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  2. I scoured the internet but never found a single photo of 119 sporting the Green Dragon nose art. Does anybody have it? Cheers, Quang
  3. stephen8718

    Hasegawa Jaguar GR1A, 1/72

    really nice job done on the Jag. looks great
  4. I had no idea that the P63 had continued in service after the war let alone in French service. It's a very pleasing model. I always think the addition of French roundels add a certain 'Je ne sais quoi' to any aircraft.
  5. Chuck1945

    Question about US green seat harnesses

    Take a look here https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/hyperscale/ww2-us-seat-belt-colour-t501456.html
  6. lovely just lovely no other words to describe
  7. wow that is a stunner. beautifully done and excellent weathering
  8. Very nice! I like the oxidised metal effect you have achieved. Cheers Malcolm
  9. I need a spong to mop up the drool....... ;). As @Wez said, this can't come too soon. For me the two French variants are what I want :). May, they said, right? That is THIS year, isn't it? Martin
  10. Thanks guys. Yes I've heard of that before, it's like the Motocross beach races in Holland.
  11. That's possibly the best model I've seen on this site for years. Beautiful subject finished to superlative standard. Alan
  12. Mick4350

    FOUR What it’s Worth

    Australia closed for holiday
  13. Martian Hale

    La Fauvette Steam Yacht

    Thanks Kev, the benches will be getting a complete repaint. Martian
  14. 72modeler

    My Korean War models

    Your serve, I believe, Stuart- show him yours! Hee, hee! mike
  15. longshanks

    1/144 Revell Type VII C/41

    I'm in couldn't agree more with the honourable gentleman and I don't do subs. No pressure Rob, this is going to be good and don't worry I wont let you forget about the B Kev
  16. Jonners, That is without a doubt the best Kingcobra build I have seen in any scale! I loved the choice of markings, too- no disrespect, but I'm tired of seeing Soviet and plain Jane USAAF choices. Your bare metal and exhaust streaking are dead-on and VERY realistic. I can only hope to do my 1/72 kit half as good- I might even change my scheme from an overall orange RP-63 Pinball to a French machine. Well done! (A very capable aircraft, but by the time the engine/supercharger issues were tackled, it was not enough of an improvement to justify production when the P-38, P-47, and P-51 were doing the job. One can only wonder how things would have been different in the Pacific if the P-63 had been available instead of the low-altitude only P-39.) Ex-astronaut Frank Bormann owns and flies a beautifully restored P-63A and he has commented on what a great flying machine it is. Mike
  17. jeaton01

    Fokker F-10A, Scratch, 1/48

    Superb! That burnished metal looks really good.
  18. Brian

    FOUR What it’s Worth

    distressing physiological experience, also
  19. malpaso

    Sotar 2020 bubbling in cup; even after cleaning

    Have you got the aircap nipped up tight? That's always what I need to do if everything's clean and I still get bubbling. Just a tweak; sometimes it doesn't seem as if I've actually tightened it any more, but the bubbling stops.
  20. You had to go and say it Col, you just had to go and say it!!!! Just when you think you're there, the flick up fairies descend on you like a ton of feathers!!!! @Biggles87 John, did your wings set come with any instructions as mine didn't? If not it's time to break out the brown crayons and we'll write our own instruction sheet. As we saw before, the undercarriage legs got added, we did a bit of stickering and all good so far. We even had the temerity to attach the wheels to the undercarriage legs. We didn't have a tail-sitter so we're winning at life - or so I thought! The next part of my build involved adding the undercarriage doors. Now the kit main doors are a smidge too wide for the Red Roo hole, so they both got a tiny tiny trim to make them fit. No alarm bells ringing yet, this is proper modelling eh?! Turned the Sabre right ways up and we've got a tail-sitter. Now two tiny doors on the same plane as the MLG legs can't turn this into a tail sitter can it; cue much head-scratching. I get my nose down and dirty onto the workbench and I see the Sabre isn't resting on 3 wheels but on the nose wheel and the points of the doors. Like Mr Morcombe's erstwile sidekick, our legs are too short (don't know about hairy though)! Now with hindsight it should have been pretty obvious that the Red Roo wheel wells were deeper at the MLG attachment points than the kit parts but spotting that the first time round was way above my pay-grade. Here's the kit parts: and here's the Red Roo well............. My measuring stick told me that the kit attachment sat .75mm below the level of the wing and that the same point on the Red Roo one was at the heady depths of 3.5mm down. Therefore I deduce that the MLG legs need to be lengthened by 2.75mm. I have used Albion Alloys concentric tubes and rods for these. Not sure of the sizes but the outer looks right and the inner tube and the cental rod all fight tightly together. I removed the attachment from the top of the MLG leg with my trusy razor saw, then drilled through it to take the rod. I then drilled out the main leg and stuck a length of rod in it with CA. The 2.75mm plug of the two outer tubes were cut by rolling them with a Stanley knife on the cutting mat and they were then CA'd to the rod. The attachment lug was also re-attached and the rod trimmed up nicely. So we went from the one on the left (yes I deliberately snapped the wheel off that one rather than gently prising it off like the other one as I love more brass rod reinforcing work, grrrrrrrrrr!!!!).... to the one on the right.......... Have done both now, plus added a brass axle for the weel on the second leg. Ok will re-paint these later and see how things stand when they're re-attached. Blimey O'Reilly what a palava! Gotta love aftermarket with no instructions! All the best and catch up soon. Chris
  21. Nice result on the HP Victor, I done the Airfix Valiant, and used aftermarket intakes, but in the end although it solved some of the problem it also created another problem, and a lot of sanding was required to get everything smooth to the wing section, I used Tamiya white, polished with fine polishing cloths then airbrushed over using Tamiya white gloss to give an overall smooth look
  22. 28ZComeback

    Sotar 2020 bubbling in cup; even after cleaning

    Gents I think I solved it. I bathed the whole works in lacquer thinner and after a few sputters saw a spray pattern. Thank you again,
  23. Nocoolname

    What new stuff have you bought/been gifted? Part II

    For me the only way to go is the full shebang - kit, PE, Brassin, the lot!
  24. longshanks

    La Fauvette Steam Yacht

    Really starting to look the part now I agree with you the benches need toning down a bit Keep up the good work . . . . Kev
  25. My thought too so I quickly threw this together... This is an Tiger I BTW as I didn't have any suitable Tiger II images at hand, the suspension is pretty much the same through.
  26. Looks very nice so far and also it looks like i need a Blenheim.
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