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  2. A hefty bit of work was accomplished. Sides took a lot of time to complete. I tried to paint everything as separate as possible (for example black colored boxes, black handle knobs), while some parts required manual brush of a micro-size (silver piping in general). I also drilled the lightening holes on both sides, I don't understand why Tamiya did half-a$$ed job here. The entire part was a piece of work by itself with all the details needed to be painted and lots of PE parts installed. The result is quite satisfying, imo. On radio controls I used AK-interactive pencils, I couldn't trust myself a brush for such fine details. Maybe next time though... This little panel took me about 12 work hours (if you combine productive time only from start to finish of several days). A lot of meticulous details were involved, my eyes didn't like it Next step will be glass dials and light washing in order to give it a volume. Once again, sorry for colors, I'm working on improvement.
  3. Personally Ive always had an interest in these. Yes pretty useless militarily unless operating in the perfect climate and location. However that being said I would love to go for a ride in one if these, specifically in the upper gunners position at the forward missile location. The view alone at that speed and angle would be incredibly fun.
  4. fantastic work, amazing, my favorite Sea King in the lovely Norwegian SAR colours well done cheers
  5. thanks for the missile info, interesting stuff.
  6. turns out was cheap because......it was half built. No problem, plenty of spare parts now........
  7. For what full-on flying rebuild? To carry tourists and shoot anti-ship missiles from it as touristic attraction? Of course museum restoration for static show. B.R. Serge P.S. In general I don't understand value ekranoplan as a weapon system. Yes, speed, yes load higher than ship (speed) or aircraft (load) but the inability to operate them in a serious storm negates all the benefits. For what theater of military operations was this planned if storms in the Atlantic and Pacific Ocean would not allow it to operate there! For the Baltic and the Caspian Sea? For them, it is redundant. Application in the Northern Fleet is also questionable, because for takeoff and landing it needs water and not ice. Beauty, a well-solved engineering problem, but in practice a useless thing, as for my.
  8. Impressive detail Sam, if I did not have so many kits I might try something like this on one of my 1/144 builds as well. I can only wish so I will continue to follow you build and lovely scratch building
  9. As a longtime fan of the Grumman Avenger, I love it! Like @stevehnz, my preferred scale is 1/72, but I appreciate Avengers in any scale - particularly when they are as superb as yours.
  10. They don't look as jarring as I thought they might! Is there a story behind these aircraft or are they just "what-ifs" so-to-speak?
  11. That's fantastic! Inspires me to have a go at the 1/72 Hasegawa kit I have in my stash - if it turned out half as good as your Academy build I'd be doing well. Your weathering and shading looks spot on for carrier-borne warrior in my view.
  12. Just adding some more finished figures,I'm really taking my time with these figures because they are packed with so much detail,Not like painting a row of Napoleonics you do all the blue then the red and finish off with the white detail,these figures I am trying to do all individual,with something a little different. Jim.
  13. Very clean and nicely done. I like the chipping in wing roots, look very convincing. How did you achieve it?
  14. Stunning work! At first I thought I looked at real airplane!
  15. Exceptional work! Looks like a real thing!
  16. That's a beauty! I think the previous owner (perhaps looking on from above?) would be well pleased with how it turned out. I think you nailed the battle-weary look of a mid-to-late-war P-51 nicely!
  17. great work! I added one to the stash a short while ago. Any areas to watch out for during assembly?
  18. Hey Laurie, I think your Viscount is a real triumph! Anyone who can get that kind of result from a Mach2 kit is definitely a modeller of determination and skill, in my estimation. As I may have said on this forum before, I was glad to build Revell's DC-4 (released a few years back) rather than do battle with the Mach2 kit. Anyway, you are to be congratulated for your Viscount.
  19. Those seats look the bee's knees! Or whatever approximates bee's knees on Mars.
  20. Today
  21. Hi Tiger331, hope this works, here is the pic of me sitting in Flt Lt Rocky Goodall's Harrier GR1 as a kid of about 14 at an RAF Wildenrath Germany sort of family day thing, early to mid 70's. Dad was in the RAF then too and served at Wildenrath, though we lived off camp at Geilenkirchen, so a bit of travel for him and me and sisters to the BFPO school Kent at Hostert, lived there three years, fun times. Unfortunately my original pic got ruined over the years somehow, only found it again after Dad passed away, last year a lady friend tried to restore as best she could on Photoshop she is still learning, not a bad recovery, very happy with it. Goes without saying have a passion for all things Harrier here, will be buying at least two of these kits... fantastic news.
  22. I have certainly given eBay a flogging lately! I'm hoping for some kind of loyalty bonus this month!
  23. Yes we do get a bit of dust. In my case it is the fact that I have to share my paint garage with 30 farm cats. The amount of floating hair is amazing. Also 8n the last few days we appear to have attracted some more covid dust. Today we are back too lock down 3 in Auckland and 2 in the rest of the country. We don't muck around with this thing.
  24. Ah roger that, requesting clearance to land on runway...well any runway you got. I just need to stick the propeller on and take some pics. Even I can get that done in four days!
  25. I try to maintain some modicum of self control, but I feel like a door was just left open...
  26. That's looking great Torbjorn, glad to see it in camo. I've a quite a time finding a Dark Earth that I like, but have settled on Colourcoats now.
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