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  2. Hi guys. As a french modeller i Can Say that it is difficult even for french modellers to find a correct color to paint the Mirages 2000. Grey and blue grey camo are very difficult, and green and grey too. WE generally make mixed colors depending of the scale...it is not easy...
  3. John_W

    Twice Two Four Times

    : A James Bond novel
  4. Wow! Look at the detail in that beauty! I thought I was looking at a 1/32 kit. Steve
  5. Lorient - Brittany - Nov 16th/17th http://www.master194.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=110251
  6. Sure, all welcome to come. Saturday November 23 is the day of EURO SCALE MODELLING 2019 edition. See for the very long list of participants, clubs, traders, SIGS etc the big list at: https://euroscalemodelling.nl/handelaren-2/ A big bonus is that also second stuff is sold by individuals, so you may be able to find that particular kit Halls will be opened from 10.00 till 17.00. IPMS members gain free entry upon showing a valid membership card. Entry for non-members is 7 Euro. Free parking!
  7. sampanzer

    Sandy finish

    You don't say how much you paid, or the make of your airbrush, but in my experience it is worth spending on a good brand, its a long term investment and will be worth the extra £'s spent. Also, watch some 'how to' videos on you tube. there are lots out there and cover airbrushing in various types of paint, and some its really worth watching, MIG for example airbrush much differently to tamiya. Airbrushing is a skill and takes a long time to master, I am always apprehensive when i get the airbrush out, I don't paint often enough and its like starting as a beginner most times!!Half hour later I am comfortable enough to paint the model! Work on it and save up for an Iwata or Harder & Steenbeck airbrush, it will be worth it!
  8. Good fix on the Tribblerotor Martian, looks like it'll take the strain...until it starts spinning up of course, but that's another matter. I'm already on the case CC, I've arranged a secret liason with some easily compromised mid-level bureaucrats with the lure of a few crates of Lady M's finest Old Joxtrapp home brew I was saving for the impending yuletide Wine and anthrax thrash here at Melchett Towers. I dare say a lot of moolah will also need to pass hands to wrap up the deal but just leave it with me...you can pay the bar tab later.
  9. Now that is some first class wheel bays and landing gear. Keep it up!
  10. Isn't that the problem with humanity? We all expect instant answers. It took millions of years to create the oil and we expect someone to invent a way of making it instantly. We hear a lot of talk about sustainability but no-one comes up with credible solutions
  11. Released - ref. SBS-7024 - Loire 210 'Prototype' Sources: https://sbsmodel.com/model/SBS-7024/loire-210--prototype- https://www.facebook.com/permalink.php?story_fbid=2718751504811893&id=117380071615729 V.P.
  12. Excellent work on the super bug! Nice trick using guitar string for the spring, will definitely remember that one. Hopefully Trumpeter didn't do as bad a job as I've heard Revell did when I get around to doing mine.
  13. Thanks for the replies @72modeler and @Andrew. I have a few tanks from Freightdog so shall use those. I may have to purchase some more as well. Regards Robert
  14. Strictly an enamels man, me - still have lots of 'old' Compucolor, Gloy, Humbrol and Precision, plus 'new' Humbrol, Revell, WEM Colourcoats and Xtracolor... ....even acquired a batch of 'old' Humbrol (including Authentics) off eBay earlier in the year - but variations of a colour between the brands can be quite wide! With two- or three-colour camoufIage, I sometimes find the first colour just doesn't seem right, but when the second's been applied it suddenly looks fine... .....I think it's because I'm expecting to see it alongside another colour or shade, and until that's actually there, to my mind's eye the one colour looks wrong... ....but in this case, a simple side-by-side comparison of my page 3 pics of ZA671 and the two 'look-down' ones above, and that grey appears OK to me, Bill!
  15. They did indeed, see this pic from earlier in the thread with the original The one I'm building (on the right) is more like a Gundam kit, lots of tiny parts and articulation, but no motor It's 1/72 scale. I ought to add a pilot really, but I'll have to figure out who to use - the kit comes with a seated pilot but I didn't bother to add him as the cockpit interior is categorically invisible. I've done some more on the base today, starting with a coat of dilute matt medium to seal the crackle, and then a coat of Steel Legion Drab as a warm base colour. I added a bit of Kislev Flesh on the high areas too. I washed all the outer areas with Seraphim Sepia to warm it further, and the "road" bit with Agrax for deeper shadows: The rocks had a coat of Khorne Red, which seems a bit risky! I also picked out some little bits of grit in Kislev Flesh. With a coat of Wyldwood (deep brown contrast paint) it's less scary. I went round the edges with Agrax as well to lift the rocks out of the surface a bit. The weird rock colour should make more sense in the next update, I've done a bit more tonight but don't have any light for photos. Cheers, Will
  16. Nearly finished my miniart kit, word of warning, you need to reinforce the undercarriage door petals, I keep knocking them off!! And maybe use brass rod for the legs. Great build, enjoyed it.
  17. Reading this with interest as I have recently got the kit out of the stash with a view to doing it. Using the resin beaching trolley to help aligning the floats looks like a good plan. The Haynes manual on the Supermarine racers is quite useful and there is some discussion on the blue paint. The Science Museum is definitely a repaint and in general the airframe is suffering. The current paint is flaking off and the original lighter blue is visible. Compared to most biplanes the rigging does look quite 'chunky' and I think Adrian is right re the stretched sprue. You do seem to be making good progress with this and good luck with it, it will look smashing when you have done.
  18. Released - ref. BRS72014 - Letov Š-4 http://www.hauler.cz/e-shop/1-72-construction-kits-20/letov-s-4-1660 V.P.
  19. Absolutely supurb.. Looks a much larger scale than 1/72..
  20. I suspect you can't find a photograph because it'd only be in the deployed posItion when in use there aren't many in-flight photographs of a Sunderland in action (unless some-one has one taken by a U-boat gunner). This cutaway shows it in it's deployed position.
  21. From the IWM: Original wartime caption: A Sunderland comes low over the Atlantic in front of a convoy to examine more closely a sector of the sea where a U-boat is thought to be lurking. Sunderland Mark I, L2163 DA-G, of No. 210 Squadron RAF based at Oban, Argyll, banking over the Atlantic while escorting Canadian Troop Convoy 6 (TC.6), inbound for Greenock. Sunderland GR Mark V, ML778 NS-Z, piloted by Wing Commander J Barrett, the Commanding Officer of No. 201 Squadron RAF based at Castle Archdale, County Fermanagh, flying the last operational sortie of the war undertaken by Coastal Command. Chris
  22. Dedicated sets by Brengun - ref. BRL72194 - Yak-1b detailing PE set Source: http://www.hauler.cz/cs-cz/e-shop/1-72-doplnky-21/yak-1b-(brengun-kit)-1663 - ref. BRL72201 - Yak-1b Vacu Canopy Source: http://www.hauler.cz/cs-cz/e-shop/1-72-doplnky-21/yak-1b-vacu-canopy-(brengun-kit)-1670 V.P.
  23. Very nice Hurricane. Nice subtle weathering but looking well used. Cheers Malcolm
  24. Brengun has just (re-)released (ex -Attack Squadron set ?) a 1/48th de Havilland DH.98 Mosquito two-stage merlin resin conversion set - ref. BRL48124 - for the Tamiya kit. Source: http://www.hauler.cz/e-shop/1-48-accessories-22/dh98-mosquito-two-stage-merlin-(tamiya)-1672 V.P.
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