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  2. Wow, that's truly outstanding work. So well done, that it's actually quite chilling...
  3. he will be re-stocking
  4. Rats. that is what I thought but was hoping to not have to get another lander kit for my plan.
  5. People will warm to the Lightning, soon enough.
  6. Your main u/c legs and wheels look great - did you put a wash ovet them? Jeff
  7. Emu

    Twice Two Four Times

    to supply more socks
  8. I hope someone can help me. I over did it on the salt chipping effect and now I'm not sure how to reverse it or cover it up. I first painted a wing with chrome silver then I misted it with water then sprinkled salt over the wing. Yesterday I painted the wing with olive drab. This morning I knocked off the salt. While the effect work great, it is just too much and looks more deliberate than naturally occurring. My only thought is to "patch" the areas with a different green. I am always open to any and all suggestions. Thanks, Brothers.
  9. Just caught up on the build. Excellent work on the Apollo spacecraft and the BB's for the tanks is a great idea. It's all starting to come together now and looks terrific.
  10. O.K. need translate. Quote from LiveJournal: "I already published a report on the escape in early November 1947 of Grigory Tokaev. Now there is an earlier report describing the conflict in more detail. Combine both documents in one record. Another temporary coincidence is interesting - Tokaev’s escape coincided in time with Kurt Tank’s escape to Argentina, which Tokaev so wanted to send to Moscow. Perhaps the information that the tank was leaving Germany was the last straw, after which Tokaev decided to flee." " [10] November 1947 SECRET HEAD OF NEA POLICY GOVERNANCE IN GERMANY GENERAL MAYOR comrade ANDREEV EXTRAORDINARY POLICY SUPPORT In addition to my oral report, I report: 1. On November 4, in the afternoon, the command of the Military Directorate became aware of the disappearance of Grigory Alexandrovich TOKAEV, a senior officer of the Directorate, with the family of the engineering troops. TOKAEV Grigory Aleksandrovich, born in 1909, Ossetian, member of the CPSU (B.) Since 1939, majoring in mechanical engineering. He has the academic title of “Candidate of Technical Sciences” and “Associate Professor” since 1942. Military rank - lieutenant colonel engineer. Position - Senior Officer of the Office. During the Patriotic War, he worked at the Zhukovsky Air Force Academy. I didn’t take part in battles, I have no injuries and shell shocks. He has awards: the badge "Excellence in the Red Army", the Order of the Red Star, medals "For Military Merit", "for the victory over Germany." In the Red Army since 1932. In the Soviet Military Administration in Germany - since June 1945. Married. Wife - [...], a native of Vladikavkaz, a chemical engineer by training, non member Communist party . Daughter - BELLA, born 1938 2. Characteristic. TOKAYEV has long been used in special work related to the name of the German scientist-designer TANK and to people around him. He had a wide relationship with German experts. This communication and work took place without control by the leadership of the Military Directorate. Working with the TANK, TOKAYEV always sought. so that the TANK is sent to work in MOSCOW. In September, in an interview with Colonel T. BELYKH, TOKAYEV stated that he had received from one of our party and government leaders instructions to send the TANK to MOSCOW, and if he, TOKAYEV, did not deliver this TANK to the USSR, then from him, TOKAEV, take off the head. TOKAYEV insisted on forcibly sending the TANK to MOSCOW, while stating that he was afraid of the superiority of the Allied aircraft over ours if they use the TANK in their interests. TOKAYEV, with suspicious persistence and haste, sought to send the TANK to MOSCOW. When his proposals were not accepted and implemented, TOKAYEV was extremely offended and was afraid that by doing so he greatly undermined his authority before Marshal of the Soviet Union Comrade Sokolovsky and Lieutenant General Comrade Dratvin, for Comrade Sokolovsky and Dratvin time ceased to directly call for a TOKAYEV report on issues related to the TANK. This happened because TOKAYEV, in his reports to comrades SOKOLOVSKY and DRATVIN and in letters to MOSCOW, allowed dishonesty, distortion of facts, bias in covering issues, in the pursuit of sensationalism he gave incorrect materials and, being at a reception in the government, reported to the government inaccurate and unverified TANK data. While working in a special state commission, he signed her act, without declaring any objections to it, but immediately wrote a letter, which he transmitted through General KUTSEVALOV, in which he undermines the work of the commission, headed by Colonel General Comrade. GRAY. At the end of the work of this commission, he continued for a long time to impersonate himself as a member of this commission without losing his mandate. Dishonesty, an unfair attitude to work, deceit of members of the government when reporting to them about TANK, talkativeness, too much independence when working with German specialists and TANK, desire at all costs to create a "career" in the TANKA case to the detriment of the essence of the case itself Tokaev’s parties forced the command of the SVAG and the Military Directorate to abandon the further use of Tokaev in this work from July 1947. TOKAYEV was banned from active activities in this area. While working in the Office, TOKAYEV systematically expressed dissatisfaction with his official work and the fact that he received a small salary. 3. The circumstances in which Tokaev and his family disappeared. a) September 12, 1947 Lieutenant-General comrade DRATVIN to General BARINOV conveyed the desire of Marshal of the Soviet Union Comrade Sokolovsky and his instructions on the secondment of TOKAYEV to work at home. b) Around the same days, Lieutenant General T. LUKYANCHENKO handed over to the generals Comrades BARINOV and ALEXANDROV the order to send TOKAYEV to the USSR. c) TOKAYEV from someone became aware of his secondment and then he decided to get ahead of the events by writing a report on October 10 that he would be sent to his homeland. On October 11, the TOKAYEV report with the petition of the Chief of the Military Directorate, Major General Comrade SOKOLOV, was reported to the Chief of Staff. The Chief of Staff gave instructions on the processing of documents for secondment. d) 10.16.47 g. By order of SVAG, TOKAYEV is relieved of his post and seconded to the Human Resources Department of the USSR Air Force. e) The Personnel Department of the Headquarters of the SVAG only on 10.21.47. lowers this order to the Office. On the same number, Tokaev was acquainted with the order. e) From 10.21.47. and on the day of escape, TOKAYEV prepares to leave for the USSR. g) [?]. 10.47g. Lieutenant-General T. LUKYANCHENKO, having learned that TOKAYEV had not yet been seconded and had not left for the USSR, ordered General T. ALEKSANDROV to urgently second TOKAYEV under his personal responsibility and to monitor his departure. [?] October this year General Comrade ALEXANDROV reported on the order he received to the head of the Military Directorate General Comrade BARINOV, the latter reacted to this as a normal secondment, without taking any additional measures to comply with the order of the Chief of Staff. On October 31, Colonel Comrade KLYCHEVY [?] Through Adjutant General Comrade. ALEXANDROV in the Military Administration were sent all the documents to Tokayev. The travel order indicated that TOKAYEV should depart on 5.11.47. and arrive at MOSCOW on November 9, 477. h) The last time TOKAYEV was seen by Colonel T. WHITE - 3.11. around 11.00 a.m. i) [?] October [correct: November] 1947 Comrade SOROKIN, an employee of the Ministry of Aviation Industry, who lives in the same house as TOKAYEV, noted that a German housemaid takes out various things from TOKAYEV’s apartment. SOROKIN became interested in this. Having learned that TOKAYEV was not there, and his things were being stolen, SOROKIN informed the Military Administration about this. In a conversation with a German, it was found that in the afternoon 3.11. TOKAYEV, together with his wife and daughter, drove in an unknown direction in his own car, telling the German that he would be back in the evening. TOKAYEV ordered the German chauffeur on 4.11.47. go to work as usual in the morning. j) TOKAYEV until recently lived in a house in close proximity to the German population. His apartment was freely visited by the Germans. The house in which Tokaev lived is outside the boundaries of Karlshorst. 4. The command of the Military Administration TOKAYEV is characterized positively. But when assessing TOKAYEV, the command of the Military Directorate lost and overlooks these points: a) The talkativeness of TOKAYEV regarding his work in the state commission and his desire to preserve the mandate of a member of this commission after the termination of the commission Talkativeness regarding his report to the government. b) A persistent and suspicious desire to smuggle the TANK to MOSCOW and thereby dispel the opinion that individual members of the government have about him, TOKAYEV, as an dishonest and unscrupulous employee. Talk TOKAEV that if he does not deliver the TANK to Moscow, then from him, i.e. TOKAYEVA, they’ll take off their heads there. Fear that General SEROV might settle accounts with him, because on one of the reports to the government, Tokaev allegedly compromised SEROV. c) Broad and too independent relations of TOKAYEV with TANK, its liaisons and other German specialists. It is possible that these connections were used by British intelligence against Tokaev and for its processing. TOKAYEV, being oriented about some changes that have occurred in our aviation, knowing some secrets of working in the Navy, especially regarding airfields and some data on the 16th Air Army, working in a special state commission and participating in reports to the government - could be of particular interest to British intelligence and could become her object. d) Having felt a change in his relations with the leadership of the SVAG TOKAYEV, he concluded that he was compromised in front of the leadership and that he was no longer trusted. e) Complaints by TOKAYEV about unsatisfactory and small-scale work and low salaries. f) Submission of a report on 10.10.47. TOKAYEV wanted to get ahead of the events and find out the attitude of his superiors to him. And when they quickly and positively answered TOKAYEV's report, he could conclude that he now does not use the previous authority and that he does not need his services. g) TOKAYEV’s statement to the translator of the Military Directorate comrade POLISHCHUK 10/31/47 in the premises of the financial department of UHTO SWAG that he, TOKAYEV, will now go to England, to LONDON. This answer was given by TOKAYEV to the question of POLISHUK about where TOKAYEV will go now. About this statement TOKAYEVA command of the Military Administration became known only 5.11.47 year . 5. CONCLUSIONS 1) Analyzing all the circumstances, we can assume a) TOKAYEV, together with his family, betrayed his homeland and moved to one of the allied sectors of Berlin, where after waiting a certain time, he can be transferred to some foreign state. b) TOKAYEV, together with the families, was the victim of an accident. But from 4.11. considerable time has passed, and there are no signals from the Kro line, military commandants or hospitals. 2) Treason (presumably) could have been warned if a) The command of the Military Directorate seriously and with full responsibility and accurately fulfilled on time this instruction by Lieutenant General Comrade DRATVINY and twice repeated order of Lieutenant General Comrade LUKYANCHENKO on the secondment of TOKAYEV to the USSR. The generals of Comrades ALEXANDROV, BARINOV and Colonel BELYKH did not heed the signals from the Chief of Staff and grossly violated his order and the order on the SVAG on the order of the secondment of personnel in the USSR. They entrusted the secondment and control of the secondment and sending of TOKAYEV to secondary persons. b) The study of personnel in the Military Administration was delivered unsatisfactorily. Colonel T. BELYKH could not achieve such a situation that the Communists, who were aware of certain moods of the personnel, would immediately report to him and react accordingly. The issues of vigilance education are the bottleneck in the formulation of all political and educational work in the Office. c) The command of the Directorate did not fulfill the order for the relocation of personnel from German apartments to the line of Karlshorst’s order. d) “Kro” authorities allowed nonchalance and could not prevent treason from TOKAYEV. e) The Personnel Department of the Headquarters of the North-East Administrative District too tightened the entire process with paperwork for the assignment of TOKAYEV and did not organize control over the execution of the assignment and sending TOKAYEV to his homeland. 3) An order is issued through the Headquarters of the SVAG on this incident with the prosecution of the perpetrators of the escape. As part of the party, I ask for your permission to bring generals comrades-in-chief to party responsibility BARINOVA and ALEXANDROV, as well as Colonel T. BELYKH for the fact that they, by their grossest violation of orders on the procedure for secondment and sending personnel to their homeland, allowing negligence, contributed to treason. The order on the NIC will be communicated at a meeting of the heads of departments and divisions. With the decision of the party commission, I propose to acquaint all the heads of departments, divisions — communists and deputies for political affairs and secretaries of the party bureau. HEAD OF THE HEAD OF HEAD OF NEA IN GERMANY COLONEL (K, OVNICHNIKOV) November 12 [1947] SECRET TO THE DEPUTY CHIEF HEAD FOR POLICY OF NEA IN GERMANY GENERAL LIEUTENANT Comrade MAKAROV HEAD OF NEA POLICY GOVERNANCE IN GERMANY GENERAL MAYOR comrade ANDREEV In addition to my N0403 dated 11/10/1947 I’m reporting 1. Additional data on the TOKAYEV characteristic Since August 1945 until January 1946 TOKAYEV worked in the Soviet section of the Union Secretariat, and in September 1945. he was elected secretary of the party bureau of the party organization of the Soviet section of the Union Secretariat. According to Comrade KUDRYAVTSEV, LYSENKO and NIKOLCHENKO, TOKAYEV, the work was very superficial. In conversations with his comrades, he stated under the “strictest confidence” that he was engaged in a study of how the Germans organized the construction and improvement of jet engines. He boasted that during the Potsdam Conference he performed a special task for the protection of Potsdam. He persistently sought a business trip to the British zone of occupation of Germany, supposedly to visit the German institute for the production of jet aircraft that he had "explored". Marshal Comrade Sokolovsky on a business trip refused him. TOKAYEV promised to settle his question with a trip to the English zone by personal communication and negotiations with the English Major NARESOM, the head of the English zone pass bureau. While working in the building of the Allied Control Authority, he had several meetings with the Germans, who represented some kind of society. He did not tell anyone about these meetings. With comrades is not sociable. Before the arrival of the family, he had wide connections with women, especially with women who worked in the hospital of the Swag. T.t. STOLYAROV, SHEPTUNOV, KOKOREV, KUDRYAVTSEV, LYSENKO and NIKOLCHENKO, who knew him from their work in the Soviet section of the Union Secretariat, in the Air Force Department and in the Military Administration, characterize Tokayev as a whiner, careerist, talker, a person who complained about his work with TANK was not evaluated as a person who was at work. when he wanted and left work, when he wanted and how much he wanted. TOKAYEV worked, as a rule, uncontrollably. TOKAYEV, in the circle of military personnel, stated that he was working on rockets, that in this matter he received personal instructions from one of the leaders of our party and government. In this he often trumped in personal conversations and in his speeches at party meetings. Returning from a trip to MOSCOW, where he traveled with General KUTSEVALOV, TOKAYEV, trying to get some insight, among the officers talked about the fact that he was included in the government commission for the selection of German specialists and that he allegedly had the main responsibility in this matter. Numbers 20-21.10.47g. in the office of General BARINOV to General SOKOLOV, in connection with the last letter of TANK TOKAEV, he expressed dissatisfaction with the fact that his name is used in correspondence with TANK. TOKAYEV said that he did not want to speculate in his name and that his name fell into English intelligence. TOKAYEV had the opportunity to freely and uncontrollably carry out his contacts with German specialists. His apartment was often visited by all kinds of Germans, for it is located outside the Karlshorst colony. 2. Some additional information about the circumstances in which Tokaev and his family disappeared: a) According to the testimony of KLYKOV, Mikhail Efimovich (husband of Tokaev’s sister. He lived in Tokaev’s apartment before receiving his appointment) October 24, 1947. TOKAYEVA was visited at the apartment by a German named KHIL, who, having stayed with TOKAYEV for about 15 minutes, left. The command of the Military Administration about this visit by KHIL TOKAYEV [so in the original - IP] was not informed. GIL is connected with TANK. The command of the Military Administration knew only about the meeting of the German KHIL with TOKAYEV, which took place on October 18 this year. on October 20th. GIL, according to the Military Administration, left with a letter to TANK. What caused the appearance of HIL 10.24.47g. at Tokaev’s apartment and meeting with him and why Tokaev didn’t tell anyone about this meeting - it remains unclear. b) According to Comrade SOROKINA TOKAYEV was in civilian clothes on the day of departure. c) KLIKOV stated that TOKAYEV did not come to him during this time, nor with a laugh (that is, from October 21 to the day of his interrogation). TOKAYEV was going to fly to MOSCOW on an airplane and named the date on November 3-4 of this year. d) November 2 this year visiting Tokaev was Colonel Comrade STOLYAROV. STOLYAROV said that when he came to TOKAYEV, things were already collected. In a conversation, TOKAEV said that he was not appreciated here and began to complain that he was being infringed on with a limit card and did not give orders. He was going to go to Moscow on 3.11.47. When STOLYAROV drew his attention to the fact that he was going to leave for MOSCOW on 3.11.47. (the conversation went on in the evening of November 2, 477), but he still didn’t send things, he didn’t pay off the financial part, he didn’t withdraw from the party account, he didn’t check in the consular bureau, comrade. TOKAYEV replied that he would have time to do all this, and in extreme cases he would be delayed for one or two days. 11.11.47g. Major Comrade SHEPTUNOV, taking into account that the TOKAYEVS are preparing for departure, decided to invite them to their dinner. TOKAYEV, having thanked, refused dinner, saying that he needed to get ready to leave and that he was in a hurry to MOSCOW, because he had invited guests to MOSCOW already on October holidays and that he had supposedly been giving a course of lectures at the Zhukovsky Academy since December. Wife TOKAEVA accepted the invitation of Comrade SHEPTUNOV. While visiting the SHEPTUNOVs, TOKAYEV’s wife was constantly worried about her departure, repeating repeatedly “soon, if only to go faster”. e) At the Silesian train station, in the warehouse of the goods yard, 10 pieces of packed furniture were found belonging to TOKAYEV and addressed to MOSCOW. All these 10 places for shipment were not registered, because TOKAYEV did not present the documents necessary for this and therefore the things were only taken for storage. TOKAYEV promised to arrive in 2-3 days and arrange for the delivery of the packed seats, but he did not appear at the Silesian train station anymore. TOKAYEV was not found in the locker. f) Captain Comrade POLESHCHUK (translator of the Military Directorate) confirmed that Tokaev, to his question that YOU are now going to MOSCOW to TsAGI, answered seriously that there is no "I am going to England." And then he immediately added, as if he (TOKAEVA) were not let down by the weather, for he wants to fly to MOSCOW by plane. g) General Comrade A. ALEXANROV, the business of filling out all the documents and sending TOKAEV was assigned to Lieutenant Colonel Comrade KOKOREV. At what Kokorev was not given specific and clear instructions, his responsibility for the implementation of this instruction was not emphasized. 3. CONCLUSION Analyzing all the circumstances under which Tokaev and his family disappeared, as set out by me in the report of 10.11.47. and taking into account some of the data presented in this report, I conclude that Tokaev and his family changed the homeland and went to serve the British. This is evidenced by additional facts to my first report, at least: a) By October 18, the day the Germans visited Khile Tokaev, the latter was already aware of his secondment to his homeland. TOKAYEV could share this with HIL. KHIL, learning about this, could tell the news to TANK, and through TANK or HIL this news could become the property of the British intelligence. British intelligence (one can assume) knew about TOKAYEV’s moods and having studied him as a conceited, narcissistic and careerist person, he sent HIL on 10.24.47. TO TOKAYEV. KHIL at TOKAYEV was 10.24.47, but TOKAYEV concealed this from the command. b) If TOKAYEV was planning to go to MOSCOW, he would have to take the necessary personal belongings with him by train or by plane. According to SOROKIN, TOKAYEV had 6-8 places for personal belongings and suitcases. But where are these things? They are not at the station, they are not left at the apartment. So they are sent somewhere. c) Why did TOKAYEV need to change into a civilian suit before leaving? When traveling by rail, the uniform and military rank of an officer would facilitate more convenient movement and facilitate the receipt of tickets at ticket offices. This means that the form interfered with the implementation of some plan. d) According to a German housekeeper, TOKAEV leaving home, told her that he would return in the evening. The question is. why is a German in the morning of November 4, 477? started to take things away from TOKAYEV’s apartment. So she knew that the owner would not return, for otherwise she would not have plundered the property belonging to the officer. e) TOKAYEV in recent days has intensely created visibility and spread rumors that he is going to MOSCOW. He pulled, pulled away, and suddenly, for some unknown reason, quickly curled up, leaving some things in the apartment — a receiver, a gun, groceries, etc. If TOKAYEV was going to Moscow, he would certainly take the products, because they are needed on the road, and the first days in MOSCOW. If Tokaev left some of the products in the apartment, it means that he did not need them and apparently hoping that they would not leave him without products. f) TOKAYEV’s statement, which was made seriously, to POLISHIK that he was going to LONDON, deserves attention. True, there may also be a version that Tokaev could be a victim of foreign intelligence, being fraudulently dragged into the allied sector of BERLIN, under any pretext, but I am inclined to confirm my first conclusion. HEAD OF THE SWAG HEADQUARTER POLICY DEPARTMENT COLONEL (K.OVCHINNIKOV) GARF, Archive of the SVAG, f.7317, op.7, d.131" I think that Tokaev was recruited by British intelligence earlier, even before the war. "Once, turning on the West German radio, I just could not believe my ears when I heard a voice ... who would you think ... Tokaev! “Super-Communist Communist”, who quickly and shamelessly became a “colonel”, “freedom fighter”. He recommended himself without hesitation to an “outstanding scientist”. Then he said that he had specially entered the Communist Party with the goal of its decomposition from the inside, he was preparing underground cadres of the opposition to the Stalin regime. While serving in the Air Force Department, he was engaged in the search for German patents and the export to the USSR of outstanding German rocket scientists ... And finally, that the main head of SMERSH in Germany, General Serov, wanted to eliminate him, but he managed to deceive counterintelligence officers and flee to England where he gained true freedom. My boss, Lt. Col. Shchekochikhin, met me with the words: - Well, what’s great about your “best friend” broadcasting? .. - I think we would love to see each other in a coffin ... “You can go to Berlin, find out in more detail how he managed to escape,” said Schekochikhin and added: “But tell me that you were on a business trip in Germany and learned about Tokaev from radio messages.” Once in the Air Force Department, where the officers I knew were still serving, I heard the following: “Tokaev received an order for a new appointment, to Moscow, and began to prepare for departure. The furniture in the drawers and other bulky things were taken to the station, handed over in luggage, as all departing did. Of course, as it turned out, he was being watched, and he knew that. In his car, he and his wife and daughter drove to thrift stores and bought the things they needed on the farm. The wife and daughter did not know about his plans. He traveled by car from Karlhorst to the city center, and then to the American sector: then there were no restrictions on movement throughout Greater Berlin. He drove up to the Tempelshof airfield, where the British were waiting for him. Tokaev in front of the counterintelligence officers accompanying him, who could not get to someone else's airfield, with his wife and daughter instantly jumped into the Libereitori military aircraft, which was standing with working engines. A few minutes later the plane took off and headed for London ..." B.R. Serge
  11. The LM cannot be built with landing gear extended.
  12. Today
  13. Really looking nice. Quick question for you. Can the Eagle be built in landed mode? If the one I ordered actually shows up I will just build it in launch mode without all the internals and have a plan for a lander but in landed mode.
  14. Should be fun watching this one come together. I hope those decals are 1/48 though...
  15. Ouch. Not too bad though. An easy fix.
  16. Although I’m still cackling in laughter on the floor, Mrs RL has just said ‘That’s disgusting!’... see what I’ve goto put up with!! Q. Why are the Greeks bad at playing Football (Soccer)? A. Cause every time they get a corner, they put a Fish n’ Chip shop on it! Cheers.. Dave
  17. Hi clogged I have indeed tried to add a shell hole but it didnt turn out quite as I hoped. I kind of wanted the look when you dig a hole on a wet beach and it fills straight back up with water. It's on the right near the guy with one arm. I've also added a water explosion too. I think it looks ok. They are hard to try and get right. Excuse the waves they are really white but the water effects take an age to dry when applied so thick. The foam around the landing craft will still be that white though. I've now realised why the water looks so red/brown. I added a games workshop wash to is as blood thinking it would kinda stay put and look like it was flowing into the water. Turns out it just blended with it far too well and made the resin go a pinker tinge but worst case I will cover up the sides and put a blue wash over the water surface to hopefully get rid of it. But I still think it looks ok as is. It's my 3rd resin pour and Its very much alearning curve. Like most things the camera doesnt do it justice. I think I'm going to present it like the first image now too. It shows alot more of the action than a side on view as I originally thought. Thanks for the feedback Simon
  18. ... and the little Saab 91 Safir, that’s another little Heller Swedish Classic. I’m hoping to build one for next years Scandi GB, however my recent new boxed Heller purchase arrived without decals. Numerous emails to both the retailer and Heller are yet to yield a response as yet. Cheers.. Dave
  19. It's a mystery, to be sure! Back in the 70-80's, using the best color photos I could find and a Pactra paint mixing chart done by IPMS Tidewater,which was distributed by Pactra and was pretty highly regarded at the time, I mixed Finnish Olive Green, which I thought looked pretty close. I had no FS595a chart to compare it to back then, but now that I have the chart, it is almost an exact match for FS34159. I also have a bottle of Aeromaster enamel labeled Finnish Olive Green, stock number 9081, and it is a very close match to FS34127. The Aeromaster paint has a more brownish cast than my mix. I know FS34096 is given as a match on a lot of color charts and paint guides, but I think it is too dark and too green, but I am NO authority on Finnish colors, nor do I know what color photos available give a true representation, what with all the colorizing and digital manipulations that can be done. Looking at museum aircraft and preserved aircraft parts can't be very exact either, considering that even artifacts that have been kept inside are still 80 years old and have to have drifted from their original appearance. Knowing this doesn't take us any further towards answering the original poster's query, I offer my two cent's worth. (Insert your country's currency here!) Mike And no, I @Antti_K, I did not think to record the formula at the time!
  20. Was able to get some work done addressing the seams but just doubt I’ll be able to finish. Have had a tough time getting to the bench.
  21. Tamiya Neutral grey, Nato black, Ammo Luftwaffe late war colors, and an Eagle decal set that has the needed markings for late war Dora’s including Pips Priller's D9. Which will be used in my continuing Priller build.
  22. With apologies to John, the brown there looks more like SCC1A than SCC2. Think milk and dark chocolate and you're just about there. SCC2 being the milk and SCC1A the dark. The Light Mud is perhaps a little too green. At that time the Otters could be new-build in SCC15 or repainted from SCC2. In the latter case it is likely that only the visible parts were repainted. Having said this, a brown door would stand out - but it's next to a black opening .............. Now that raises the interesting possibility that the worn Light Mud paint on the fenders and elsewhere might reveal SCC2. There is water on the ground and the vehicles look almost freshly washed but still with some visible dust on the darker colour. I wonder if there has been recent rain and we're just looking at the washed vs unwashed colour for the door? See that the rear car appears to have the light mud extended onto the bottom front corner of the open door, something seen in other pictures as they seemed to spend a lot of time with the doors open for ventilation. But read all the way to the bottom....... Here are some more photos to continue the quest. The first is RAF Regt again, in Yugoslavia and will be Light Mud with SCC2: note the closer contrast. The second is also RAF, A/C Co in Iraq this time and is also Light Mud and SCC2, noting again the less stark contrast. Now this IS Italy, Army this time. That's either Light Mud over SCC2 or SCC1A over SCC2. The contrasts will be about the same in reverse. Damn monochrome photographs ........... I'm wondering if my first photo was in fact mis-captioned where I found it as being Italy. This one is in Greece, Salonika. There are other photos from Greece of the same scheme. I think the lead car here is the 2nd car in the earlier photo. Now that raises the interesting and confusing possibility that the dark colour is actually SCC1A dark brown. Based on the premise that the open door shows SCC1A and SCC2, a scheme that was certainly used in Italy. As Greece was later than Italy these could be cars shipped over from Italy and repainted. But we could in turn also be looking at another possibility with the lighter colour in fact being the old Light Stone over SCC2, with the door showing Light Mud over SCC2 - the contrasts are about right for that. I'm not helping much, am I?? In that vein, this is how the RAF Regt Museum have their Otter painted - taking the large pinch of salt about museum repaints. That is pretty much Light Stone and SCC15: too yellow for Light Mud. Probably painted with current-issue versions of the colours, having said which our current Light Stone is pretty much the same as it was in WW2 (exactly the same, I read somewhere).
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