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  2. Well, I'm still up for this one.
  3. A great story though it must have been pretty horrifying for her at the time! Hope you get a nice trouble-free build Ced, you've earned it Cheers, Stew
  4. Missed this because I was on holiday - one word.... Beautiful - simple as that. Ian.
  5. Making no apologies for dragging this back to the top of the pile: Not sure how I missed it first time around. Great choice of colour, and nice to see one other than in red or white. Not sure what colour to do mine, but it is edging closer to the workbench as I type this.... Best from NZ. Ian.
  6. Cannon is in the right wing on F and J Draken. The cannon bay on the other side was filled with extra electronics that was introduced om the F model.
  7. I've had a look at these on a decent sized monitor now, WOW, I'm even more impressed. Nice work indeed Glynn. That trans[porter is a beast. Steve.
  8. Lovely looking Impala and great photo's as well....
  9. If they later became StG1, then the crest is an eagle and anchor - I have a few pictures somewhere..
  10. I think you're right, it's not a complicated chassis, and I can use the measurements of the existing one, I will only have to increase the wheel base a little. The steering linkage will probably be the greatest challenge.
  11. Ok here we go. As an alternate build and a backup to my very difficult Ju 87A build. I've decided to have a go at building what I think is on of Helmut Mahlke's Ju 87b Stukas. Helmut Wrote the best Stuka book out there. He covered the early years from the Battle of France to the beginning of the attack on Russia when he was badly burnt and ended the war in a desk job. Great book to say the least.far better than Rudel's book. He commanded III / STG.1 and the aircraft I'm going to do is J9-AH. The insignia graphic on the side is a bit confusing. There seems to be two options. The first is the crow. However there is a photo of him in the book standing in front of one of their Stuka's with a person and an anchor on a white shield. This seems most likely to be used by him because of the origins of the Schaffel being assigned to Graf Zeppelin. At first I couldn't work out what was on the shield until I found out more information, then it became clear what it was. As I can get a decal for this marking I'm going for it. Photos to come. I don't think we need another photo of the Airfix box art or sprue.
  12. This is looking very sharp Glynn. I was hoping to get to my Airfix of the same kit for this GB. I'll be building the Swedish Volunteers, though. No extras...just OOB.
  13. Getting there, thanks. Today I will begin the splinter masking. Kind of complex with four colours, including the blue. It'll take a few days.
  14. It wasn't so much that they changed the wheels in a given year for the A-3 -- they changed it for apparently every other type than the bomber versions.... I changed out these wheels because the kit wheels were of the non-bomber type, and I needed the bomber type. The B-66 wheels in my 1/72 Italieri B-66's seem to have the correct B-66 wheels, just not as detailed as the Reskit ones, if you are a detail geek... Ed
  15. Today
  16. Sorry peter this seems to have over taken your thread. I will start new one on Helmut Mahlke Stuka.
  17. before the turtle crowd
  18. What a cool subject for a Spitfire build Ced, hope 1/72 Ida lands safely too.
  19. Outstanding build, Pete. Very nice paintwork.
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