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  2. This kit has been in many baskets but so far, no 'BUY' button has been pressed. She is looking great by the way. Stuart
  3. What about cutting the tape, then painting it before separating it from the backing or whatever? Just throwing that out there. It may not be feasible. I note more tools are in train anyway. Big Cat looking splendid. Those post-paint repairs are one of the reasons I find brush painting so much simpler than squirts things. I still don’t get on with my airbrush, and I really can’t get the knack of dual action finger twiddling. I’m seriously considering reverting to a single action model.
  4. Thank you all for participating in this Lancaster Family Type Group Build, in one way or another! Congratulations to those who managed to finish their builds and post them in the Gallery, likewise to all of you who found the inspiration to start building one but the time just wasn't on your side (I know I was darn too close to joining you!) and also to all of you who popped in to have a look at the many masterful builds going on and maybe also post a line or two . Variety is the spice of life and by God, that's what this STGB is full of. To anybody thinking that a Lancaster is just a big blob of mostly black painted metal and they all looked alike, please have another look through this group build and admit you (and I!) were so wrong! I'll write something about the variety of subjects, scales etc later this evening, and compose the poll to be opened too. We all love that! I was a very bad GB host (again, many would say) . Fortunately the community is self-supporting and in a good GB the host is actually very little needed between the start and the end. I would especially like to thank @dogsbody and @Rabbit Leader for stepping in and keeping up the builder's spirits and answering to various questions posted about the subjects at hand. Thank you! I'll also count how many little Merlin cowlings entered the Gallery. It might be so that we'll give the Spitfire/Seafire STGB a tough competition in that number . Thank you all, best regards V-P
  5. Hello Everybody... I was reading a post by @modelling minion in one of the Corsair STGB Threads. He made a comment that we could do a group build on Kiwi Corsairs and the lightbulb went off. Is anyone here interested in a group build based on the ANZAC History ? Im talking anything to do with Australia and New Zealand be it civilian or Militarily. From the day they started as Colonies to them becoming Independent Nations. Wether in there own defense or as part of the Commonwealth service, in both Peacetime and at War. I believe their were Australian and New Zealand crewed Ships in both World wars. The same for the RAAF and New Zealand Air force. There were infantry and Armored units all over the planet during the wars. Korea, occupation of Japan and Germany, Vietnam for the Australians and participation in East Timor. I think this kind of expresses the idea, if anyone is interested I could flesh it out more. Dennis
  6. Actually, if you re-read the Russell Drawing (Scheme 3), the upper Wings/Tail are actually "Semi Gloss Sea Blue (Semi Specular Sea Blue in USN parlance)", Not Glossy Sea Blue. On NZ5350 Struggle Buggy, yes the Upper Wing colour is also on the lower leading edge NZ5347 the upper photo, is the same scheme, except the Semi Specular Sea Blue does not wrap around leading edge
  7. A very striking scheme there Martin. Great job. Looking forward to your 'left field' future releases. Stuart
  8. Thanks Rob 'Well known auction site' checked and a suitable set found - thanks matey. I don't intend to do that much hand brushing (as opposed to washing!) in the future but I would like a wider brush so I just got a small set. Worth a try for £4. I note that I ordered that at about 23:30. There had been wine. Not a lot, but some. Enough to blur my thought process when I was also 'thinking' about the tape for the frames. I like doing this framing; not the actual process, but the results. Cutting the tape to a consistent width is a problem though and, of course, using two pieces of unequal width really shows up. Now hendie's idea of using Aizu tape is a good one (see below) but Aizu tape is expensive; about £4 (or much more if you're not careful) for an 8m roll. 'Filmoplast P' is thinner and, although it's harder to handle, is a lot cheaper at about £12 for 50m! But it's 2cm wide so needs to be cut. I can't use the Silhouette 'cos the tape needs to be painted before cutting but after removing from the backing (or it twists) and I don't think I'd get it off a surface twice. I remember seeing a post somewhere about cutting accurate strips using a digital calliper vernier gauge but for the life of me I can't find it. I did find those Infini 'Easycutting' boards that Stew and Jamie were keenly praising a while ago. Sadly Jamie is out of stock but Duncan had some. So I ordered the 'Type A' for cutting framing strips from 0.4 to 1mm in 0.1mm steps - nice! But what about other types - what do they do? Type B looks cool - it allows 'the easy cutting of masking tape into curves, circles and complex shapes' - great! I ordered one for quick cuts that don't need the Silhouette. Type C is for circles and curves and D is like B with different angles so I don't need those. While I was there I ordered a Dora Wings Percival Proctor Mk.III, just to support our friendly suppliers. They're my best mates they are, hic Anyway, the Aizu tape did take the paint (two coats) well and I now have the extra frame: Much better. Giorgio asked about the wings fitting in the booth: Well, they fit, but not so that you can actually spray anything with ease. What's that? White strips? What these? That's what happens when you join the wings after the first coat of paint and see that, despite your best dry fitting and sanding efforts, there are gaps. Rats. At least it's only after the first coat
  9. Thanks JW. I shall add the 155 to my wish list I think. Patrick, you are kind and correct. Until now, I’ve concentrated my French efforts on the Battle of France. Claiming to want model "all of 1940", that means I’ve been ignoring the post armistice period, and that’s on purpose. I have a large stash of kits yet to build, and I’ve promised myself only two more new kits for 2020. I am, though, beginning to think about adding the Med and North Africa in time, which will let me build more interesting types. That would include Vichy France, Italy and some waifs and strays from the RAF, like Vildebeests and Wellesley! So, it might be a while, but I’m sure I’ll get around to MB155s, VG33s and D510s in time.
  10. It didn't give page numbers- try the same google phrase I typed or look up 4th September 1940. Nick
  11. A stunning result, just shows what can be achieved with a little time, patients and a lot of skill! Stay safe Roger
  12. Excellent build, outstanding paintjob and weathering - hats off!!! Lothar
  13. Lots of good vacuum form modelling skills being applied to this injection moulded kit. I'm a little late but shall follow with interest now
  14. Time for a little expansion I think. I also like country music and was lucky enough to see Don Williams in concert a couple of times in the UK. As for jazz, I like traditional jazz but not modern and was never a fan of punk ( too old I guess ). John
  15. Certainly after they hit the water . . .
  16. Good to see paint and decals on this one. I have never had any problems with Model Alliance decals, but there is always a first for everything. Hope that the rest of the decaling goes as planned.
  17. We were going to change our car this year ( our current one is 12 years old but still running well ) but in these uncertain times the last thing we need is a new car, ‘cos we’re going nowhere. We have bought a new computer and smart TV instead.
  18. I tried asking this in my build thread but may have better luck here. I was wondering if anyone has a pic or profile of P3155, the Hampden in which Sgt John Hannah won his VC. The colour demarcations on Hampdens were many and varied so trying to find the right scheme which is a bit elusive. Anyone got any pointers?? T.I.A.....
  19. Sorry Gang, I didn't get the Lancaster done in time. It turned into a task rather than a pleasure and that's not right. It got to the point of me just not looking forward to working on it. Sometimes builds go like that, it's a shame it happened here. Well done to everyone who crossed the finish line though, there have been some quite exceptional builds appearing. I've enjoyed taking part and following the GB as it progressed and I did get my Revell contribution done, even if that one fought me as well! Tony.
  20. Hi Guy, I'll physically go check where we are stock-wise. Our webstore has played some magic tricks on us recently... Edit: it's correct. We're out. How about the Academy USS Indianapolis and Pontos set?
  21. It's great to see this one finished in the Gallery V-P, and it's very fitting that you should be the one to close the party. Thanks again for hosting such an entertaining Group Build Cheers
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