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  2. Thank you Tankerman, I appreciate your advice and will be looking at my options.
  3. And you don't think the Bristol Beaufort is an esoteric subject?
  4. Great result.. I pondered over that kit on Saturday wish I'd got it now...
  5. I'm also a 1978 tooling. I wish I looked as fresh as this one
  6. You're doing awesome. The cockpit looks great! Keep it up!
  7. It is always nice to see another Mig-21 Bison, I look forward to seeing yr soon. I plan to make a 48 in future.
  8. I went over mine and a few parts look soft too. No full on short-shots but close. And what bonehead designed the open canopy moulding. It's never good when Airfix tries to be clever.
  9. That's a stunning Heinkel ! Don't often see them modelled with balloon cable cutters - impressive !! Rog
  10. That looks delicate! Great work as alays Fuad, a masterclass every time! Rich
  11. Thanks that really helps ? I think i can get it at the local shop.
  12. If I recall correctly Humbrol 117 was intended to be the green used on U.S.AA.F. aircraft in Vietnam i.e. FS34102. Gunze H303 0r C303, MM1713, Tamiya XF58, Ammo-Mig 2 are all apparently approx. equal.
  13. Aaaaand we're off! Our craft space is not 100% completed, but it's usable. The built models are still in storage. My first project at the new (old) bench is the Hasegawa kit. I began with my least favorite part - the canopy. The first order of business was to apply the decals representing the internal framing. These aren't the right color, but it beats masking the interior of the canopy. And speaking of masking, I started getting that too. It's not much, but I wanted to stake a claim in the GB. I have a lot more work to do around the house, so modeling will be a bit spotty over the next few days, but I'm here! And im building again!!!
  14. Was wondering if anyone could steer me to any good articles, YouTube videos, that deal with painting markings on 1/72 scale aircraft. Cheers! Tim
  15. Nice. But can I check, it’s not an E model is it?
  16. Today
  17. An interesting aircraft - half way between tube construction and monocoque construction. The caption in the article Mike pointed to is a bit misleading. It was not a case of performing poorly - its flying life was very short and few, if any, flight test results were obtained. On the other hand, its predicted performance was less then that of the battle. In fact, the Battle was ordered into production in 1935, before either it or the A.W.29 had flown. The prototype Battle first flew in March 1936 and the prototype A.W.29 in December that year, crashing shortly after. As Armstrong Whitworth were up to their eyballs in work with the designs of the Whitley and Ensign they never really pushed the A.W.29. Oliver Tapper's Armstrong Whitworth Aircraft since 1913, Putnam, has several pages on this aircraft with a few more photos. Peter M
  18. Been fighting a nasty flu all weekend but was able to get some colour on before I shoot the aluminum.
  19. An MFH Britten would be pretty awesome.
  20. Just had a chance to catch up on these fabulous 5 pages of information - thanks for posting CJP
  21. La-11 test build in progress: https://www.facebook.com/arkmodel/photos/pcb.1249882101888943/1249881995222287 V.P.
  22. Two things: I'm going to steal the LEGO brick idea, as it's ingenious and clever; your work is superb, beautiful!
  23. So I started on the kit and whilst it seems nicely designed, the quality of the moulding is somewhat lacking, for example the underneath of the co-pilots chair was only half formed (luckily enough to still function) also one of the pedals wasn't fully formed... In fact the first two pieces (the main structural spar and the underside of the fuselage didn't fit together well at all due to raised injector pin marks which I had to shave off. Other than that it seems so good so far, though the left wing top was a little more reluctant to fit snuggly than the right, but overall the pieces fit quite nicely.
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