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  2. PF Naughton

    Hobby Boss WHIF TAS-44M Medium Tank

    Hi, Your build looks nice, and I always enjoy what-ifs.
  3. busnproplinerfan

    Lockheed Twins civilian style

    The small details that sneak up on you. Never knew there was a different tail. Airfix really did a screw up on the elevator hinge line. You're taking down the rivets a bit?
  4. Cadman

    China 1947

    That..................is a brilliant diorama! Ticks all the boxes for me.
  5. Which of the 5 Ju 52s named on the original post was the ones at Morón? I know it was sent to Río Cuarto for restoration.
  6. these are very handy for those... gooseneck cabinet scraper https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Proops-Wood-Cabinet-Carbon-Steel-Kidney-Scraper-180mm-4-5-Woodworking-W3340-/292218002405 no connection, but where I got mine from Ideally you need a burnisher, but you can use a screwdriver shaft
  7. Yesterday
  8. Confusticate the Martian, my younger son also grows potatoes in...(if you think that's the Butt's-crack... there is no map of where he is) His are more valuable than gold.
  9. Brian

    FOUR What it’s Worth

    Lego built Colonel Saunders
  10. Thank you for the comments gents Dogsbody the exhausts were started with airbrushed Humbrol H.1 Undercoat, followed by a mix of Tamiya XF-56 Metallic Grey (30% approx) and Tamiya XF-79 Linoleum Deck Brown (70% approx) airbrushed on. The engine panel behind the exhaust segment is XF-56 Metallic Grey. A coat of Mr.Topcoat Gloss Varnish from a rattlecan was then applied. When thoroughly dry some diluted Tamiya X-23 Clear Blue was drybrushed around the locations I thought would "blue" due to heat, then a pin wash of Tamiya Panel line colours mixed to produce a dark grey was used on all the bands and added detail to lightly hi-light them. Right at the end of the build I used some diluted Vallejo Matt Black to pick out the exhaust openings and when dried some black pastel chalk was used over the same area. The whole lot was given a coat of Mr.Topcoat Semi Gloss varnish to seal it all in and finally with dry brushed Mr.Topcoat Matt Varnish in some areas to vary the hue. I post links at the end of my pics post to my ATF Workbench although this is a more detailed explanation than in my ATF Workbench. Cheers all Neil
  11. Julien

    Revell 1/48 F-89 Scorpion

    There is very little aftermarket I have seen for it. Have seen a couple built up by friends and it looks nice, and apparently builds up well. Julien
  12. Julien

    Kitty Hawk FJ Fury news

    What he Said !
  13. Lubbly "George" fubar57. Always pleasing to see someone building a hawk from Dai Nippon Teikoku.
  14. Started the second 1/16 Panther G. Haven't finished the Rye Field Jagdpanther G2 or the cut away Panther G or even the Takom Jagdpanther G1 but I needed a break from 1/35 scale, especially the crazy detail Rye Field kits. This one will be in a white wash scheme I think and I'm debating on whether to try cutting the hull and turret open like the Rye Field Panther G or cutting the upper deck of the hull open or just leaving it alone and making the entire upper hull removable. So far I have made some cooling ducts for the steering brakes out of tubing and blocked off the right rear shock absorber as this will be a hybrid with the later chin mantlet. I don't have the heater assembly for the rear deck or any steel wheels so I can replace a pair of those so it will have to be a later Early Panther G. Here it is so far.
  15. Cookenbacher

    Fairey Fulmar NFII

    Yes, you may have earned Special Hobby a few more sales with this build - looking very nice!
  16. Cookenbacher

    PZL P.11c (Arma Hobby 1/72)

    Fantastic result Chris.
  17. fubar57

    1/48 D-day Spitfire

    Great looking aircraft
  18. Black Knight

    You Kidding, Airfix ? Pin up camo from 21y !

    Nowt new in this. During WW2 bombers were flown the Atlantic. Land fall was N.I. but several made emergency landing in Eire, which was neutral. Before the bombers were allowed to be returned to the USAAF in N.I. the naked ladies artwork on them had to be repainted to cover up the nudity
  19. Bang up job on a dreadful kit. I have to wonder what “plans” the toolmaker was looking at when he or she was cutting metal.
  20. I grow some spuds, up here, in The Butt-crack Of Western Civilization. Do you think The Martian would be open to trade? Chris
  21. rob Lyttle

    Lockheed Twins civilian style

    There is progress! I thought I'd better hold off for a few days till the Lockheed Group Build got underway as I'd started the Airfix kit already, but I wanted to duck under the 25%built rule. I d got a floor in and a rear wall with a toilet door, filled the various fuselage cutouts, and glued the halves together. So now the Tailplanes. Airfix have really messed with the elevators to make movable parts. The hinge line needs straightening, and I've made a new one piece elevator. This is the MPM part for guidance and comparison... Now, here's the thing..... The L14 has the single full width elevator, but what about the Hudson??? I'm finding bits of information saying two separate elevators. For example... Opinions....?? Also, take a look at this, and can anyone confirm (or otherwise) that the plane is a Hudson, from the engine cowling or some such. Because that is definitely a single side elevator with a fixed centre section over the fuselage. It's just about impossible to find a good photo of this feature
  22. busnproplinerfan

    FOUR What it’s Worth

    eggs come from stores (chickens aren't real, we 3d print everything)

    A Kit you built as a kid GB

    Goodness me, this brings back some memories. I think if if I had to choose one kit to take me back to being a nipper, when you put your latest build on the ceiling, partly to admire it and partly to protect it from mums dusting, it would have to be this one; picture from Scalemates I had Japanese fighters attacking it on one side and German ones on the other ! Please add me to the list. cheers Pat
  24. Thanks! I've primered it with Alclad black primer and started spraying Vallejo metal colours on it. So far the topside with Aluminium. Quite happy with it so far.
  25. Greg Law

    1/32 Henschel hs129 B-2

    How was the Ju 388 to put together? Might be an option for me down the track
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