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  2. Admiral Puff

    DC 3 / C47 - Best Kit 1/72

    Most post-war "DC-3s" (actually converted C-47s or other military variants) had the forged u/c legs, having been made with them; in Australia, at least, all pre-war DC-3s (the four ANA aircraft) were converted to the forged type during their war service and not converted back. I'd imagine that this would have happened elsewhere as well. Apart from being stronger, the forged components were easier to get, and so the question of spares was easier to address.
  3. Thank you Ced! The German course is in its last level and semester. I managed to pass in the C1 level exam in February and am now in the C2 level. The last exam is in late June. It doesn't get any easier and we're now using the language at a very sophisticated level. Cheers Jaime
  4. Rabbit Leader

    1/72 Model Alliance Canberra #72144 - RNZAF decal query?

    That's more than fine John, with all the Canberra information you've happily provided over the years, you more than deserve a second pint! Cheers and thanks for all your help (and latest pic) on this topic.. Dave
  5. ReccePhreak

    Any unslatted Greek or Turkish F-4Es?

    Thanks for that info and GREAT picture. I guess I can sell my Israeli Ophir LOROP pod, and stick with building a "stock" Turkish RF-4E. Larry
  6. NeoGothicToaster

    Some help and advice please

    Any luck with that yet Kev?
  7. ajd3530

    P-38 Lightning - 1/48 Hobby Boss

    Not to butt in, but Gerinemo II was most definatly OD over neutral gray.
  8. Panther II

    A Kit you built as a kid GB

    Well, My 1st kit. Can't remember the kit or manufacturer but I remember it was a jet, maybe U.S. navy with airbrakes. Bought it from salvation army 5 or 6 years ago.
  9. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    A Kit you built as a kid GB

    Well this is the original boxing with the VMFP-3 Decals. So i will need to find one in very good condition. Otherwise i have the Hasegawa kit as a backup. Its just that Gold colored Bear that i remember so much. https://www.airliners.net/photo/USA-Marines/McDonnell-RF-4B-Phantom-II/1329601 Its just been a plane I've wanted to redo since 1985. Dennis
  10. Ed Russell

    Vildebeest bombs again

    I suppose the question is what colour does Night appear on ortho film and do Sky, Sky Grey, light grey, dark grey, Aluminium, Azure or any blue look the same. I don't think anyone would argue for red or yellow undersides.
  11. Basuroy

    Eduard - leaflet for distributors

    Is that an optical illusion or does the wing spreads out like a dog's ear ? It looks like someone swapped the left and right wing and also flipped them while assembling the kit.
  12. Valkyrie

    A Kit you built as a kid GB

    What if we did a Britain’s got talent Amnesty stash swap? I was thinking I remember every kit I made as a kid but I can remember one kit I didn’t make as a kid that was a Fw190 matchbox. I can remember the actual date I first saw it 26th January 1991 in a John Menzies shop after my first football match. There must be a few people out there who have this kit and will never build? Just an idea....
  13. Col.


    While there's a couple F-4 Phantoms and a Cessna O-1 Bird-dog in the stash that would do the job for this one I'm thinking to search out a something from the North side such as a MiG-17 or -21, An-2 or, if I can find out how it looked, the T-28
  14. JosephLalor

    A Kit you built as a kid GB

    Kingkit have one copy of F209F in stock currently, price £6.99.
  15. moviedrone


    Revell 1/72 AH-1G. Not sure how good it is but it was on sale.
  16. Rob G

    2020 Groupbuild programme

    I have a few GBs in mind but I'm loathe to suggest them because frankly, I'm a terrible GB host. If anyone(s) would be willing to host my suggestions, I'd be happy to post them. Or if anyone wants to suggest and host them, PM me and we can chat.
  17. busnproplinerfan

    FOUR What it’s Worth

    add whiskey so it
  18. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Fouga Magister CM.175 Zéphyr 1/72 Special Hobby kit

    I always loved the look of these. Shes really looking good Ettore.
  19. I do love the way you are so clinical Manfred. I saw something that said "about the consistency of chicken noodle soup" once and this probably explains why any airbrushing I have done has been so hit and miss. Thanks for showing that there are more rigorous ways to do things...
  20. Crayons

    RMS Carpathia, Scratchbuild, 1/500 Scale

    Secret is to eat the paper too, the fibre helps move things along and the waxy texture ensures no hang ups. Nice work on the ventilators.
  21. I bow down to your superior intel. You are correct. I didn't do a complete read of all the pages, just a quick scan and a look at photo captions. I know! Sloppy research on my part. Thank you for providing the information. Still, Revell got the look totally wrong. The outlet end of the sax should be curved, not the straight slot, slab-sided thing Revell provides. Picture is from Halifax At War, by Brian J. Napier. Published by Ian Allen. Chris
  22. Corsairfoxfouruncle


    I think the Fairchild was a license built copy of the Pilatus ? If so couldn't you just use the Fairchild kit to build the Pilatus.
  23. Abandoned Project

    What-if Airlines

    I am currently playing with paint over in the What-if section here and wondered what would I have to do to make it look plausible?
  24. grubber

    1:32 instrument decals

    Hi Ian Try Pattos Pllace. He has decals galore 1/24 & 1/32 listed under decals D for dashboards
  25. There may be a glitch in the matrix. I'm doing this from a mining camp with brutally and painfully sloooooooooooooooow internet
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