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  2. Yes, quite right. It is W/O Graham Wilson. J
  3. Hello! Could you please inform me in which publication i can Granger drawings? Thanks!
  4. Damn, beat me to it. Steve.
  5. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aero_L-29_Delfín Nice find, though!
  6. Nice work... You won't add any additional structure on the cuppola?
  7. JMSmith

    610 sqn meteor

    i have seen a model or something on here about this aircraft but now i can't find it
  8. The envelopes posted earlier contained: As this is the Christmas Blitzenbuild I thought I would do a seasonally themed build - a Boxing day hunt meet at a village inn. Please do not us this as an opportunity to debate the morals of fox-hunting but the fact is that the Boxing Day hunt does remain a major fixture in our local village. White metal and card in 1:148 scale - far from the normal BM offering. The build should be over the Friday and Saturday.
  9. I found myself miles from home yesterday, went in search of a sausage sandwich and a brew and stumbled across this next to the car park. Answers on a postcard please...........
  10. So the main beak and mouth are glued together and with the stand adding the deodorant cap (the silver grey part) and the esophagus ( bendy straw). Want to add some spikey spine parts....
  11. It's areissue of the Fujimi F-86F that can be bought on eBay for less than 10$.
  12. Add some red, green lights and put it under the tree in the backyard. I want to get a beaver toy now and try this. Side note, I wash buses at a company called Beaver Bus Lines, so you can imagine all the jokes I get.
  13. How did I miss this build John? Absolutely outstanding work already and love the subject of the Canberra too. Funnily enough I was very tempted to pick up another Canberra in 1/48 whilst at eModels the other day...loads on the shelf ready to go. Also, was a pleasure to meet you at IPMS last month and the huge range of Canberra's you had on display.
  14. Hi Alan, I think this news is fantastic. How do I get my name on the list? Cheers, Tom
  15. Started cleaning the first piece of track... filing most excess away, opening the holes for the sprocket teeth, etc... 1.5h later, I was here: Not even close to be finished, and then still 5 more to go... my time left for this groupbuild will be fully spent on this... So I've ben checking the internet for a replacement in 1/72, and ordered these from ACE The crane was still in dryfit (still is actually) but had a lot of gaps etc... Due to the warped fenders, the mounting block was sloped, so I scraped it , made a new shim: Dryfit looks better (not so much gaps), also with the crane on top... now straighten up that cylinder and another part ready. Next up was the dozer blade. It is fixed in the raised position, and I want it down...: Before cutting I wanted to make the cylinder, so being creative with leftover PE-fret, styrenerod and sprue gave me this puzzle: And when the puzzle is assembled: The cylinderrod is too long... but that will be solved when fixing this to the tank hull...
  16. Brian

    Twice Two Four Times

    Whizzed in Igor's’ shoes
  17. In late December 2019, Hobby Boss is to release a 1/144th Shaanxi Y-8 - ref. 83902 Source: http://www.hobbyboss.com/index.php?g=home&m=article&a=show&id=149&l=en V.P.
  18. when Boris Karloffs cats
  19. Have to say that ther choice of markings is very interesting, it's rare to see USAF post-Korean War Sabres in scale, can't comment on their accuracy but I like this selection a lot. At the same time I can see the same problem of the previous MiG-21: €26 is a bit on the expensive side IMHO for a 1/72 Sabre. True that many shops will offer lower prices (I recently bought the Phantom FG.1 for €19..) but still this is not a cheap package
  20. I couldn't see the GTC in the link you sent unless i missed it. Is it the small oval shape on the right side?
  21. Dear Christkind, It seems I had not been as that good the whole year as I thought. OK, I have found the Siskins in my post whole 11 days before Christmas, so far so good. Unfortunately, the hands of the Kora guys were evidently led by the other guy (the one we sometimes have Sympathy For ...), who let them ignore completely the easy-to-find-fact that the early Siskins had much shorter fuselage than the IIIA. I am sad. I just had a brief glimpse into the boxes today in the morning before I left for the office. I will make more detailed inspection during the weekend when I will post my report together with photos here too. Patrik
  22. Then the green. National markings next.
  23. I read about the sponson length somewhere. I know you can see the prop stripe just ahead on the early ones and later ones the stripe runs over the front of them, just by a little. I do see the nose gear doors are different and the crew door is farther forward and hinged difeerently. I know the first five I think Canadian Air Force ones had the side door. don't know if they were traded, sold or what.
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