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  2. Oh, the parents should pay too! If your minor child goes out and destroys someone else's property because you didn't care enough to teach them properly or keep track of where they are then you are just as liable for the damages.
  3. Okay team we now have only two weeks left! How time fly's when you're having fun . We now have 4 entries in the gallery with a couple close to completion including Nigel's ( @wimbledon99 ) USMC build which seems to be steadfastly refusing to get itself across the finish line, Fabio's ( @Whirly ) JGSDF build, Richard's ( @spruecutter ) bright yellow RCAF bird and Nigel's ( @Nigel Heath ) Okinawan JGSDF bird which is probably more detailed than the real thing and @Jabba's Gulf veteran USMC build. Unfortunately I think the rest of the build entries are not going to make it as they have not been started, although I am happy to be proven wrong!
  4. Since my last post I have finally finished applying the decals, and have sealed them in with Quick shine gloss varnish. My next step is to apply some weathering before building the undercarriage and props. Not far off the finish line now.
  5. Mr T

    Mosquito markings

    Sorry that you did not like my attempt to help you. Although I have been acquiring books, magazines etc. since the age of 14 in 1968, I had not, looking through my stuff come across this particular bit of nose art. That is why i asked about the serial or any other information about the Mosquito bomber with the two stage Merlins shown. Steve and Graham are right, mission markings and nose art tend not to be preserved in official archives. The only markings apart from serial and squadron codes that seem to be 'officially' sanctioned, were some markings of presentation aircraft, rank pennants for senior officers and markings on presentation aircraft and a complete list of those is unlikely to exist. As with all the belligerent nations in the Second World War censorship and strict rules on photography were in place and it is amazing that so many personal photos have survived. Unfortunately, but understandably, they often do not have detailed information as to colours and markings on them and so people end up making informed guesses. this is not ideal, but it is waht happens.
  6. With a few minor tweaks - behold! The cross-country modelling bench!
  7. I am hoping to get up there too but it is really close to my Father in laws funeral and it depends how my wife and children cope with it.
  8. Wish they gave directions on how to open it. I pulled and twisted that bit of cap for ages to no avail >< Gaz
  9. I too have been to Partizan today, we were running a 28mm Napoleonic game but somehow I forgot to take any pictures. I did get a couple of boxes of Perry plastic Italian Wars figures and some flags and banners though.
  10. I'm sure the lawyers will see to it that they get nothing more than a slapped wrist!
  11. It would have been a great feature for a crazy golf course. it being Malvern a letter would not have surprised me as that would be pretty hacked off with the Luftwaffe holting play, quite the inconvenience Rob
  12. Hi Clive, Great to see someone place a Tiger on such uneven ground. I keep meaning to do something similar, but keep chickening out! I see now why you're going to glue the tracks (however temporarily) to the wheels now. I wouldn't fancy trying to build them any other way! Following with interest. Rearguards, Badder
  13. Just back from Partizan Wargaming Show and acquired these 28mm miniatures; British Line Infantry, Hussars and Light Dragoons out of the Perry camp. This was my first visit to a games show and didn't quite know what to expect, what a blast. Having never painted miniatures in this scale, I wanted to see what can be achieved, it can be impressive but can I step up to the mark. The cunning plan is to paint these dudes for the Peninsula ETO but they're not for wargaming but for display only. Stuart
  14. makes a brilliant hat (I've seen Blue Peter, I know how it works.)
  15. Most likely A2 models that early, though from my non-exhaustive knowledge of the 190 I suspect the A2 and A3 were superficially either identical or extremely similar, being armed the same and the A3 having more power but essentially the same engine. So you can use an A3 kit. IPMS Stockholm thinks so, at least https://www.ipmsstockholm.org/magazine/2004/11/stuff_eng_fw190_01.htm I can't vouch for it personally but this site seems sensible and worth reading http://www.626-squadron.co.uk/willem28.htm The author suggests that all the 190s used in the Channel dash were from JG-26, so as Graham suggests, it would be well worth looking for a second-hand copy of one or more of Caldwell's JG-26 books. Many examples are inexpensively listed here: https://www.abebooks.co.uk
  16. The phrase ‘First up against the wall’ comes to mind... make them pay. Not the parents, the kids. I don’t care if they have to take out massive loans which they can never pay back, MAKE THEM PAY.
  17. Nick! Hi hows he finding 1017? I loved it there. Wow, I never new any of this! Talking of JU88’s I never finished the one I got off you, maybe I can find out which one crashed on the good course and finish it as that.... good to here from from you and glad you like them so far Rob
  18. Excellent work on those slots Nigel, they look really good. Good use of the black card again, it really does work well doesn't it.
  19. Great work and play shots Rob. Look forward to seeing what you get up to with that packet of badges too! I feel sure that the Club Secretary's subsequent letter of complaint to Herr Reichmarshal Goering was brief and somewhat acidic in tone. Possibly asserting that not only did Hitler only have one ball but that it was in all likelihood going to end up in the bunker...
  20. The Tamiya 1/72 Fw-190A3 comes with markings for Jg-2 and Jg-26. In 42 & 43. https://www.scalemates.com/kits/tamiya-60766-focke-wulf-fw-190-a-3--121602 Don't know if these are the correct markings for the raid though ? Dennis
  21. lol - I am so bad.. Once again did not model anything for months, dunno why.. Too many series to watch, games to play and too much time in the gym and the trail.. But now I am back into it, again.. And now it IS going to be a SWAFRAP AJSF 37. I need that grey bird. Took out the recce nose and looked at the parts. Thinking about just spraying the inside black once the lenses are in place. Leaving the outsides clear and shiny - but not sure.. There will be some weights in there as well, probably needed since I have some AM stuff. Decided to use the flaperons, chaff- and flare dispensers and both camera pods. IMG_6834 Working on the RAT, plastic one for this model. Thanks trickyrich for some needed motivation to get going again..
  22. Ron, thank you for compliments! The perspective is very valuable--FWIW, I did see a few pics in Drendel's book Air-Air load outs ant gun pod--I believe they were in 67 - 69 time frame. That said, not having served during this time frame I do not have your bench of knowledge. Was it normal for air to ground missions for ECM pods to go into the AIM-7 wells? Great photo! Best,Erwin
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