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  2. Ah yes I meant to address this. The consensus on the colour of P-40 side windows seems to be mixed. They were either the same interior green as the cockpit or repainted over with the camouflage colours. I've decided to do the USSR P-40 with the interior green whereas the Desert USAAF scheme will have it over-painted with a Sand colour. Whether this is accurate or not I'm not sure but this seems to make more sense to me seeing as the USSR plane was directly delivered from the USA whereas the Desert P-40 was repainted in North Africa. The darker green is the Interior Green I mentioned earlier which I initially applied before realising the dark shade was only standard after 1943 and replaced it with Zinc Chromate Green.
  3. Gloss white, that's exactly the problem I'm having at the moment. My solution is to spray it on top of the palest grey I can find in the paint box. Unfortunately there's been a bit of paint build up before I reached that conclusion. Roger.
  4. Airmen were often thrown to the local population, who then beat them to death. One did not fare well when on mainland Japan. Or in fact at sea. This man was amazing, yet he and his pilot were treated disgracefully. Bruno Peter Gaido.
  5. Thanks for your Feedback, Doc72. The color scheme is purely speculative, as you can't make out the correct shade from the few available original photographs. The spots could be RLM74 Grey, RLM70 Black Green or - simply Black, just like the underside. What you see is my 'best guess' from the available informations. Best greetings, Roman
  6. 20 MAY 1958 NACA/Air Force Memorandum of Understanding on the DynaSoar The National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) and the US Air Force signed a Memorandum of Understanding concerning the principles in the development and testing of the Air Force's Hypersonic Boost Glide Vehicle (DynaSoar). The following principles would apply to the project: (1) The project would be conducted as a joint Air Force-NACA project. (2) Overall technical control of the project would rest with the Air Force, acting with the advice and assistance of NACA. (3) Financing of the design, construction, and Air Force test of the vehicles would be borne by the Air Force. (4) Management of the project would be conducted by an Air Force project office within the Directorate of Systems Management, Headquarters, Air Research and Development Command. NACA would provide liaison representation in the project office and provide the chairman of the technical team responsible for data transmission and research instrumentation. (5) Design and construction of the system would be conducted through a negotiated prime contractor. (6) Flight tests of the vehicle and related equipment would be accomplished by NACA, the USAF, and the prime contractor in a combined test program, under the overall control of a joint NACA-USAF committee chaired by the Air Force.
  7. Now that might sway me to the resin side of things!
  8. Funnily enough I'm in the midst of a Bulldog as well (smer kit) and a Flycatcher and a Fury. The Smer isn't all that bad, once the molded on decals were removed, the ejector marks removed, the under wings skinned and some detailing around the engine and some interior detail addded, hmm
  9. Shes almost done boys. finished up on the landing gear, and all the other tidbits that were waiting. Decided to forego the stripes as I just want to see this finished. Just have to put decals on and then I think I’ll weather it with pastels. Figure the white will be more forgiving than using inks. May decide to add a little pop of colour to the tail or fins but we will see.
  10. Looks gorgeous! Interesting that you used green spots. I would have thought something like RLM 75. Or did you interpreted it as a 70/71 standard camouflage as base with 76 applied on top but leaving out the spots? I am just interesting in your interpretation. I don't pretend to know anything precise on later bomber camouflage. Anyway, well done. I also like the variations in the black underside.
  11. Looks excellent! Although it might not be as good as some new tool kits, be thankful it’s not the ancient 1/32 rebel P-51B that I have half built... the thing just doesn’t want to fit together!
  12. Me too At the front, over there Good start Ceb, Ced ,Cel, Cad er yes Ced
  13. Cheers m'dear! If I can paint the frames neatly, I’ll be happy. It’s a shame I couldn’t use Tony's generously donated turret in the end.
  14. Looks fantastic! I did start a Bulldog a few years ago, for its age, tis a surprisingly nice kit! Alas bits have gone missing so I may just have to buy a new one Ash
  15. Thanks, I'm pretty pleased with the build so far. Yes the propeller looks silly for the size of the machine, but it is to plan. Funnily enough I find carving propellers quite therapeutic.
  16. Thanks Ash I think you're right. According to Scalemates it's a rebox of the Frog 1974 new tool. Whatever, I wish they hadn't used that horrid shiny plastic… Forgot to include a link to the WiP which is:
  17. Many thanks to Eric and team for a good day out yesterday from IPMS Gloucester and Cotswold Scale Plastic Modeller Group, apologies about the odd trader moaning about our under the table stuff !!
  18. I like the idea of overpainted but still slightly visible stripes, if yours works I might steal the idea John PS Did you do a WIP on your Starfire? I looked yesterday but couldn’t find one.
  19. Hi Werner, I've just seen this and your earlier Leopard 1A3. They both look really superb. I especially like the subtle weathering, it suits modern tanks very well I think, but more realistic for me are the subtle touches like the occasional differing hub colours on this one and the slightly different panel shades on the side of the 1A3. Although I really like them both, this one, the 1A% is my absolute favourite. I am looking for a Meng 1A5 myself at the moment, but they seem very rare and thus very expensive. Thanks for sharing Terry
  20. I found some problems with frame decal on wings of Yak-130. Decal is very flex and don't want to clear put on surface. Solve problem with masks and airbrush:
  21. Fantastic job! I built the old tool Airfix Blenheim some time ago... might have to try this new kit Ash
  22. I'll slide in as well if I may? I take it this will be another fully loaded on the ceiling build? Roger
  23. From one scratch builder to another l want to say congratulations to you!..... a wonderful model and I know the effort that goes into building these aircraft from scratch.....well done!
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