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  2. The added glazing makes a difference out of all proportion to the few parts added. Looks nice! Martian
  3. That's v interesting as DrawDecal do their stuff in all the scales (slighly frustrating too as I've not long completed a Sword 1/72 XIVe as an 18, and am not relishing a repeat experience...) So I'm not really a 1/48 man but on this occasion might have to make an exception.... Justin
  4. FE's not having parts of roundels painted (and any other RFC type up to 1916 for that matter) was not as unusual as some might think. Repairs were more important than repaint jobs, particularly when there were high intensity operations such as the Somme offensive, when I assume this machine was flying. Look at photos of FE's and you can see where wing sections and ailerons have been replaced and the colours/CDL patterns do not match - a reflection of the pressures on ground crews to get machines into the air. The roundels on the model look very good - who is going to get a magnifying glass out to inspect them I wonder? You perhaps?! In all this is turning into a super model - the more so as it is a pusher - and as I have already commented, I am a scratch build pusher addict. P
  5. That's telling you that it thinks that the URL isn't valid. If you paste that same URL into another tab and it comes up with the picture, then it could be an error with the forum software, otherwise double-check your URL is correct and make any necessary amendments. If this is happening regularly though, it might be something we need to look into it. I think I've experienced it once while we were trying to get the new server sorted, but having done a few reviews now, it seems OK from my point of view.
  6. Steve Please could you link the crowdfunding page
  7. I dont have anything against the toon/egg styles of models personally. They aren't my cup of tea, so i most likely will never build one. However I can see why they're appealing. Though id like to see the Star Wars stuff or the Sub those might just win me over.
  8. Matave

    Mosquito markings

    Maybe it sounds a bit harsh I admit, but there are too many people who use the simple solution and just assume about a subject instead of doing research in the archives. Aspecially when it comes to colours and markings. The answer, I'm sure, is to be find in the archives. There are a lot of people, who search the archives. They deserve all the credit they can get. It's a heavy job! There are also people who finds the answer in books and magazines. That is excellent if it's possible to trace the information source. You all know this. There are too much fake or false information on the Internet. What one writes on the Internet becomes the truth tomorrow and that is something everyone should avoid.
  9. Has anyone ever told you that you are a very silly Earthling Moa? However, to keep you happy, I recently bought a small civil project to build on these august forums. Well, I bought the project because I like the aeroplane but it should make you happy anyway. An excellent plan except for two small details. Firstly, the severe lack of funds following two breaks in less than six weeks and secondly, the small matter of needing a large van to transport all my tools, paints, compressor etc. Otherwise a good effort! Martian
  10. Lovely build. I remember getting a poster of this in an aviation magazine at the time, and thinking it was the most beautiful jet aircraft ever. You have realy done it justice.
  11. Love the squiggles! Nice job on the kit, it certainly looks the part.
  12. The existing thread can be found here: https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235055444-stamford-model-show-such-a-sad-event/
  13. I'm pulling up my chair mate and I'll be following along with great interest
  14. With Little H building her Spitfire, I will be keeping her company by building a 1/144 Eduard Spitfire. Just need to fit this around the Monaco GP and work on Monday.
  15. Apparently I'm from west London too. Oh the shame of it.
  16. Syrup sponge and custard (Mmmm pudding heaven)
  17. Thanks for posting these pictures, the model looks great. And in particular it shows that you do not have to spend a lot to enjoy this hobby and get great results, you just need patience and skill, which comes with practice. Anyway, great kit you have here and in particular the decals came out great.
  18. There was a clear step between the body and wing surfaces that shouldn’t be there. I honestly hadn’t realised until I checked the reference pics. So out with the sandpaper & filler to smooth out that junction
  19. Little H is back this year and will be building an Airfix Spitfire. Colours/ decorations tbc.
  20. Hi all, Here's my 1/72 Airfix Gloster Gladiator Mk.II, done as N5583 with No. 605 Sqn at RAF Tangmere in August 1939. I bought this kit back in early January as a simple project to work on while I was away from home for a week, so without my airbrush. I hand painted it using Vallejo paints (Model Air ones actually), and some Italeri paint. Only the flatcoat has been airbrushed. Markings are from the kit. The rigging was done with EZ line, and then brushed gunship grey. My hand painting skills are pretty bad, so up close it's quite messy, but from a distance it looks half decent, I think. Thanks for looking, Pete
  21. Well the truck is nearly done, just a few odds and ends to add and the alien and trucker and his wife to do.
  22. Looking great Tony, great work. Tony, I am no expert at all but if using black at all on an aircraft I mix some Humbrol Matt black and the same company's cockpit grey green and it can make a convincing night black colour. Just putting it up incase it's of any use. All the best Chris
  23. Beautiful Build. Unfortunately the Sperry Autopilot (The bulge on top of the nose) was only fitted to the Australian Mk 21.
  24. Today I've been playing around laying some different tones on the upper surfaces of the aircraft. I think it might need some light coats of something else, perhaps the base colour, to blend it in and give smoother transitions between the tones.
  25. Hi.....I'm starting a new project:an A-6A Intruder from Vietnam 1965 VA-85 Uss Kitty Hawk....1\48 Hobby Boss with GRU 5 resin seat ,exhaust and wheels...Fightertown decals.Painted the cockpit I've opened the gap for airbrake,eliminated the slime lime lights not present on early Intruder and opened the orange formation lights .Ciao from Italy.
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