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  2. John D.C. Masters

    1:72 Hawker Persian Fury

    Fun, fun, fun...
  3. John D.C. Masters

    Brits abroad - British subjects in foreign markings Chat

    Looks like I'll be building that ESCI SE.5A with the Chilean markings then... ...and maybe a Swiss Vampire? The GBs really thin the stash!
  4. fubar57

    Hawker Hurricane Mk.II, Russian Service

    Never mentioned upper wing stars on #60. The photo dated 21 March 1942 is from "Soviet Hurricane Aces of World War 2", given as a time reference only regarding upper wing stars
  5. Slats I believe are non-hydraulic and purely come out by gravity/slow speed.
  6. Wow! Looks superb! For all the troubles you had building (and decaling) it, it sure is a beauty.
  7. Very nice. Looks suitably weathered for the tough service life it would've experienced.
  8. Admiral Puff

    Frightfully bad FOURm ...

    speak for yourself, duckie
  9. this one and several more were commision jobs, started out as a profile for myself and ended up selling them to the four corners of the world, only matched by my Fairey Battle, if you want to see more of my rubbish check my Flickr page. https://www.flickr.com/photos/22448264@N05/albums
  10. kapam

    Malta Spitfire

    My word, that is a superb Spit Mk.V replica! As a big fan for the tropical filter-equipped type, I love what you've produced there. Can't fault it at all.
  11. kapam

    Airfix Heinkel H6.

    Superb Heinkel! The result certainly belies any issues with following the kit instructions. Top work.
  12. MilneBay

    Opinions on Dragon´s 1:48 Ta 152H

    I built it a few years ago. I recall no difficulties other than it being a little fiddly in parts. But that was the nature of Trimaster and carried on over to the later clones. Overall a nice representation.
  13. kapam

    My Newbie builds

    Well they look excellent to me. No wonder you're well pleased with them.
  14. Spot on! The subtle colouring and the rigging would otherwise lead me to believing it is one of the larger scales. Top notch work!
  15. Troy Smith

    Hawker Hurricane Mk.II, Russian Service

    this one? same two photos as posted above. Can't see upper wing clearly enough. this is the photo dated 22 march 1943, I can't see one dated "21 March 1942" the photo in the book is a bit clearer, but given the angle and that you can barely see the fuselage star, you can't tell if there is a star on the upperwing. Regarding the overpainting, in the Spitfire sequence I mention, it's not just the roundel oversprayed, but the area, again, look at the first Spitfire here for reference, note position of roundel below, and look at same area of BM185 above, and you can see the new paint, these were ex RAF, and would have had codes as well. Note the thin black outline to the stars as well. the only examples of this I know of are on P-39's. I'd not like to be too dogmatic, but from what I have seen Lend-Lease types to the VVS were delivered with red stars already applied. This seems standard, US types for the RAF/FAA were painted with British roundels in the US, and there are plenty of photos of US types for the VVS painted with red stars on the production line (color shots of B-25, and A-20 see here http://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/board/index.php?topic=1007.0 spring to mind) one oddity, B-25 had red stars with US positioning, even though these were painted in VVS specified colours, hence the 3 tone uppers and black underside, this being VVS bomber camouflage, as by this point the US stopped camouflage, the VVS still wanted camo, so they got it to VVS specification(using standard american colors) see here http://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/board/index.php?topic=1366.0 the P-39 at Tikkakoski has upperwing stars there was a stuff up in the US, and that got the white disc with red star I did ask @Dana Bell about this, but the info was buried Bell seem to have eventually got it right... remember the VVS had different stars at different point in the war as well, red with black border, then red with white/silver border, then red, with white/silver border and a thin red outline to this. Fortunately more many more VVS photos are becoming available on Russian sites, and knowledge on the subject is growing. there is an excellent piece here on the P39 in the VVS, with much discussion on stars http://massimotessitori.altervista.org/sovietwarplanes/pages/lendlease/p-39/misos/general.html Reminds me, the Russian authors of the Soviet Hurricane Aces book were planning a larger history of the Hurricane in the VVS. A bit rambling,sorry, but hopefully some interesting related points.
  16. I'm a devoted fan of the F-27, having been raised in a provincial Australian town. The F-27 was the airlines' plane-of-choice for the regional services here in Oz. Love the photos - and keen to see yet another re-release from Airfix.
  17. Thank-you, I found that myself soon after I asked the question but needless to say I appreciate the help.
  18. Excellent little model! Looking at your pics made me realise that I only ever see B&W photos of zeppelins, so I have no preconceptions about colour or shade. Nonetheless, I am well and truly convinced by your replica.
  19. kapam

    Don't fear the Reaper...

    Beautiful! Love the intricate work on the undercarriage.
  20. Hi... Recently finished this model... my first WnW kit and having taken the plunge, probably not my last one, either. There are a good few photos, so I'll keep the narrative to a minimum. Generally, a lovely kit to build and the company's reputation for first class and interesting model subjects is well-merited. All internal detail was excellent and the engine was a smart looking item in it's own right. All of the small transfers for the various gauges and the instrument panel went on very nicely, and the markings were very good and went on well throughout the kit, for which there are five different colour scheme options. The model was more or less built from the box; I attempted to ruin my eyesight by adding in spark plugs to the engine but not sure they came out looking as good as I'd have liked, but in my defence, even in this scale, they are very small items to work with. Care is needd with the variant you choose to model when it comes to the louvres and their placement around the forward fuselage but they shouldn't prove to be too difficult. After market seatbelts were called for when I lost one of the kit-supplied pieces to the carpet monster; turnbuckles for the rigging were sourced from GasPatch and will certainly enhance your skills in threading needles - trying to pass elasticated thread from Utschi through the eye of the turnbuckle was another visual challenge, although having started to work with them, then decided it was too much for my eyes, then trying successfully a second time to get to grips with them, it wasn't overly problematic once I got the hang of it. I suppose, as with everything in life, it's getting into the routine that can be the most off-putting aspect of trying something new. Unit and national markings, as well as the various stencils, were applied prior to the attachment of the upper wing. Optional MGs are provided - full-fat plastic or sleek and eyecatching plastic/etched brass options. I chose the full-fat variety, although I 'cheated' and added on the etched brass gun sights. The few transparent pieces offered were nice and clear, and as the lateral windows could be 'dropped' open on the real thing, I elected to leave the (L) forward window open as the fuel pipe leading into the tank under the pilot's seat was located next to this window; I also decided to leave the cowling covers off, which explains their absence from the photos. I chose to attach the external bomb load offered with the kit; the anometer on the upper (R) wing was housed in an aerodynamic fairing with a counterbalance on the opposite wing, this former item having to be hand-made as it is not accommodated within the kit pieces, but is very clearly visible in the accompanying photograph in the instruction manual, and the latter being largely guess work as the aforementioned photo doesn't clearly show how it looked. The model was finished in pale blue overall using a paintbrush, with the uppersurfaces subsequently finished in my own interpretation of the relevant colours, these having been applied by airbrush; the model was also blackwashed inside and externally as appropriate during all phases of the build. So, having been off work for a while with a (thankfully, now-improving) knee complaint, this was certainly a good way to while away the hours during my recovery at home. The model is finished in the markings of an an aircraft believed to have been assigned to Kagohl II in late 1916/early 1917. I hope you enjoy, and thanks for looking in... . Regards, Paul
  21. Impressive built & very nice paint & weathering job! Schönes Flugzeug! Frank
  22. Beardie

    Frightfully bad FOURm ...

    doesn't suit most men
  23. Beardie

    What Would You Do?

    'One thing' would never be enough and, if I was to state all the things I would do I would be getting deep into politics and bordering on becoming a 'dictator'. I suspect I would certainly be banned from Britmodeller in short order. Well I guess if there was 'one thing' I would do, it would be to make myself the dictator of Great Britain then I could remake it the way I think it should be.
  24. Ettore

    The Pacific at War GB

    Goodmorning to All I'm interesting at Australian/ New Zealand Operations; may be with a SBD-5, flown by F/Sgt. C. N. O´Neill / F/Sgt. D. W. Gray, No. 25 Squadron RNZAF, Piva, Bougainville, April, 1944 Eduard 1/48 kit.........could it fit as a subject? Ettore
  25. Today
  26. Hi all, Here's a quick Nerf gun repaint I made for my daughter's birthday. The weather here has been *awful* for pretty much all of June, and I usually use rattle cans outside for this kind of thing. I waited until last Friday and got some paint on, but it was so cold (8'C) that it wasn't the best finish. I was a bit down about the whole thing for a while, but after some touch-ups and weathering I think it's come out OK. I used the same graphics on a box and lined it with foam and satiny fabric attached with hot glue. It was still drying when I wrapped it up last thing last night... It started out as a Nerf Falconfire, which looked like this before I dismantled it and sanded off the logos: https://goo.gl/images/f7QnZw But has ended up a bit more interesting. I hope! The slide mechanism is a bit stiff owing to the paint but it's not the slickest thing even in original form. I cleaned off as much paint as I could from the slide surfaces but some of which was orange needed to be white, so it's not been possible to take it all back to bare plastic. It's painted with Tamiya and Duplicolor primers, and Molotov rattle can top coats. Oh, and I used Tamiya Gunmetal for the metal bits, followed by a Payne's Grey wash and silver Rub'n'Buff. Lettering is from an old Letraset sheet, it's not very sci-fi but the fancy looking Decadry letters I had were no longer any good. Weathering is mostly Pebeo artists' acrylics applied with a sponge and rag, plus some sponged and dry-brushed Citadel colours. I added the yellow flash by sponging Yriel Yellow through a Tamiya tape mask, and I think that really helped bring it together at the end. Weird how significant these small details can be. I also took care to put a couple of painty thumb-prints on Total time was probably about eight hours plus another couple for the box, and despite the late start it was done on time for the big day! Cheers, Will
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