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  2. Pegasus Hobbies Fw 190A-3. I had bought this kit with all the pieces out of their sprues (but with all the pieces being present) and without the original decals (it came with two sets of badly stored ones). I used Eaglecals decals for the Fw 190A-2/A-3 in 1:48 to represent a plane used by Schlg 1 in the Eastern Front. You can look this plane up on Google as "Fw 190A-3 jagdbomber a." I used a Hasegawa 190 bomb rack, and a Bf 109 bomb.
  3. I must have a half dozen different scribes, and each has its own idea of what a straight line is.
  4. https://www-bbc-co-uk.cdn.ampproject.org/v/s/www.bbc.co.uk/news/amp/uk-england-lincolnshire-48326572?amp_js_v=a2&amp_gsa=1#referrer=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.google.com&amp_tf=From%20%251%24s Not sure where to put the link but I have just read about a model railway exhibition that has been completely destroyed by somebody/persons. I'm sure that it will chime with all of us who attend displays or model shows. I believe a whole load of money has been raised from all over and whilst the lost of years of work will be upsetting at least the club can take solist in the heart felt support from others
  5. Always check the electrical/plumbing supply sections of your local building/automotive supply stores. I had the benefit of working in an oilsand extraction plant for 35 years and always having access to the electrical/instrumentation shop. Lots of good small stuff in there. It also helps when the various tradesmen would carelessly leave things lying around and not return them to the shop. As a plant operator, it was my job to look after my assigned area and keep an eye on all work being done. I've also taken old electronics ( VCR, Walkmans, etc ) apart and harvested anything that looked of possible use. My youngest daughter works as a cosmetician in the boutique section of a local national chain drugstore. I can get a lot of useful items there at her employee discount price. Always look at everything as a possible source of supply. Chris
  6. You had me at the cockpit: I just want to go for an intercontinental ride on one of these things now.
  7. There is the Welsh Models multi media 727-100 available in Lufthansa and TWA markings
  8. Depends on the country though. For the British here, the Spit might be the most iconic, for an American, it might be the P-51, and for the Germans, the Bf 109 or Me 262.
  9. Remember seeing the Hannover St B-25s at Blackbushe prior to filming, and one at DX afterwards. Rattly, smoky things.
  10. The Hobbycraft kit was also released by Kitech. It has its issues, the biggest if the wing diheral, but it looks like a 'Bou and is the only kit around. I will eventually build mine as a RAAF aircraft.
  11. I was struck by the underside shot: very tidy result and unexpected too!
  12. I only just made the deadline - with 5 mins to go! I have a KT in the stash - originally intended for this GB. I keep seeing other people's KTs here and think I should have stuck with mine as I've never built one before. Oh well. Rearguards, Badder
  13. ....or @Tony C, a pit yakker, sand dancer, mackem, smoggie.......
  14. And I thought it was only me that had an errant scriber that had mind of its own.
  15. I paid Flickr for the Pro move-up. It cost about $48.00 CDN per year. That's just less than the cost of a McDonalds medium coffee once a week. That seemed fairly cheap to me and I'm on a fixed income retirement plan. It's easy to use and there are no water marks to ruin the image. Chris
  16. Might be starting this in the near future. Took me a while to get hold of one at a good price, but a few months ago I finally got one. I also have the extra parts set that includes the parts for tanker and photo reconnaissance Valiants, but I'm not sure if I'm going to use it yet. I haven't decided which scheme she'll be painted in either yet. I know I don't want to do the photo reconnaissance scheme (silver and red) and I'm not keen on the all silver second prototype. So basically it's between the tanker in anti-flash white, two bomber schemes in anti-flash white, and the camo scheme depicting a bomber shortly before the Valiants were grounded. I'll also be looking to pick up a micro mir 1/144 one at some point as 1/144 will be round 2 of my v bomber project (the Victor will be micro Mir's new Victor b1, and I'm hoping they will do a vulcan b1 soon). If anyone's got any Valiants they've built, please post pictures (or a link) here
  17. Hello everybody, here for comparison a small photomontage of the new SOFI Pattern structure in the original image of the ET-8 during the Roll-out, which shows that it looks not so bad, right? Source: forum.nasaspaceflight.com (Jester)
  18. Was there last time on easter at good Friday this year on a very early pre summer day (roundabout 19°C ) at dusk till night. A moonlit night then there and I was quite amazed on that lake: dark, quiet and peaceful, but always slightly rushing sounds of water showing its power. So a bit strange or odd, I imaginated this operation there 75 years and 11 month ago moonlighted as then. Cheers
  19. Lot done over today, interior in, transparencies added, closed up, wings, tailplanes and cowling ring all added. Most we're pretty quick but the wings needed a bit of trimming of the tabs/slots to fit. The fuselage fit wasn't brilliant; for Hasegawa at least, a mere trifle compared to the short run kits I've been doing recently. Some filler and sanding was needed and I'll have to review the wing joint once everything has hardened up. Mind you goodness knows where I'd have been on the turret without the Eduard masking set.
  20. Sounds like my wife. Or the other one, "No one will notice"
  21. Oh well - not to worry - it's only a toy tank
  22. 825

    Vultee Vengeance TTIV

    Thanks Col, hopefully on the home straight now, but there will be a short break as we're away over the coming week or so. Mind you, the painting is finished and the Sky band (which looks really incongruous) has been masked and painted.
  23. Thanks Dave and Alan for your nice comments. I was surprised myself - how good that I asked the Lady in the supermarket.
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