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  2. Admiral Puff

    FOUR What it’s Worth

    beneath the primary pit
  3. AdrianMF

    Pegasus Miles Master Mk I

    Ok, so when is this all going to get interesting? How about now? I managed to wrestle the centre section together for a whole wing dry fit. From the front the angles look a little off, too much anhedral on the centre section: From above it’s clear that filler will be harmed in this build: And I can’t even show you the front or side views in case persons of sensitive disposition are watching! Now, where did I put that file...? Thanks for looking, Adrian
  4. Michael M

    1/144 Revell Type VII C/41

    Good start, reminds me of the VIIc iI've done few years back. I had that nice Griffon set as well for the earlier version. What goes well with this one is the Preiser Figures in 1:144. Sorry for off top
  5. busnproplinerfan

    FOUR What it’s Worth

    where their food's from
  6. Thanks @Spad that’s really really nice of you. I have just given it a gloss coat this evening so i can it a panel line wash next.
  7. bombercommand

    Airfix Dakota C4, 1/72

    Can't beat a nice Dakota
  8. RidgeRunner

    Sculthorpe Skulker

    It may have been mentioned - I haven't read all the posts - that there is a good section about Operation Jiu-jitsu in the "Cold War, Hot Jets" documentary if you can find it. It also has talk of the RAF u-2 operations. Martin
  9. Dansk

    Dutch Splinter Starfighter 1/48

    Not a lot of progress or much of interest to report here apart from a few bits done in the cockpit. I have assembled and installed the PE pedals (which were really nice but will never be seen), Installed the control stick, rear bulkhead, and resin ejection seat rails with their two small parts of PE. Apart from some aftermarket wheels ive never used resin before. Its more brittle than i imagined. I clumsily snapped off the rails and had to reattach them with superglue. The raised details have all been stripped off the Instrument panel and side panels ready to accept their respective photo-etch parts. And the whole lot’s been primed.
  10. BIG X

    Moving Time Again

    OK - it's now 11pm and I'm off to bed shortly - so you may begin... ...I'll be up at 6am - so please make sure you are finished and you have tided up after yourselves... thanks Steve
  11. busnproplinerfan

    Curtiss C46 Commando 1/72

    Looks like a C-46, need an outside picture with sunligt.
  12. Muzz

    YAK-130 1/48 ZVEZDA

    Very nice, what’s the kit like to build? I have it waiting in the to do pile. Muzz
  13. Basuroy

    Fokker F-10A, Scratch, 1/48

    You gotta be kidding me !!! That is par comparison !
  14. Ghostbase

    Revell 1/48 F-89 Scorpion

    Hi, which of the Revell kits did you get? There is an F-89C and an F-89D/J. The F-89C has wingtip fuel tanks, the F-89D/J has the big combined fuel tank / missile pods. Ages ago I built the F-89C version of this kit. I thought it was solid, well engineered, and went together without any real issues. It had raised panels which suited me as I finished about 90% of the model in silver foil. The main problem with the kit was the decals. They were really tough, they literally were like cellophane and I looked for AM decals but (back then) there were no available decals for the F-89C. There were once two Aeromaster sets but they seem to be long out of supply. The final result here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234913306-revell-148th-f-89c-scorpion/&tab=comments#comment-970809 Michael
  15. Twobyfour

    Airfix Supermarine Spitfire Mk1a 1:72 stencil data

    Indeed, the kit No on the decal sheet is 'A01071A' Spitfire Mk1, they seem in good register too. I just checked the P51D starter kit (A68208) I got at Aldi too. Decals marked as A01004A with full stencils with a stencil data sheet!
  16. That makes a lot of sense Ben - imagine opening a hatch that looks like a white flag - a bit 'noticeable' to say the least - still I'll have a rummage round the net for a 'walkaround' - I still like the idea of 'metal' but I don't want to piddle anyone off... I think I'll use the one with the handle then - as it looks more 'interesting'. Anyway - time to put this beauty away for now. I've ordered a metal gun barrel and a metal MG for the front - I think I'll order some tracks tomorrow - exciting times...
  17. RidgeRunner

    Pete's Sword P-80C Shooting Star

    Very nice, and good to see another one of these built. I put one together a while back and really enjoyed it. I 'm sorry but I can't recall the cockpit/IP coaming fit issues. Maybe I just blanked them out ;). good luck! Maryin
  18. Valkyrie

    North American Aviation - just 8 to go

    Yeah I think this is the wrong one but the packet is correct.
  19. Okay, so if I'm understanding things correctly... this is the same plastic bits as their previous Ki-94s just with a different set of decals and paint job. Right?
  20. Johnv

    1/72 Airfix Avro Lancaster

    I have the outboard engines sanded and the inboard engines built. I had a slight problem with the left landing gear. I clipped it off the sprue and both axles broke off, found them in the carpet luckily. The plastic seems very brittle. I glued them back on the gear leg and have my fingers crossed.---John
  21. Lord Riot

    1/48 Tornado F3

    So this is where it's up to for now. The tail fin needed filler at the root on both sides.
  22. Just been through another lull but now back and building again. Have put the three wing pieces together and cemented them to the fuselage. Just a little cutting to get them to sit exactly right, maybe a little filler needed on one wing/fuselage join but nothing drastic. Also both tail planes cemented on. The same can be said for the lower fuselage, again it has gone together fairly well, maybe just a little sanding needed: I took the advice given earlier and opened the nose up, that should look more realistic. Needs just a rub of fine sandpaper inside: I should be able to get away with spraying the inside of the nose area matt black. The top of the nose undercarriage well sits slightly above the level of the air intake so I have started to remove some plastic there. The nose cone does sit well against the fuselage, for a kit this old I am impressed with the fit so far. More to come soon Michael
  23. GordonD

    Moving Time Again

    It's perfectly simple. They reverse the polarity of the neutron flow.
  24. Steve Coombs

    Alcock and Brown 100th anniversary

    I'm glad you posted that because I was about to ask if anything was being organised for the centenary. I wonder if the RAF has any cunning plans in mind for the occasion? I saw the splendidly marked Phantom at Greenham Common for the 60th anniversary, back in 1979 (celebrating the end of O-Levels, no less).
  25. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Tamiya XF-65 for RAF Light Slate Grey

    I used xtracrylix light slate grey on my Mk.18. The Dark Earth is Vallejo, the Medium sea grey is Tamiya. There are also colorcoats enamels colors. I looked at multiple paints and mixes, including Tamiya Xf-65. I thought the Tamiya color to be to grey, not enough of the green hue showed up. Ultimately it is your choice and your model. I hope you find the color that works best for you. Dennis PS- Here is a thread coving 18’s and Tempest VI’s i had for asking questions. maybe you can find something in there ? Or post an additional question based off what you see. You may get more traffic to view your question up in the Aviation section ?
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