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  2. Not at all familiar with this one, but looks like it’ll be interesting.
  3. Yes I've often thought about doing one in desert colors or something like Kashyyk or Scarif ? These were originally never meant for someplace like Hoth. Its even pointed out when the Deck officer tells Han solo in ESB that they're “having a hard time getting the speeders adjusted to the cold”.
  4. Never heard of the film but love a Stearman! Will be following.
  5. Excellent choice - might be my favourite Star Wars vehicle - looking forward to your build.
  6. Yes, bright-side, the paint is looking real good.
  7. Did the true Sky (Sky Type S)band and propeller hub. Masked off the Curtiss grey lower colour and landing gear bay for the black. I was going to wait for my BoB colour for the actual BS Black but instead thought I’d compare how the NATO black looks and if I don’t like it just highlight the panels. Normally for this scheme the end of the black varies but on my decal sheet and some other sources it states to go centreline. So I did some creative thinking and imagine it looks best likes this. The landing gear wheel bays with the canvas will be painted appropriately but I’m debating between aluminum or Zinc Chromate Yellow for the area that isn’t covered with canvas. I know the actual legs are aluminum but I believe the bay itself should be YZC.
  8. If you are ever confused, early or late, buy this release: https://www.eduard.com/eduard/spitfire-mk-ixc-early-version-(reedition)-1-48.html?cur=2 It has both wings, both intakes, both fins.
  9. If you haven't worked with Vallejo Model air before, here's the formula I use: - 2 drops of Vallejo flow improver (71.262) - 5 drops of Vallejo thinner (71.261) - 10 drops of Vallejo model air paint. Mix in the cup and you're set. Always works, with every colour of Model Air (didn't test the metal colours so not sure about that). If I need to spray a lot I'll simply copy and past the formula into the cup, leaving out the flow improver: 2 drops flow improver, 5 drops thinner, 10 drops paint, 5 drops thinner, 10 drops paint, 5 drops thinner, 10 drops paint, et cetera.
  10. The paint work is looking very good. Shame about the useless masks.
  11. Looks like a popular kit, and a popular movie choice with all of the Star Wars films to choose from. Looking forward to seeing what you can come do with this. Dennis
  12. I am wanting to identify a code/serial match for one of the Spitfire XIX's used in the Battle of Britain Movie. I have a range of codes and serials used for each, but no match of which code was used for which serial. The one photo I have found of a Mk XIX annoyingly (or typically!) has the elevator obscuring the serial Can anyone help please? Thanks PR
  13. Well, since kismet is involved, that will be my first attempt at solving the flow problem!
  14. I'm starting with my Snowspeeder kit as well, so please don't show me up @Valkyrie by making yours really really good OK . This will be a first for me technically, as I've only ever weathered a kit once before. I built Anakins Pod Racer back when TPM came out, and when I say I weathered it I basically dry brushed on some silver paint to look like scratches on some of the engine parts. I'm just gonna do this OOB on its stand with weathering. Not going to attempt a diorama just yet, but I'm contemplating trying to put some laser blast damage somewhere...
  15. Ah! So that's why I never got started on my Monogram B-17 uber project! I must have known! Nice one HK, and an early G model too....just what I wanted. Just hope it doesn't replicate that annoying cross section at the windscreen like the 32nd kit. Good news though, and waaaaaaaaaay overdue! Should sell by the B-17 bombload......wait!......that's not actually a lot is it? Steve
  16. Because it is NOT the original Lady Peace, which was lost. Dick Merrill originally flew the original Lady Peace, hence the scheme was changed to suit him.
  17. Nice choice, i do like the swing wing version myself. Have to wonder if the stubby wings would work though ? Dennis
  18. this is the VERY old LS kit built straight out of the box..turned out to be a great kit to build very simple but lovely surface detail. 70383229_1066464460215592_4097222753969504256_o (1) by paul sabin, on Flickr 70415481_1066464523548919_5700116609104871424_o by paul sabin, on Flickr 70672482_1066464486882256_2522526286845313024_o by paul sabin, on Flickr 70847621_1066464583548913_4475047479355637760_o by paul sabin, on Flickr 71113580_1066464620215576_8190451351562485760_o by paul sabin, on Flickr the paint is Tamiya AS12 rattle can with a clear gloss coat over the top and the cowls are satin black props are alcad duralaluminum.
  19. There is a big quality gap between AMK and KINETIC. If AMK are soon to release an F104, I will definitely wait... to buy both lol. Especially if any comes out with Portuguese or Greek decals.
  20. That it is sir That it is. Though with a black and gold scheme it might look like a kool little pirate fighter. Im not familiar with the series myself, I've heard of it but never seen it. So this should be interesting. Dennis
  21. Figured out the flaps. Looks like the Lysander has slotted flaps since the flap hinge point is below the wings. This extract of a photo of the Hendon aircraft shows this fairly well. To show the flaps deployed, I drilled holes into the flap leading edge and wing trailing edge and will use 0.5mm brass rod to set the gap and angle. I positioned the pins at the hinge locations per the Wylam plan. This looks about right. I should use the 6 mil Al sheet to form the hinges, but I may also use 0.01in plastic sheet.
  22. This one should prove interesting, i like the caprica viper gives it a bit of a Macross flavor with the twin vertical’s. Dennis
  23. I’m sure it’s been mentioned before, but that’s looking egg-cellent.. well done(which is how I like my steaks!). Cheers.. Dave
  24. Hello Rich welcome aboard, should be an interesting build. Choice of chests huh ? Id think that might go better with your helo-wash Hind build ? Watched the entire series both original and remake, much prefer the Mk.II’s over the Mk.VII’s but each to his own. Dennis
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