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  2. Don't worry Amaury. I've heard many English murder our language far worse. Welcome aboard, and it's good to have another armrour modeller on here. John.
  3. Thanks guys. For £4 it may just end up as spares but I'm hoping revell will be able to help.
  4. Well done Tony - you've pulled ( ) marvellously.
  5. Bullbasket

    hawker hurricane

    Oh, now I see. It's one of those wingey flying things.
  6. This topic continues to make fascinating reading Neil. Great detailed descriptions. I just wish that SOMEBODY COULD PLEASE MAKE A 1:48 OR 1:32 HERON II!!
  7. Afternoon Paul. Thanks for clearing that up! I'd like to keep it to a varnish I'd apply by brush for now. I have an order coming from element games and thinking If I can see something on there I can add it to my delivery. As I am a cheapskate and don't want to pay two delivery chargess if I can avoid it lol. If I can nip your head a bit more... Would this be ok do you know? https://elementgames.co.uk/paints-hobby-and-scenery-by-manufacturer/the-army-painter/army-painter-warpaints/warpaint-anti-shine-matt-varnish Thanks again buddy. (I've seen Wonderland models come up in a few of my searches for other things I'm hunting for. Il keep it in mind thanks.) I have a Hobbycraft quite near me. That's an option.
  8. The dash 10 is the better option, the stretch counteracts the c/g problem and the need for MCAS. Can they stretch them (like the C-130 and C-141) after being built?
  9. drwho

    hawker hurricane

    thanks everybody
  10. Aardvark

    IL 28 Beagle

    After this photo my fantasy is broken! Because I don't understand for the plot of what movie could such a IL-28U be jolted with iron crosses and in this type of camouflage ??? B.w. forgotten IL-28U somewhere in Russia: B.R. Serge
  11. Thanks Pete. Not that I am aware although my third mother's sixth cousin by marriage was one of Ziggy Stardust's Spiders from Mars. Martian of the Confused Ancestry
  12. AdUdA

    I present my self

    THANKS TO YOU JohnT! Have a nice evening. Amaury
  13. I remember this passage from Hobbs so vividly. Truly another world.
  14. bzn20

    737 Max

    I wouldn't be surprised . I thought that could happen after a few weeks of reading the problems they faced and numbers of MAX 8s in the Boeing factory being stacked 'til further notice ,re training and possibly in a MAX 8 Sim and there is only one . How they were going to sort it all out ,if at all . Say they do fix it to FAA's regulations . How long and how many people would be needed to kick start the back log parked in the Boeing plant and all over the world including flight testing the lot . I suppose if not a 787 derivative ,convert to a MAX 9 or shorter than the 8 . I think that gets rid of MCAS . Might be a flood of MAX cancellations and orders for the Airbus 320 neo which kicked Boeing off down the MAX route in the first place
  15. I've just come across this. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CZGx55B9Gyk&feature=youtu.be John
  16. I couldn't agree more with you, Dennis!
  17. Announced today at the Air and Space Power Conference: 23 Squadron is to reform - with the UK’s military space assets rather than aeroplanes (i.e. Carbonite II, other satellites, etc). Which is an interesting one (not least since the available number plates for the 3rd F-35 squadron are reducing to the point where we might get one of 19, 20, 43, 74 or 111 back on the books) Rumours that the USAF is providing Capt B. Lightyear as the first American exchange officer are yet to be confirmed...
  18. And if you add in the compensation due to the other passengers for the disruption.......she aint going to be flush for quite a while !
  19. Sound advice taken onboard & many thanks to you. Best regards.
  20. Thanks for all the responses. I just wondered if I'm using parts of a kit to build something completely new, if there would be any issues with that and then selling the finished result, but it seems that will be okay.
  21. She should certainly be pursued for the compensation claims which people have put in for damage caused by the sonic boom...
  22. Well, the Hasegawa 1/72nd scale weapons packs fit very nicely.
  23. It sounds as if that bus took you on a long journey to a very beautiful destination Hang on... 1:32? That would make an interesting addition to a slot car track with a suitable motor
  24. JohnT

    I present my self

    Welcome abroad. Good to have you. You will find the guys and girls on here the friendliest and most helpful bunch on the internet so do not be afraid to ask questions of for help on anything.
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