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  2. Re the MX5 RF, there's one in Chelmsford, but, is it just my bias, or is it styled just a teenzy bit like a Mk2 MR2!
  3. Whofan

    Airfix 2020

    Certainly not in the WH Smith in Birmingham. I think the middle one business has long gone from all of them.
  4. Beautiful model in the final photos! After seeing how nice your's came out, this model is definitely on my "to do" list.
  5. Something I've always perceived as a distinctive feature in the stance of the Sled that I'm just starting to realise about is this strange kink on the forward fuselage in the nose: Almost unnoticeable at the height of the windshield (especially, if you look at the contour of the fuselage underneath this area), but it is there. Every piccy of that area reveals this downward kink in the forward fuselage. It's there all over again. Can you see it? This is a key feature in the look of the Habu. Then, there's another issue with regard to the kit's windshield; the surface of the glass panels are convex, when they're completely flat on the real thing! More piccies to come. Cheers, Unc2
  6. Any road. Before the plan let’s finish the post shall we. Thanks for the lovely comments and for being patient. After that it was time for the dull coat. and some nice natural light. shes looking just how I want now. apart from those gun covers. The UC covers got some love while the varnish dried. And the pins. The little target thing needed it’s mail taken off. ppppuuuuuuullllllllllll. Pop! nice! The prop got a top coat in natural light. And some metal madness. I did this boy with Tamiya weather powders. By this time the top was dry so I did the other. (What’s this @CedB) A dead on of........... sorry. Any way she Is making me happy at every step now. The hubs got added to the tyres. The canopy got rubbed down. Then masks removed. phew!! The rest of the masking slowly came away revealing that I hadn’t borked anything while painting the big bits. Some of the panel cover hoops I added came off but I fixed them with some rocket glue. The UC got assembled. and weathered tyres using Tamiya weathering pigments. Im really happy with that. The little fella got some love as well. Excited as I was I tried to get her up on her pins. Try as I might they wouldn’t stay put, so I checked Gerry’s book and guess what I saw?? Can you guess? Yes that’s right. bugger!!!! Missed a bit. That explains a lot. I’ll need to clean those and send em through the wringer. the light I lost I tried to re make. too big. So I used some of that crystal klear stuff. fingers crossed for that one. I scratched a rear view and took this blurry photo. Then glued the exhausts in place. At long last.... And that as they say is that. I said it was a big update. Thanks you all so much for all your comments and help on this. She’s really getting there now. Hopefully this weekend? I have two RFI’s to do too. The little Tank and the Torino. So looks like I’m in for a mammoth photo sesh. So until then. Take care and as always, Happy Modelling kids. Johnny.
  7. Humus camouflage on a shag pile rug. Quite splendid and to intergalactic standards!
  8. I built it as a Lightning T66, finishing earlier this month. RAF big-belly trainer. 5 Squadron Arctic camo on Port side. 11 Squdron Desert camo on Stbd.
  9. Sunday, just turning down into Goldhanger, dark and light blue (more blue grey) Wolseley 1500 or Riley 1.5 (no time to see badge, although I'd be tempted to say Wolseley, not sure they would market the Riley in that combination). Looked really neat and tidy. Reminded me of my younger days when my pal's parents in Kirkcaldy had a 1.5; we got the job of giving it its Ne'er Day wash and brush up - got rid of the hangovers. Also my pal had the honour (!?!) of being one of the first people to hit the Forth Road Bridge on a very icy morning while driving it to Edinburgh - dates it for you!!
  10. (UK & EU) Hi Guys, we are this week receiving an initial selection of scifi kits from the great Masterpiece Models, we have a limited number of each of these amazing kits available so please order quickly if you want any, you can order via our website or via comment / pm. https://abovebeyondretail.co.uk/masterpiece-models/ 1/6th scale The Time Machine Kit - £219.95 MMBL001 - Blakes 7 Chase Craft - £59.95 MMBL002 - Blakes 7 The Liberator Kit - £149.95 MMBL004 - Blake’s 7 Pursuit Ship - £59.95 MMBL005 - Blakes 7 Scorpio Kit - £109.95 MMCE001 - 1/35 Lima Type 604 Construction Shovel Kit - £189.95 MMNA001 - The Nautilus 16***8243; 20K Submarine - £119.95 MMNK0001 - 1/93 SEALAB III limited edition resin assembly kit - £149.95
  11. Looking at the shape of this aeroplane I am surprised that it flew at all! The model is looking very good - should look better with markings. P
  12. Hi Dave, Apparently MPM include resin and PE in their "Hi Tech" kits but none in this thank goodness. At leasts Xtrakit have the key for the various actions, including one that says "Scratch Build"!. No prize for that. Let's just say it is to do with planes and leave it a while to see if anybody else guesses. I saw the thing it fits into in the Midland Air Museum a few years back if that helps anybody.
  13. Hi guys, When the time came to start installing the windshield, a dry fit showed that the fuselage was larger that the windshield by 1 mm approximately so it would have been quite obvious in the end. My first move was to place two thin lengths of stretched sprue on the side of the cockpit opening, on which the inner side of the windshield will rest, giving it an acceptable width. It worked perfectly well but… it was now too low by a bit less than 1mm. Again, quite visible. Hence the added stops were remove, strips of plasticard were glued on the sides of the cockpit and lateral stops added again. A final dry fit showed an acceptable fit. It was then possible to carefully glue the windshield with some PVA glue. I kept it (delicately) finger-pressed in position (one didn’t want to brake it, did we?) for some long minutes. Any gap around the windshield was filled with Perfect putty. Cheers, Antoine Antoine
  14. Thanks mate. I'll look them up. Thanks Giorgio. I'll start seeking out a Sword and see how far I get. I have ppppplllleeeeenntttyyy of time Martin
  15. That's a real beauty! One small question, if I may. The prop spinners look to be painted with a glossy/semi-glossy paint. Why is that? Shouldn't they be the same paint as the rest of the undersides? Chris
  16. In the end, it was losses by Airfix's Meccano division that was the trigger for the 1980 collapse. By then, Airfix was a major toy manufacturer, not just a kit manufacturer and they were not able to effectively control their costs.
  17. Absolutely. Airfix has run full page adverts in the likes of the BBC History Magazine and even the Radio Times at various times. They aim themselves as much at the casual buyer as the likes of us, hence I have seen their starter sets in Waterstones and Tesco among others. Why else do they produce starter sets and gift sets?
  18. fatalbert

    Post war Blenheim

    After watching shelliecools lovely Blenheim build,its got me thinking about building one myself,I have an interest in wartime aircraft used in the post war period and i was wondering if anyone used the Blenheim postwar.i think the Fins did but not 100%. Any info greatly appreciated Neil
  19. F-16XL-1, 75-0749, operated by the F-16XL Combined Test Force, 6510th Test Wing, Air Force Flight Test Center at Edwards AFB. Images are from two separate missions flown on 12 October 1982. Even with the CBU-58s carried in tandem, the drag penalty was terrible. Sorry about the watermarks, but some of my images have been appropriated on other sites. Thanks for looking, Sven
  20. And the wings assembled. Did require a little brutality, but then the joint turned out good.
  21. If it's a Vc you want, then there's little option in 1/72: Sword is maybe better shapewise but it's been OOP for a few years, so finding one may not be easy. It was also a short-run kit, although a very good one. The KP kit is currently in production and quite easily available. IIRC it suffers from a couple accuracy issues, but if this is not a deal-breaker than it's the easiest option. If you want to do some crosskitting, then ideally the best result would come from a conversion of the Eduard Mk.IXc kit, replacing the whole engine section and then modifying the radiator arrangement.. plus a new propeller. Starting from a Vb is of course possible but the problem is that most of these offer the early externally armoured windscreen only, while all Vc had the internally armoured type. The two are not interchangeable as the metal was different in shape where the windscreen meets the fuselage.
  22. Ratch

    Airfix 2020

    This is a fantasy thread - nothing is on track
  23. Hence Airfix has reboxed a fair number of 1/35 armour kits from Academy this year. I'm guessing this gives them a way to gauge demand without investing a huge amount in new tooling. They would really need to up their game to compete in the 1/350 or 1/700 warship market. Airfix mould quality is not anywhere near that being achieved by companies like Flyhawk, for example. Flyhawk's 1/700 scale ships are exquisite and they are going to be expanding their range to 1/350.
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