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  2. Wonderful detail work Giorgio, you are really pulling out all the stops on this one.
  3. Would you like a list of targets? No, scratch that, you'd need a B-52 or three. What do you mean this isn't the grumpy modellers thread? Insomniac Pete
  4. Oh, very nice! She's a beaut mate! I have one in the stash and I hope it turns out this well.
  5. Thanks very much for the kind words stephen! Re: that scheme; I know, right? It should have been official!!
  6. Id live a 727-100 in 72nd especially one in any UPS livery!
  7. Today
  8. Haha... at the rate I build, you should live to be that old
  9. As it's an early vehicle it is likely to have been overpainted in Light Stone on delivery, but possibly not the lower hull sides behind the bogies. The "Caunter" scheme came in after that and the scheme Airfix depict probably came in after that. By which time, newly-delivered Stuarts would have been round-turret M3A1s. So I think that probably rules out OD as the green shade as it would almost certainly have been overpainted at least once. I question how many original M3s still survived in operational service by then. The theatre Dark Green was quite dark and a reasonably deep green, more like the 12C39 colour on your shade card. Slate was a somewhat lighter bluey-grey as Airfix's box art shows. It did not match the RAF Slate Grey. The colour of the red-brown seems to be uncertain. As usually depicted it doesn't match any of the official colours, being too dark to be Desert Pink and too red to be the purple-y Caunter colour. A brick-ish red shade was used pre-war in Egypt and possibly early in the war too, so it could be leftover or new stock of that colour. Again, no-one seems entirely sure now what the exact colour was.
  10. Thank you very much, really appreciate the kind words. Thanks, Mate, cheers Wow, must be a really long time ago, thank you for the kind words Thank you Sir, Yeah the squiggles camo was darn hard but then practice make perfect, mine is not perfect but am quite happy.
  11. My one has a bomb. So I thought I would use it.
  12. Top notch work, I am humbled by your level of quality and eye for the detail. She looks just like I parked her on a spot!
  13. This week I find myself amongst the Morlocks for a change, which at least gives me the opportunity to work on completing our guided tour of the right hand side of the Wessex trans deck if I don’t get eaten at lunchtime. Our first photo shows the area at the front of the beetle back At the centre we can see the rotor brake and you can just about make out the corroded brake disc to its rear which would have been bright in service. Immediately behind this is the drive pulley and drive belt for the Oil Cooler. Forward of the Rotor Brake sits the short section of drive shaft which connects to the MRGB. The coupling is to absorb shock and we would check the rubber pads for condition and disbonding. Looking slightly further aft we can see what I assume is one of the Tail Rotor control cables which runs over to the Servo on the left hand side under the beetleback. The correct terminology for this escapes me, sorry. Look up and we see the pressure gauge and charging point for the right hand hydraulic system (which needs topping up ) and a slightly clearer view of the Oil Cooler. Last one for tonight, same area looking forwards toward the MRGB. At centre we see the forward end of the previously mentioned driveshaft. Above left is one of the hydraulic pumps (does anyone have a copy of the Westland course notes???) and below right is..... well I guess MRGB filter housing but lord knows how it got into this condition. It looks like it has suffered a major overheat or some fire damage. Before I get back to the delights of nightshift one last question. I recall we used to replace a thing I remember as a cruciform coupling up here which contained a black rubber cross which would loose its shape over time. Can anyone remember what this might have been? Pip pip, Tramatoa
  14. Oh, strictly Union my dear chap, the gentleman's version of the beautiful game
  15. Very nicely done ! ... Im developing a better appreciation for the 1930's interwar stuff.
  16. Impressive ! ... Great to see its a Polish Squadron as well.
  17. Beautiful work despite the issues. ... Id love to have one of these, i need just a few more types, to complete my early navy jets collection.
  18. Great lightning ! ... Thanks i was curious as to which Squadron this was. Dennis
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