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  2. Hi Yetifan. Good to see you here with a project - I'm looking forward to seeing it in progress. Shame about the ejector pin marks but, as the others and you have said - you won't need to clean them all up. Kind regards, Stix
  3. Splendid job with this Heather. An excellent outcome for all the work you put in. Colin
  4. Colin W

    T-45 Goshawk

    Well we're over the line with the Goshawk as my 3rd entry to this GB. Obviously the tail plane is fitted with the air brakes and assorted aerials and lights. Wings are set to the landing configuration but I decided not to lower the hook. Some of theselook quite dirty so I gave it a wash with thinned burnt Siena oil paint to pick out the panel lines and break up the solid white colour of the fuselage. The kits flap design is much better than the Airfix attempt and presented fewer challenges. Thanks for looking and again thanks to the mods for support and encouragement. . Colin
  5. HEY! You there! Gerroff me land ya young whipper snappers! This is private land - now gerroff before I come over there and give you a good hiding! Gerroff before I call the coppers! Gerroff I say!!! *#%€££**##!!
  6. I must admit that on the rare occasions I bid on said site I leave it to the last minute and use auto-bid, but it wasn't me this time - honest! Last time I bid was for a 2nd hand airbrush that was standing at £8 with an hour to go. Most I was prepared to pay was £12 but it went for £18 after a flurry of bidding in the last minute. Guess the seller was pleased. Pete
  7. AOSHIMA INC AIRWOLF IN 1/48 IN STOCK We have re-stocked most of the the British Warships in 1/700, plus Airwolf in 1/48 and the new MGB 1968 and 1974 https://www.tigerhobbies.co.uk/index.php?route=product/search&search=aoshima
  8. Well a small update as i was very busy with another club project.. On the picture you can see that there is a bubble underneath the foil, first i thought it was a small error in the foiling proces.. But now i am suspecting the resin engines to be the culprit as these bubbels appear randomly and only on the resin part of the aircraft.... First i tryed to solve it with making a small cut in the foil and press it in submission again but they reappearing.... Still i have to figure out what to do...there is a possibilty that it has to do with some spots not being primed as i had to remove some irregularity’s before i foiled it....at least a know i have to strip the engines again Cheers, Jan
  9. Fascinating to see the differnce in detail between the two kits. I suppose the Zvezda one will be top if you are looking for ease of build and saving a bit of money but, if you have the time and don't mind paying a bit extra, then the RFM kit will win. It will be interesting, however, to see how much the detail differences will be noticeable in the final models. A lot of the extra detailing on the RFM kit may not be that visible eventually. Kind regards, Stix
  10. I'll arrange a 3-person Facebook Messenger call later and you can convince her Col
  11. Hi John. Nice to see this one underway and your lovely tidy work. Nice idea with the comartments. Kind regards, Stix
  12. Wow! There looks to be more Photoetch there than there is plastic in the kit!! The kit does look very nicely detailed. Looking forward to seeing it in progress. Kind regards, Stix
  13. Good grief! You are showing your age. Sandy Powell is alive and well. Picture came through loud and clear. John.
  14. ok - bear with me. Just doing summit else, and I'll start my reply soon after.
  15. It does look a bit too stark on the wings, so some more blending is probably the Right Thing to do Roger
  16. Hi Badder. Hope you are keeping well. Great to see you are making such fantastic progress and I do enjoy your tutorials - they are very useful. Everything looks to be progressing beautifully. Kind regards, Stix
  17. Hi All, I have never attempted 3 models in a Group build before but these Hawks are relatively small and even with a bit of resin they go together quite well. My last entry here is the1/48 Kinetic T45C Goshawk in US Navy standard scheme. A lovely kit with a good standard of detail. I replaced the canopy with a vacform as mine was cracked. I also replaced the upper rear fuselage with resin and made a new nose probe. I extended the flaps, slats and air brakes to emphasise the difference to the RAF machines. Here are my 3 entries to the group build together with 2 other hawks made previously. More pictures in the build thread. Thanks for the comments along the way. Build thread here Colin
  18. Oh dear - Sorry Dave, I'm just not able to reply to everyone all at the same time, and you were at the back of a long queue. I had a quick look at your PM y'day IIRC, and because the reply is long-winded, I didn't have time to sort it there and then. Still want to play, or have we upset you?
  19. Did the BBC accent test and it suggests Sunderland which given that I'm a Dubliner makes a kind of sense. But I sound nothing like my neighbour who is from that neck of the woods. On the other hand people in Ireland sometimes think I'm English as do Americans. So I don't know what the hell accent I really have.
  20. I do wish people would read the small print before they sign up. Insanity is quite clearly stated as an entrance requirement! Martian
  21. Gidday Tim, you've done a very neat build here. What scale is it please? Regards, Jeff.
  22. Wow, I love this little beauty! Really impressed with the work you've done to bring the old kit up to scratch. The nose and wing mods make such a difference and the wire aerials really bring it to life. Wish I had kept my old Airfix 1-11 now! Hope we are going to see some more airliners from you soon. Cheers, Ian
  23. I keep thinking I'm going to sell all my 1/35 stuff - and then people like you post lovely builds like this, you're no help at all!! Really like your finish and the not over done weathering - very nice work indeed! Base sets it all off very well too! Keith
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