Wallop today (the actual airfield entrance a few hundred yards down the road from the Museum), and sitting there is a Sioux in exactly your scheme.
  9. My stash is so large it's split over two locations: My own apartment, and my original family home over 200km away. It's lucky that no-one other than me is aware of the full extent of it, or else my sanity would be questioned (even more than it already is). At times I question it myself. It could be worse: One of my friends has most of his stash in the attic, and I don't think even he himself is sure what he has. His wife may suspect, but I don't think she truly grasps the extent of it. If she ever does ...
  10. Because of the nature of vacuum-formed molding, some edges are a bit round. In this case both, wing root and fuselage wing position, are so. This is remedied by sanding just a bit of both ends, and then adding a thin styrene sheet strip to the wing, later to be contoured, and the small gap puttied. This also helps with fit, otherwise a bit indifferent, and rigidity. I opted in this build not to use added spars, that are advisable in other cases, though. :
  11. Hello fafl... from Just a bit south and west in Chicago. Dennis
  12. Another beautiful model. Great work and finish. Great work. Chris
  13. This is the only photo we have - sorry... Neither Cimbria nor Bradley :( Look at the tremendous windscreen area and vertical forward edge of the door. The nose looks like the Elva BMW, but the door top edge is much shorter. Cheers Michael
  14. Progress First the cockpit tub, hopefully correct colour. Then fuselage assembled around it, and wings ready. And fitted, a basic airframe.
  15. Crikey I missed this one, sorry General. I hope my punishment is not too severe, do I need to run around the parade ground in my shreddies with a rifle above my head again??? What a beautiful model of a beautiful machine and a lovely scheme too. Great work as always. Chris
  16. The Italeri CR.32 box from 2013 says "historic upgrade series", so it's quite possible that Italeri did make improvements, although the other kits that were part of that series were all original Italeri molds, at least that I can recall. It's hard to tell from the sprue shots on the Italeri website: https://www.italeri.com/en/product/2245/1/3
  17. Hello 825... Id like to Salute your Families service and sacrifice. Yes civilian equipment is allowed alongside military. Wether in service to country or fellow man it is allowed. Ive added you to the list on page 1. Dennis
  18. Let's just say that if my stash of kits, paints, decals plus all the books and magazines ever caught fire, it would be considered an environmental disaster! Chris
  19. Stunning. That's the scheme I plan for mine. If it's comes out half as good I will be happy
  20. For what it's worth, I doubt that the XA3D's bombardier position included the hardware associated with the production radar and visual bombing system. I don't know what was there; the most likely involve flight test instrumentation and data recording (think orange bits, the traditional color of flight test stuff)
  21. Oh, I'm not quite like that. Yes, there have been some years when I've done very little, for one reason or another. But I've always gone back. The problem is not starting nearly enough kits, and not finishing nearly enough of what I've started. The curse of the Internet: Ignorance was bliss. When I knew next to nothing, there was very little to stop me completing a model in double-quick time. But now I can be very slow to start a certain kit because of some perceived issues with the build, with accuracy, or with the correct paint scheme or markings. Or because I've waited so long to build a kit (over 30 years in some cases), that they've been superseded by newer and better kits - or that I've just gone "off" them. I've come to the conclusion that some kits (maybe a lot of them) should be built more or less as they are. The stash is already so large I'll likely never complete it, even if I take early retirement. You can't take them with you, or so they say ...
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