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  2. Egi vandor

    Early Vietnam recconaisance planes

    Thanks, it helps very much.
  3. paul178

    What was your first single and album.

    First single was Rumble by Link Wray. Albums were expensive but it was Giant by Buddy Holly as I spent all my money on collecting all his singles in my youth.
  4. MarkSH

    Scale automotive paint advice

    Yes I had seen the same article and some other footage of the re-discovered Mustang and thought the same even the close-ups don't show much in the way of a metallic finish. More food for thought. P.S. it still looks good, although I felt a tinge of sadness reading Steve McQueen's letter to the current owners Father!
  5. Colin W

    Frog/Novo Miles Magister

    It's not often that we see such a good model coming from a Novo kit. Excellent job there Adrian. Zebra the 1/48 Eduard 'Flashback ' Magister is a great kit. Colin
  6. I was perusing another modelling site - (is that a hanging offense? I can plead insanity and get off though) and read that "Glow2B Germany" who originated from “Heller Deutschland” will be forming a new Heller company. This appears to be their Press Release on the matter:- "To all those interested in the development of Heller and Glow2B Germany. For more than 60 years the construction kits of the Heller brand were developed and produced in Normandy, France by experienced staff. The Heller brand and its over 400 products were acquired by Glow2B Germany. Glow2B Germany originated from “Heller Deutschland”, the erstwhile German subsidiary. Today Glow2B Germany GmbH is one of the largest distributors of plastic models in Europe. Its strengths are a remarkably high availability of its over 24,000 active products, fast delivery, flexibility and the new Easy-to-buy-System which allows for easy ordering by traders, and delivers all requested information in a fast and reliable manner. Soon a new company Heller will come into being. It will be the owner of the brand Heller and the over 1,500 steel moulds for the production. This company will undertake all future investments in new products and marketing. One of the first investments will be for the long awaited model of the [Renault] ESTAFETTE. Other projects are already in the pipeline. The focus of future development will be on models with a link to the French market and French modelers. This means historic ships, airplanes and vehicles. Military vehicles in 1:35 or 1:72 were never a strong side of Heller and will not be so in the future either. A team of French and German modelers has been formed to work on future projects. Other nationalities however are also welcome. The team will meet in Normandy, France and in Germany. We are happy that Eric David will be the team leader. Eric has been working to revive the Heller brand for several years. With a renewed and strong focus on the Modeling Theme Eric will be responsible for the distribution and marketing of the Heller brand. At the same time he will help build the distribution in France of the other brands distributed by Glow2B Germany. We will be back with much additional and exiting information in the coming weeks." Tres Bien excellente nouvelle Bon chance mon amis John
  7. modelling minion

    Turning Japanese

    Great to see your build underway Cliff, about bloody time! Good job on replacing the missing control column it looks excellent and I'm pleased to see that you've found some replacement wheels that look similar to the kit ones. Good luck with the rest of the build, it looks like an interesting kit.
  8. paul178

    Are we becoming a nation of bleeding hearts?

    What’s a Kaye,some sort of African tribesman?
  9. Tbolt

    Trumpeter Lightning F3, 1/72

    Excellent work I should get mine off the shelf of doom.
  10. Soeren

    PANTHER G "Night Fighter"

    Hey Simon. To avoid problems with adding interwoven tools after painting off the tank you could consider adding PE clamps to the tools, paint them and then add to the tank.
  11. Ray S

    What was your first single and album.

    Oh, yes! One bloke had the right idea - he fell ill, collapsed and Stacia got off the stage, picked him up and carried him off! Wonder what happened to him? Ray
  12. Expensive, very expensive. It does summarize quite beautifully the latest research on LW, US, RAF and VVS colours. But the price is quite steep and (for obvious reasons) it does not provide any alternatives to AK colours. On a positive note, it might finally shut up the RLM 83 Dunkelgruen rearguard: a lot of people can be told the same thing a hundred times but they are not convinced until they see it in print....
  13. modelling minion

    CH-46 U.S. Marines-Vietnam (Academy 1:48)

    I should hope so too!
  14. modelling minion

    KV-107 JGSDF Okinawa rescue scheme

    Thanks Jabba, I'll have a look and see if I can find exactly whereabouts I need to add the paint. Every time I think I've actually finished something else pops up that needs dealing with! Thanks Nigel very much appreciated.
  15. J.P.

    Tamiya 1/48 P-47

    ...I'm really going to have to run a wash on that cowl...which means I'm going to have to clear it and flat coat it....more chances for disaster.
  16. Super Aereo

    78th fs p47d eileen

    Sky was Sky.
  17. helios16v

    The Last Naval Night Fighter - 26/4 update

    Nice recovery!
  18. Johnv

    1/72 Airfix Avro Lancaster

    I put the wheels on. The left leg immediately broke apart and I had to glue the axles to the wheel then the axle-wheel unit to the leg, left leg only. The right unit went together with no fuss. The plastic softened up with all the glue so I am hoping that the axles "welded" themselves nicely to the leg. After welding for 42 years I know that's not what happens but one can hope! The repaired left leg is in the foreground.---John
  19. Colin W

    Bae Hawk Dragons in the Valley

    Thanks Bar Side. XX164 seems to be a popular subject but I have an affinity for XX162 since it was the first jet I ever sat in. Having built in twice in 1/72 in my early years it was the first I built when the 1/48 kits appeared. As an aside, I moved back to England for a few years and found myself living near Boscome Down. I went to take a look at the Lightning gate guard but was buzzed by a black hawk. It was XX162 flying with the Institute of Aviation Medicine. I feel another Hawk coming along! Colin
  20. cmatthewbacon

    Scale automotive paint advice

    You're welcome! All that said, I just came across a recent issue of Octane featuring the real car as used in the film and returned to the limelight recently: It's really hard to see much of a hint of metal flake, even in the sunshine, and in the indoor pictures it looks like a fairly drab dark green, not to mention looking almost black in some of the film stills. Humbrol 116 or Tamiya AS-21 aren't far off... EDIT: Testors 28120 Model Master Spray Fathom Green Metallic is said to be a good match, but good luck finding any in the UK!) best, M.
  21. trickyrich

    The Last Naval Night Fighter - 26/4 update

    More progress on her today, getting closer to painting. Lots more sanding and filling and sanding again. The canopy has been masked all ready for painting. I’m adding the U/c legs now as it’ll make it easier to sit her, plus the U/c will be mostly the same colour as the rest of her! All references I’ve found have stated that the U/c wells and gear were painted Zinc Chromate with the main gear doors and wells over sprayed Black as with the rest of the aircraft. The nose well and gear remained Zinc Chromate, with little to no over spray. The overall Black finish wasn’t very good in quality and faded and chipped/wore easily, showing the Zinc Chromate underneath. The 2 pylons were fitted at this stage as well. While fitting the nose gear I noticed that something just didn’t look quite right with it. Going back to the reference photos revealed the issues. Besides that fact the instructions had the NWG doors around the wrong way, the nose wheel was too far back and the main leg actually should be angled forward and it pivoted near the opening of the door and not at the base of the wheel well! Plus they had completely forgotten about a panel in the nose wheel well that held the magazines and ejectors for the 20mm cannons! So the leg was moved one section forward and supports/pivots added, plus a new panel with ejector chutes was made along with openings at the correct end of the gear doors. The new ejector openings need a wee bit of tidings up but other than that this section is done. There were only 2 ejector ports for the 4 cannons. You can now see the correct pivot points for the nose gear, the bottom part of the gear was drawn back as top section was retracted forward. Now she looks like a Skyknight (Whale), she has a slight nose up attitude as she should. Just a wee bit more tiding up and I can start to paint her. For painting I’m going to use Tamiya’s NATO black, it’s not super black so should look just right. I’ll try and do super light coats over a Zinc Chromate base with some chipping fluid on it. I want to try and get a patchy finish on her. Plus with luck I’ll get some masks to do the national markings on her, unfortunately the rest of the markings will have to be decals. Things going to plan she should/may be painted sometime in the middle of the week, it’d be nice to get her done and out of the way!
  22. J.P.

    Tamiya 1/48 P-47

    Hi 'yall. I've been plugging away at this guy slowly. Most of the decals are on, I just have to add the tail codes and the squadron marking(?) on the starboard side. The "FT L" on the port side keep sticking to my finger and peeling off so I'm leaving the right side for last. I've added some exhaust staining, airbrushed Testors colors and dirt/oil streaks in the form of artists oil paints. Anyway, as the old Night Ranger song goes Chippin' Away at my (motivation) heart every day.... http:// http:// http:// http:// http://
  23. MarkSH

    Scale automotive paint advice

    Ha! turns out Hiroboy is right here in Cheltenham so can click and collect. A brief search of the website suggests that they don't actually stock a Mica/Pearl 'Bullitt' green only metallic but I'll give them a ring and see what the options are, thanks again for the heads up re; Hiroboy @cmatthewbacon. Cheers, Mark
  24. petr@SpecialHobby

    1/72 Viggen Duo Pack - marking options

    All six schemes on SH blog, learn more at: http://www.specialhobby.info/2019/04/sh72411-saab-37-viggen-duo-pack-book_25.html
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