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  2. I've made some more progress I received the custom decal from Custom Hobby Decals - and Stickers and am very happy with it. I've put wash on and applied a flat coat. Now for some weathering. I've also been working a 500 lb RAF bomb from MDC a mate (pacific mustnag here) gave me . It was to complicated for him so he passed on to be, cheers Bruce
  3. Ah, but I have built the Xtrakit thing once Terry, and that was more than enough at my age! And I've long given up hope of Airfix doing the right thing and downscaling their lovely 48th Vixen and Javelin to the one true scale, so have taken the easy way out and gone to fumble thumbs scale...!! I'll leave young whippersnappers like Tony suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous 1/72nd Sea Vixens from now on...!! Keith
  4. When I was a kid the sight of Aer LIngus Viscounts in that scheme whining over my house was, almost literally, an hourly occurence. It is pure nostalgia for me. And a good job on the S&M kit. The Viscounts I remember in that scheme were in the EI-AO... range and the EI-AK....
  5. Thanks very much Hewy G'day Simon, The cockpit floor was painted a light brown shade, I think I used a tan shade as it was made of plywood on the real thing. This was given two coats of hairspray with about 15 mins drying time between coats. I have been using the same no name aerosol can for a few years now but any brand will do, or you could use a dedicated model brand chipping fluid, whatever is easier.. The floor was then oversprayed with an acrylic black and allowed to dry for no longer than 30mins. I then went back and scrubbed the floor area with a cut down brush and lots of clean water. It took about 30 secs before any chips appeared but when they did I eased off as it is very easy to overdo, cheers, Pappy
  6. Roger you little tease..... I'd been hoping to see how you got on with hard edge camo on you littleJapaneseType 95, planning on trying a hard edge camo on the Otter and hoping to avoid an awkward masking job. Have a good trip. Darryl
  7. My gob is well and truly smacked by the response to my little Robey! A big thank you to @CrazyCrank, @cmatthewbacon, @JeroenS, @keefr22, @bhouse, @Bengalensis, @Mr T, @Pete in Lincs, @Spiny, @Kiwidave4, @s.e.charles, @Murdo, @dnl42, @roginoz, @Moa and everyone who has 'liked' or just looked. I would say the cheques in the post I can't afford all that flattery – you'll have to accept an IOU. Thanks for comments, likes etc. mates. I really enjoyed this build when I eventually got into the swing of it and I'm wondering what's next. I had got something lined up but I'm not sure I'm in the mood for it now. As the youngsters of this confusing world would say, “Just for 's and giggles” (although I've no idea why the yoof wouldsay something like that due to me being an old git) I've photified Robey with my last build. As they sit at opposite ends of the spectrum they look somewhat incongruous together. I also thought I'd give you an idea of it's size (I'm not saying what scale the hand is in though). Quite right. Part of my enjoyment building this thing is finding out how all this stuff worked, so when I'm transported back in time I'll probably still die in the gutter in abject poverty, but I'll be a much more informed corpse. The original intention was to do the omnibus trailer as well, but I had a lie down and the feeling passed. The horror! Are you that starved of entertainment down-under? You could always read through my other builds – but think what it would cost in psychotherapy sessions! Thanks again - Gorby
  8. 'tis true, but I think Navy Bird's suggestion of loading the .otf has worked for me. Still looking for a WWII file that works on the Mac
  9. Hi Paul, After the sweating old resin issues and owen disaster I had to discard all 3 T-10M models because of deformed wing shapes. (I know this was similar to "newer dry your cat in microwave!.." caution) I didn't completely give up T-10M series and already casted new parts with new resin. I have used new parts in my Flankerstein "what if" project: Soon I will start new threads for each T-10M aircraft. Serkan
  10. Enviable scribing Ian. A task I hate so appreciate such quality work in others all the more.
  11. Thank you my friend. I'm sure you will nail it when it comes to the rigging. I feel like you have to get into a sort of zone to do it, (including understanding the instructions) then it just kind of works. The first wingnut kit I bought was the FE.2b but when I looked at the rigging instructions I just put the box back in the cupboard - it's still there. All the best to you too, Martin
  12. Hi Roger, apologies somehow I seamed to have missed this, good work with the camo on such a tiny canvas! Coming along nicely. Darryl
  13. I use Imgur, just click on direct link in Imgur, when adding to Britmodeller click on insert image from URL and double click to paste and it does the rest
  14. Hi Jason, should a checked a few episodes up the page, all there. The font is available in several places on the web, free Search RAF-PW-ATH This gives modern RAF lettering in True-Type format which is easy to load in Windows, it seems you need a different suffix if you need to place it in a Big Mac
  15. Just caught up with this after my last visit and all I can say is ‘Wow!!’ Another masterpiece. Trevor
  16. Nice tip, using Piano Wire, and something I'd like to try but how do you make sure the holes are in the right place 'vertically' please? I can see the marks for the 'lateral location' (nice) but I've never been able to work out how to get the up-and-down location right… Is it just care/skill? If so, I'm lost
  17. Crikey this is interesting. Will be an amazing build I'm sure Tony. Also agree the Airfix 48 kit and FAW.1 conversion is fantastic. Keep up the good work Tony All the best Chris
  18. Better get started with a list as there is a wee bit of interest. A Mörkö Morane would be great. and with me most likely building a D3803 would cover the exotic versions. And a nice kit it is. Glad you changed your mind. I know how you feel as I haven't finished anything since 2015 Any more takers? Cheers, Peter
  19. Outstanding Roman. One of the best 1/72 Fw 190s I've seen.
  20. Now if only it would "expand" all the lazy abbreviations from people who don't have time to type the extra letter or two in things like "yrs".
  21. Hello Modeling friends. A project I've been working on over the last 6 weeks. It's in a final stage, where only little details are missing, but of a lot work still has to be done. That might sound familiar. Finish line is near. Build can also be seen on Armorama - Once more unto the breach - Campaign. The Sd.Kfz.251/7 and trailer are loaded with goods, are on the move. Second time I build the Sd.Kfz.251/7 Ausführung C. It's a fun kit and the theme allows a lot of personal input. Not the first time I build a Bronco Models Kit, but I've become a big fan of them lately. The Vulcan Motorcycle kits are my most favorite builds of the year. Almost finished is the K800 Zündap, in the works his little brother the K500. With some TLC it is a potential GEM (I don't know about Lion Roar or GWH yet). Some pictures taken today The Zündapp K800 is not on this series of photos. Decals drying and needs some touch ups. I marked the areas of damage / rust to be added on the Sd.Kfz.251/7. A little experiment I think that will work (show that later). The builds will come with a base / diorama / setting. Plans worked out, but no hurry with that. Maybe a next episode, otherwise it will be posted in Read for Inspection. Hope you like it so far. Happy modeling and have a nice day. Robert Jan
  22. Great work! Nashorn looks excellent, do like the worn winter whitewash, that coupled with the figures and base makes a superb display. Feels cold and harsh, almost dystopian to look at due to the essentially black and white finish. Darryl
  23. Apart from the engines and the single, rather than two cheek windows, what other mods need to be done to mod a J into the equivalent E, H or K model? Trevor
  24. Very nice Bill, those brakes certainly add to the mastery p.s. I'd paint the 'gussets' aluminium avoid getting some members over-excited. Oops, too late p.p.s. Count those vortex generators - superb!
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