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  2. I have a friend who was a “Thumrait Thuggy” - a Hunter jock with the Sultan of Oman’s AF back in the day. I’d love to do him a model of one of their airplanes, but I’m far, far from a Hunter expert. The single seaters were mostly FGA.Mk.73s. I assume that’s essentially the same externally as an FGA.Mk.9. Is that doable from what’s in the Airfix box? Any thoughts would be most appreciated!
  3. leaving them in nakedness
  4. Ok time for another update, I had hoped to have started painting today but I got side tracked on detailing. First up these goodies arrived… …an improvement over the kit supplied ones, though I’ll have to make up new mounts for the twin gun arrangement up front. Least now they’ll have ammo belts feeding them! Before I forget a big thank you to Christer for the link he sent me for another build. That and the one I have for the boat for sale are a huge help with this build. Ok, first up I cleaned up some filler work from the other day, the jet deflectors had some poor join lines same with the ladders. The engine bay……. I mention previously it’s really quite bare and has those 2 open holes for the exhausts with nothing in them, so I needed to add something to at least make it look a little busy. So I added new exhaust system including mufflers or scrubbers ???? (those round cans) with proper outlets at the back. Some photos show flaps over these outlets…not sure about that. Repositioned exhaust on RHS engine. New covers for the inlets, I would have thought they would have draw fresh air form outside, but can’t find photos. These new covers are sort of based of the ones on the boat for sale. A lever setup above the jet assemblies. Now I’m not 100% sure, but to steer these boats they move the jet flow side to side which I suspect these levers do. Added a small tank and large extinguisher bottle in front of the engines. I still have to add a few more “small boxes” around the place and add lines. Thee small changes and painting will make a world of difference to the area. The rear looks much better, no open holes. The deflectors will be mounted in the up position. After reading the other build and looking at more photos I did notice that the cover/entry way into the engine bay was too tall, so I cut 4mm off the bottom. Now it fit the profile in the photos. I forgot to take photos, but above the 3 windows on each side there’s a rectangular opening, for what I don’t know, but it shouldn’t be there. So I’ve filled that with sprue, I have to trim it bad and fill. I’ve also started on the main cabin. I’ve added a small raised strip on each side that runs each side under the edge of the seats. I also need to fill a gap at the front and back of the floor as well. The only major work required here is I need to make a “jump seat” which is attached to RHS of the forward opening. This is for a seat, which can be placed in between the 2 main crew seats, it’s folded away when no in use. This whole thing will need to be scratchbuilt. So far I’m really enjoying this build, now I finally have some decent detailed photos (may not be 100% accurate but better than nothing) it’s making the build a lot easier. I have a long weekend coming up…starting tomorrow, so should have her all closed up by the end of it.
  5. Hi Chuck, Steve Mackenzie @Hornet133 is your man. He has a lot of info on the RAAF squadrons in Italy and the Middle East. Peter M
  6. Another questions while we're at it: what was the color specified as "black" in the post-war era for interiors? Was this just some generic black, was it matched to BS 4800 (00E53) or was Night BS 642 still in use? I have seen a scanned Phantom paint specification and all fuselage colors are match to a BS color except white and black so I assume Night was not in use by then.... I assume the paint was meant as an exterior finish for night aircraft, not as an interior color
  7. I suspect it will be something like: "Oh Gawd - Milligan, Sellers, Secombe and now YOU!! How much can a koala bear?" Looks like that eensie, teensie wafer-thin mint finally caught up ...
  8. Kitty Hawk, of course the most obvious one! AW well not named after the town but sharing the name.
  9. Well, finally someone listened, Hobby 2000 has just come out with 1/72 Fujimi toolings of the A-4M and OA-4M Scooters! Now how many to order of each??? Hopefully the other variants to follow!
  10. Simon............. Your additional efforts have paid handsome rewards. Well done my friend!!!!!!! Mike
  11. It`s perfect Tim!!!!! Your Spitfire looks as though I could hop right in a take off on a mission in it. Superb my friend!!!!!
  12. Beautifully done!!!!! The weathering and attention to detail is flawless!!!!!!
  13. Today
  14. Very nice Adam!!!!! You made a bland white airframe look very convincing!!!!! Outstanding!!!!!! Mike
  15. Hellers Gladiator is a good one and nice to see proper Finnish swastika roundels rather than those ‘plus and minus’ decals than seem to be included in today’s kit boxes. I’ve got two new Airfix Gladiators however will gladly purchase another Heller kit should one come along at a good price. Cheers and best of luck.. Dave
  16. she'll be fine John, it'll be something a bit different which is good to see. There's still plenty of work to be done on her so no worries at all, go for it. Am interested to see the colour scheme.
  17. welcome along Pete with build #2, and I really like this one. I actually quite like this aircraft and must add it to my "to be built" list.....gosh that one is starting to get huge! The model looks to be quite a nice one by the photo, she'll look great with those 2 Robot's under the wings. Well good luck with build #2, should be another straightforward one for you. Look forward to seeing this one in the gallery as well.
  18. gee that's coming along really nicely and quickly as well.
  19. Hi Tony, That all makes sense and you'd said that in your first write-up, but I couldn't see the sprue Q in any photos, so I just wanted to double-triple-absolutely confirm the presence of the standard beavertail. thanks muchly.
  20. Hi all, I thought I'd explain why I'm attempting to detail the engine as much as I am. Normally if the engine is partly or totally covered by airframe or engine panels, there would be less reason to detail the engine as much. However the Macchi M.5, even with the engine under tray and side panels fitted, was mostly visible. The particular aircraft I'm attempting to model is 'FRANGAR NON FLECTAR’, Serial No.7288 as flown by Tenente DV Alberto Bartolozzo, Officer Commanding No.260a Squadriglla, operating from Venice during 1918. That particular aircraft did not have the engine side panels fitted and so the entire engine was fully exposed. The engine is a primary focal point for anyone looking at the model. Therefore I felt that it was important to rectify the apparent omissions and errors with the kit supplied engine. Mike
  21. welcome along Steve, and nice choice and at a bargain too, how could you go wrong! Look forward to seeing the photos and scheme. A Thunderjet would be a great and different addition to this gB for sure. Good luck with the build, always a real pleasure to have you along, and look forward to seeing her in the gallery.
  22. Horten Ho 229 Revell 1/72 OOB build, own colour scheme. Kit went together nicely, didn't quite turn out as expected during painting but a learning experience.
  23. well done Pete, she looks great!
  24. I’ve lost count how many Viggens we’ve now got on here already, although I’m sure no ones complaining as it’s such a great aircraft. It’ll also be good to see this 1/72 version with masks being built and a nice plug for Stoppel Hobbies which appears to be a must do shop visit for anyone visiting Denmark. Cheers and best of luck.. Dave
  25. gee that cockpit came out really nice!!!! The detailing work is beautiful for a wee 1/72nd beastie, well done
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