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  2. eifrsc eh? bringing out the big guns. I like the window solution, definitely one of those handy things to file away, I think I might have seen friend @Moa using this ploy as well. Steve.
  3. Brilliant !! The bench is far too clean .........and the cobwebs really set it off. Love the coke stove. This will be a fascinating diorama ! Rog
  4. I'd tackle that chine with circular brass rod to define where the break goes with a strip of plasticard butted to above and below which are respectively sanded to a feather into the kit fuselage sides. If the issue is present on Italeri's 1/72 kit I'll do just that myself soon.
  5. Thanks Glynn. You could well be right. Seeing as one of the stripes split when I applied it, it could end up being covered up by a bit of crew kit hung over it. John.
  6. Thanks Dennis. Yes, some weathering and maybe some strategically placed bits of kit. John.
  7. Thankyou Jes,thats fantastic,I intend to do some research in the Luftwaffe as my knowledge of it is woefully lacking. ☺
  8. I figured out the solution to my little problem. Turns out it's cookies. You have to acknowledge the cookie banner. I didn't do so for the longest time, as I have an aversion to cookies. They can be trawled for information to build up a picture/profile of you. Who knows what 'they' then do with all this intel - look at all the furore surrounding Facebook. Other, more shadowy organisations lurk quietly away, gathering info. I have my own website, and I know when it has been hit by a bot or spider trawling for info. The visitor count for the day is like one or two, but the page count goes through the roof i.e. every page and every posting is read and every photo is viewed. That's a couple of hundred pages/postings and several thousand photos. Therefore I only allow cookies to certain websites, and even then the minimum possible.
  9. Good morning Jean Merci du compliment Thank you for your comment .. If you have the opportunity buy this kit because it seems that it is quite difficult to find now .. Patrice
  10. Hi Pete, I've got the propeller bosses reshaped now. I want to spend a bit of time comparing the rest of the hull to reality. I wouldn't wish to find anything which should have been an easy fix once it's too late!
  11. Glad to see you’ve found us adey. You got any plans to join us? Cheers.. Dave
  12. Cheers guys. I painted the ejection seat. I used a very fine tipped Copic multiliner marker pen to draw in the stitching on the belts and the black lines in the ejection handles. Next up was the rocket rails. I scratchbuilt one good one from plastic card and rod. Fitted with a rocket for sizing. I have used the Aires RP-3 rockets with concrete warhead practice rounds. i then made a copy of the stubs in resin Which I multiplied by 6 pairs. I used plastic rod for the rail part. Test fit. My good mate Les was kind enough to make me up some 803 sqn crests for either side of the tail to match the ones on the real 109 I used the excellent Australian made gloss clear produced by SMS to clear coat the model before applying the stencil data. Highly recommend this stuff. Getting closer to the finish line.
  13. Looks like there is going to be some good old fashioned modelling taking place.
  14. Now that’s disappointing! I should have picked up the 2012 thread year! Bye bye Caribou plans (once again). Cheers.. (with a dropped bottom lip) Dave.
  15. I think I’m good for Canberra references Mike. Got a number of books and magazine articles and there’s always the ever helpful John (aka @canberra kid) who’s always quick to reply to any Canberra question - although I’ll try not to bother him this time around. Cheers.. Dave
  16. First go with Alclad Chrome and you can do that? Outstanding! Alan
  17. The dust also put up a fight, but the hairy stick was sturdier in the end. I've tried to break off and reattach the troublesome wing, but the TETC welded that a bit too well to the fuselage so it wont come of. Oh well, it will have to do then....
  18. That looks just wonderful, the scale tools, vice. drill press etc is out of this world. Steve.
  19. I found pictures in this version. The model is very correct for work.
  20. Lovely clean build and paint job. I do like the way you included the crew. For posting photos, I use my ancient Skydrive aka Microsoft's cloud storage version. It came 'free' with a hotmail (now outlook) account yonks ago. Back then (at least a decade or more) it wasn't very well integrated with anything, and the only way you could get at it was via hotmail. Getting a public link was painful. Now a days it's integrated very well, I can get at it via my PC's desktop or file system, and generating an embedded link is a breeze. You can then edit the generated code, to change the width and height of the image, before inserting into this forum.
  21. The Iraqis used them as hunters. I also found photos in this version.
  22. Outstanding work especially on the front earth blade.
  23. Very nice build of the the old ex Mania kit. I remember building a long time ago and it was a nice kit with lively surface detail.
  24. gee she's looking very nice! Looks like you've gotten the pre-shading just about right as the Green looks awesome. Can't wait to see her in her full colours!
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