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  2. A nice change from splinter camou,.Well done sir. mohawk
  3. I think you might be ! I use them quite a bit and get a wet clay damp earth smell from them.
  4. Nice work Now I know that I'm odd but I think that the T.17 is a good looking aircraft but then I also like a Gannet or two as well...
  5. Man do I know that feeling well. Me and a good friend pulled an all nighter working on models in high-school(late 80's). We were using Tamiya products and airbrushing Lacquer thinner in a small windowless room for about 8 hours. We came out of there so light headed and messed up.
  6. Let's have a little comparison of how we speak where we live. These are partly based on a linguistic study undertaken in the US, but with a few of my own additions. 1. What do you call the small arthropod that lives in wet conditions, often under decaying leaves or rocks that rolls up into a little ball when startled? Wood louse 2. What do you call the small freshwater crustacean that resembles a small lobster? Crayfish 3. What term do you use to describe the weather phenomenon where rain falls while the sun is simultaneously shining? Shower 4. What do you call a public water dispensing device you can take a cool drink from? Water fountain 5. What do you call the person who cuts your hair?  Barber 6. Does the kinship term for your mother's sister sound the same as the word ant? No, pronounced same as can't 7. What do you call a knit closely fitting winter hat? Benny hat (As in Benny from Crossroads, a TV soap in the '70s who used to wear such a hat) 8. What term do you use for shoes used in athletic activity like running or basketball? Trainers 9. What term do you use for a long narrow sandwich? Torpedo with bacon etc, sub with salad stuff Settee for couch Koo pon and cup ola (as in cup of tea) Raised in the Black country in England, and no I'm not a Brummie Ian
  7. Last night I got a bit more done, the mounting pins for the rotors are meant to be trapped between the fuselage halves by this flange on their lower end: I like the rotors to be able to rotate but would prefer it if they could be just dropped into place so set about removing the flange with snips: Fully cleaned up, this is how it will sit in it's mounting: Tonight, straight after getting back from work I broke out the airbrush and, not bothering with primer, applied some matt black to the inside of the rear pylon. Here with all the masking removed: Prior to that I had applied white primer to the oil tank and these rotor parts which will require a coat of dayglo orange at some point. I also primed the drive shaft "covers" and applied Alclad "Dark Aluminium" followed by "Exhaust Manifold" and the finishing with "Burnt Iron". By that time the white primer was dry so I applied some yellow to the tank: After dinner all the paint was nicely dry so I got on with installing the drive shafts and their end plates. It is but a barely glimpsed thing in the exhaust openings but worth the effort I think: The next job to be ticked off the list was the cabin windows, following Oliver's advice I first ran a black permanent marker round the window apertures to represent the rubber sealing: My prefered method for installing glazing is to use five minute, clear epoxy, I thought I might be able to install two windows at a time and set up accordingly. However by about three minutes the glue was past its best so I will be making a fresh mix for each pane, eight in total then. It's going to wreak havoc with my stocks of milk bottle tops! (Actually I have hundreds). Here is the first one done: After, a bit of a lie down I will get on with the rest. Bye for now Nigel
  8. Well, I guess that, that depends on whether your egg chasing is the proper form (Union) or the namby pamby version (League)?
  9. The turret (and the rest of the Oxford) looks super, and the loco looks smashing too - it reminds me of the ones my dear old Dad used to make. Regards, Adrian
  10. Well $#@%.=&$#. After seeing expert work like this, I’ll just go sit on the porch, drink a Diet Coke and work on a crossword puzzle. That’s a level of modeling equal to black belt karate. Amazing.
  11. A little color. It will be interesting once I get the masking off. I may have bungled this up. Oh well, you never get better if you don't try to experiment here and there.
  12. PM Inbound cliff regards the Cutlass. Dennis
  13. Yesterday
  14. Hi all, this is Eduard’s 1/48 BF109-G2. I chose Mjr. Hans Hahn’s 109 from II./ JG54, Rjelbitzy, Soviet Union, January, 1943. The kit was a pleasure to build and everything was out of box with Tamiya paints. Thanks for looking.
  15. There are two Italeri kits available: https://www.scalemates.com/kits/italeri-127-c-47-skytrain--136110 -- which is Italeri own development and is better to avoid (it's not that bad but there are much better options). https://www.scalemates.com/kits/italeri-1338-dakota-mkiii--185561 -- this one is based of ESCI one and can compete with the Airfix kit even when next to each other. The decal options on this kit are quite nice as well: you have RAF "D Day" Dakota as well as the USAF Skytrain which has a nice history on it's own: http://redhandsmodels.blogspot.com/2009/07/blog-post.html (Too bad it was scrapped instead of being preserved in some museum)
  16. Thanks very much for adding the taxying shots. Again, some lovely images. I never realised that they suffer "British Summertime" in other countries, too. Cheers. Chris.
  17. Good looking Tiffy ! ... Ive not seen that happen to decals before ?
  18. Just about finished and it is small. It's the same size as the single seat Camel. Here it is next to the Airfix 504K basic trainer. Apart from the upper decking which was a simple fix it went together very well. Regards, Steve
  19. devouring sugar, gargling vinegar
  20. Wonderful. I now want to dig out my Battle of Britain DVD.
  21. I just had the same thing happen to my Fujimi A-7D decals. Another member saved my caboose on that front ? Liking your Stuka so far. Will you be adding the armor plate around the cowling/cockpit ? I built a Late war Ju-87D-5 last year and still have my research if you need anything ? Dennis
  22. 1/72 PE gunsights??? "You are a better man than I, Gunga Din." Fabulous.
  23. Forgot all about this one and after last year's failure I'm determined to finish this time,I don't have a stash so a trip to the LMS is on the card's!
  24. P-59 or P-80 ? Some debate which is the first ? Personally i lean towards the P-59 Airacomet. I need both of them and an F-89 to finish off my early USAF jets. Dennis
  25. Sadly no. Too little time... This stuff is easy. I have never left a post lacking these details. (Although I did not leave mention of an egg plane. But it was Easter, and I meant it as a joke)
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