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  2. Possibly the finest fitting kit on the market and an absolute joy to build. Straight from the box other than eduard prepainted cockpit.. BTW the nose probe is not fitted as it just fits in the display cabinet without it!
  3. Excellent and an outstanding way to celebrate Easter!!!!!!
  4. Work In Progress

    78th fs p47d eileen

    For me the evidence for Sky is very convincing, which is a shame because I think it would look better in MAP Dark Green over Medium Sea Grey, and I might do mine that way when the time comes even though I think it's likely to be incorrect.
  5. Vince1159

    Classic Clips from tv and film.

    Lee Van Cleef and Chuck Conners (even the bartender looks nervous)....
  6. A.C.Acikgoz

    Any unslatted Greek or Turkish F-4Es?

    nope… here is 69-7473 , an ISIK (ETM) upgraded ex german AC with LOROP pod
  7. Work In Progress

    Douglas Bader’s Spitfire Va, serial W3185

    W3185 was definitely a Va rather than a II, and I don't believe there is any controversy about it being the aircraft in which Bader was downed over France (althought there is of course considerabel controversy about what downed him). I find it very hard to believe that an airframe supplied new with a Merlin 45 could ever have had the D shaped oil cooler. I would definitely fit the circular type. You can see the prop for yourself here: See also earlier thread here:
  8. Greg Law

    Me 262

    You are right with that. I was also reading yesterday that the Ar 234 was the same.
  9. modelling minion

    Curtiss A-12 Shrike, China, 1937-38

    Another great result Russ. An unusual looking aircraft and a great build.
  10. An impressive display of application of paint along with the informative tutorial. I am in awe of the result!!!!!!
  11. keith in the uk

    1/48 Airfix Hurricane Mk I

    Yes I know what you mean about failing eye sight Ian , lovey Spitfire by the way mate.
  12. MarkSH

    SR-71 Blackbird

    Yep! its a big model alright, good work on the rescribing it really is a pain in the proverbials.
  13. Dave Fleming

    Islanders based at Northolt

    No, the Shadow’s role is believed to be similar to the overland surveillance, command and control role the Nimrod did on operations. (They are now operated by 14 Squadron). The Northolt Station Flight Aircraft were always domestic rolled (and probably only nominally RAF, lots of evidence they were operated for MI5/GCHQ)
  14. Mr T

    More Seafire/Spitfire Questions

    Re the filters. I do not think MarkVs were fitted with the AeroVee filter fitted to the VIII, IX and XVI. However, the Seafire III seems to have done. From mid 1944 the MarkV was being phased out of first line service in the UK and Burma and in the Middle East, Italy and the Balkans, Axis fighter numbers were in decline, so may have been less perceived need to replace the bulky Vokes filters
  15. Onezonedrone

    Academy 1:350 Warspite

    Some weathering added to the grey part only so far. Now waiting for PE parts to arrive to continue
  16. Sky Keg

    Tornado ECR

    You`ve done “The Fin” proud!!!!! Well done!!!!!
  17. Started the academy Warspite kit in 1:350. After glueing and filling the hull I sprayed with black Mr hobby 1500 primer. Once dry masked off lines and resprayed more primer to represent hull plating. The result is something I can use as a guide mask off hull plates. I'm very pleased with how well this worked. I used tamyia 0.4mm masking tape along the panel lines and then toned down the panel effect along with some streaks added. Used the same 0.4 mm tape to do the same with the above the waterline. Result so far
  18. Dansk

    A Kit you built as a kid GB

    Awesome. I remember building both the shuttle and the f-19
  19. neil5208

    SR-71 Blackbird

    A bit more scribing done but still 60% to go, pilots now in place and dry fitted cockpit and fuselage sections together. Some minor spots that will need work when finally assembled but otherwise looks good. Once the canopies are in place not much will be seen of the pilots but should look good, IMGA0780 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0781 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0778 by neil Connor, on Flickr IMGA0779 by neil Connor, on Flickr Just to remind everyone how big this is for 1/72 it on an A3 cutting mat.
  20. exdraken

    Tornado ECR

    Fantastic work! Did you do the decals yourself?
  21. SouthViper

    F-16 XL-2, Belly

    Hi Searching for the F-16XL Ship 2 belly fuselage details I ask IF XL-2 fuselage belly had the "coke shape" like F-106, F-105 had ? I can't remember where I saw a picture from bellow of the XL1 or 2 and it seems to me that it had the coke shape , and seeing pics of the new XL-2 from Kinetic it has an straight belly fuselage Thanks SouthViper
  22. Oh my goodness!!!!!! This is truly one impressive model. The Hustler is impressive enough but to turn this archaic molded kit into a museum piece is beyond imagination. You have mine and everyone`s deepest admiration for this incredible work of art.
  23. Very nice build! Great paint work
  24. Pete in Lincs

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    On the Northern outskirts of Lincoln late this afternoon 1966 Mustang fastback in black with gold stripes on top.
  25. Delicious catch-up Bill. Loving that Whirlwind of activity!
  26. Hi, everyone - I was sorting some of my stash and came across the Airfix 1/48 Spitfire allegedly flown by Bader, serial W3185. (SWMBO calls that ‘rearranging the pile), as I’m sure some of you will understand! The instructions call for fitting the ‘broad’ propeller, part 24, and the ‘Marks 1 / 2’ pattern oil cooler, parts 57 and 58. I thought Spitfires Mark V had a ‘round’ oil cooler, and this is supplied as parts 59 and 60. I’m rather confused by Airfix’s suggested combination of broad propeller, Mark 1 / 2 oil cooler and serial (an early Mark V?) Is Airfix right, and the propeller / oil cooler combination is correct, or should I use the narrow propeller (part 22) with the Mark 1 / 2 oil cooler, or ... what? Any (polite) suggestions or ideas gratefully received, with thanks, Jonny
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