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  2. Oops, sorry, missed the comments on this page! Thanks Martian I love the AK paste; have I said that before? You have Rob! If you haven't seen the Nimrod have a look (link now in my signature). Happy with that one, at least! RFI done Steve - you asked for it!! Good idea John, it will be so
  3. There we go! This is gonna quite a fight, uh? Ciao
  4. Hello Dears, It will be fine for me to finish a car this year !! So here we are ! Then, I wanted to try @CedB trick with thr chrome ! Look like it worked fine !! I think ! I think that I will carry on with it ! More to come soon, but I've 2 evening work day… Sooo next installment Wednesday !! Have a great modelling time. Sincerely. CC
  5. Out with the tweezers! Thanks John Normal noise will be resumed as soon as possible… Thanks Adrian I recommend holidays where someone else plans everything - very relaxing. Hi Shalako We had a few trips around the island, mostly North West. Based in Agia Marina we had trips to The White Mountains, Knossos and Heraklion, Akrotiri peninsula and Chania, Spili and Aptera. Great! Thanks Simon Thanks Ben - it'll be a long time before I leave England! Thanks Strickers It's 'Ced' by the way but I guess your autocorrect doesn't like that… no worries, not the worst I've been called! We did get to the Gorge (at least the entrance to it) and the Omalos Upland Plain - spectacular! The guides were a bit cross though at the number of people that have to be rescued from the Gorge; apparently there's a sort of world-wide challenge for trekking there and some people don't make it out. The mini-lathe has a speed controller on the power supply that gives seven speeds (all fast). As it's designed for making wooden beads I guess it'll be fine on plastic and I think Hendie and Tony have used them for metal too? Thanks Giorgio Thanks Bill The paintings in the palace were pretty amazing and some of the artefacts in the museum at Heraklion are just superb! The detail on the small items is amazing. Given that the Minoans were 'bronze age people' they seemed pretty skilled… Oh, OK then. By popular demand I've posted an RFI here. Thanks as always to everyone for your help, support and companionship during this build. I've decided on my next build too. As this month is the 75th Anniversary of the Dambuster's raid I've chosen the old Airfix Tornado, started here. Come on over - it's going to be average…
  6. I have now fished out the T Shirt that every wife should buy for the 'discerning modeller' husband... ...it also comes in various other derogatory flavours... PLANE / BOAT / SPACESHIP Etc...
  7. Gloss white, every modellers' favourite paint .... Here's my worth of advice on it: I normally airbrush a thin coat of off-white first (a mix of Tamiya Sky Grey and Flat White in my case), then the pure white (in this case, I'd have gone off-white/flat white/gloss white). It helps getting a better coverage without applying too much paint. HTH Ciao
  8. The first time I see a F-35 with colour spot on. Really nice!
  9. I am reading Barrett Tillman's, Whirlwind. Pacific Air war against Japan 1942-45. Tillman's book contains many fascinating anecdotes. Oliver Rasmussen's amazing story is just one of them. Oliver Rasmussen's amazing survival following a crash landing on mainland Japan.
  10. Thanks. I was hoping I wouldn’t fluff it. it was tough scraping all the wires out to be fair. Ahh I have taken it up just since this Christmas. My boy has been at it for the past few years. He does comps, I’m going to try some this year. Cosford I think and another local West Midlands one. Thanks. I should be ok for ref but if I do need specific shots I’ll give you a nudge. Very kind. Don’t you dare. 🥳 and thanks kidda. Deffo not the stout. I can’t drink like what I used to.
  11. Hello Dears, Here's the next RFIed Spitfire me think ! White paint is done... On for the stripes…. The one on the lower fuselage will stay visible, The one Under the wings will be overpainted and faintly visible !! I will try this for the first time !! More to come soon, 2 evening work day so the paint has some time to cure thoroughly before maskings ! Take care ! Sincerely. CC
  12. Hello Dears, White paint applied ! Evening work Week start today. That will let the time for the paint to cure thoroughly ! Have a great modelling time and take care ! Sincerely CC
  13. Hope not. I gather we only have a waxing cresent moon (geting brighter, https://moonphases.co.uk/ ), but even lack of a full moon shouldn't stop us ...
  14. Isn't 2020 a tad late for that?
  15. Oooohkay! Where was I? Ah, yes. Distracted. This L&YR 2-4-2T has finally reached primer stage, at least for the bodywork. Now comes the tedious job of painting it. Happily, the weather has warmed up sufficiently making the paint shop somewhere fairly comfy to work in. That other thing - what is it? Um, I think it's called "Life" or something - also got in the way a bit, so the poor old Oxford bided its time on the shelf. In amongst other things, I did discover that V3354 was actually a UK-based aircraft after all. Turrrets. Tony, @The Baron, very kindly sent me a copy of his bubble top. I was keen to use it, but I wasn't at all confident I could work out and paint the frame structure on the bubble itself. There was also the issue of making it fit the kit properly. I then took a closer look at the kit vac-form, and decided that the better defined framework would be easier for me to work with. At least, if it didn't work out, Tony's turret could still be used. Anyway, before all that, I had to make some kind of internal structure. The original plan had been to make brass wire copies of the resin parts in a Special Hobby Avro Anson. After some careful bending, soldering and gluing, attached to a slightly modified kit base ring, and with a superfluous Airfix Vickers K at rest, this is what I came up with. It doesn't have the more common looped gun mount, but I was copying the SH square version and who am I to argue? Besides, by this stage of this build, with the end of the GB lumbering over the horizon, I really just want to finish the poor old Oxford before I lose the will to live! To think I had envisaged I might polish off a couple more trainers during this GB. Such is life. With the kit vac-form bubble perched on, it sort of shows that I might well have had to excise quite a bit of Tony's example to match the injection moulded ring. I wasn't about to attempt a full-on brass framework and ring. Sometimes, there are lines to be drawn! After a bit of scraping and filing to the aperture inside the fuselage, and some adjustment to the base ring, the unit is a comfortable interference fit in the plane. As a sort of compromise, I am happy with the look. Perhaps my wire fence is a little large, but I'll stick with it. I suppose some paint on the innards, and an attempt at painting the framing is next on the cards. Things still to do before I'm finished? Antenna mast, glaze the landing lights, paint the engines and exhausts, fit the props. Then photo shoot for the gallery. This week? Could be!
  16. Phil ( @HP42 ) kindly gave me some of his 'spare' kits on the understanding that I WiP them here. Nice man. The latest completion is the Revell EE Lightning F6. I really wanted to do a camouflaged version as I already have 'a silver one' so I ordered the Xtradecal X72155 1/72 English Electric Lightning decals from MJW. Brush painted with Humbrol acrylics and AK True Metal paste for the undersides. Molotow chrome pen for the intake surround. W&N satin varnish on the top. Not my best by a long way but, as philp's club motto says, "Finished is better than perfect." Thanks Phil! Just don't look too closely… on Flickr Finally, my favourite 'Lightning' shot:
  17. I shall be very surprised if Xtradecal does not release the FAA Hellcats they've done in other scales
  18. a wild u escaped while I pressed the enter button, sorry Here is another picture taken from wiki, it's the aerial on the middle of the left fairing
  19. To someone who has waited for this kit for more than twenty years: This is blasphemy! I absolutely agree with the formula N+1. Next on the list is a highback MK.XIV which can easily be the basis of a F.21. So the '+' is easy to identify (and then of course the PR Mk.XI.
  20. Hi Paul, thanks for getting back back to me. I’m thinking the solution provided by @dnl42 is probably the way to go. I did contact the retailer and it’s around £25 including postage from the US. My one concern is the size. I may well try the eBay store to see what’s available. I’ll let you know which option I go with and how successful. P
  21. Looks like you're winning, lets see who's got seven...
  22. Hello Jordi, I do hope that you will publish your work here. A "Work In Progress" would be lovely Kind Regards, Antti
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