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  2. Some lovely airbrush work and a very clean finish. Very nice job
  3. The master at work is you! Great looking truck, somehow quote more convincing this (true to reality) size.
  4. This looks crisp, nice details. Cheers, Ernst
  5. I’m confused about why there appears to be an engine option for 14-cylinder, twin row, PW R-1830 Twin Wasps when every B-17 and derivative aircraft only used 9-cylinder Wright R-1820s, which are shown as the other option. Was there a one-off aircraft that used the PWs?
  6. It’s fine and I enjoyed reading your post. Build some more Rgds Rob
  7. Morning everyone... Well other than satin coat on this its pretty much done. And yes Ive already checked the prop turns quite freely in the engine. It will need to wait for a few days. We have company over and I cant gas them out by spraying right now. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments, and or add thoughts. Dennis
  8. I have a soft spot for the Meteor, especially beautifully modelled ones like yours.
  9. Good morning everyone. I wanted to ask a question, but I forgot it yesterday, I guess I was a bit too tired. My ambition about this kit was to open up some panels and show the gismos that lay underneath. Tamiya is thoughtful enough to provide the cover for the gun as a separate piece. But what about the interior? I remember that Verlinden used to produce a set for the tomcat, which, IF I remember correctly, included avionics and stuff. Is there anything in 1/48 on the market today? Gun/avionics bays, ideally including the panels that I inevitably will massacre? Thanks in advance for all the info/tips.
  10. Air brushed freehand? Wow. That is a cracking model. As an aside, what airbrush do you use?
  11. Morning everyone... Well everything is on that needs to be on. Next up is to mask the canopy and then onto paint. Please feel free to ask questions, post comments, and or add thoughts. Dennis
  12. 'Still, who cares? I've had fun.' Any model you can say this about is a great model.
  13. She's very pretty! You've made a great job! Everyone of us can see that he could do it better after the model is finished ... Such is the modeler's curse!
  14. Thanks Alan, I'll look at that video later. I was hoping not to buy a kit as I would want to make it - lol.
  15. I'd strip the body down completely, it'll be worth the work.
  16. Pale grey over a portion of fibreglass: the top of the rudder too. The black area is neoprene to protect the fibreglass leading edge from erosion . The actual fin cap (topmost, forward-most part) is aluminium. It's an odd angle, but this period colour shot shows it well:
  17. Beautiful build Ian My replacement decals have also arrived so I should get on and finish mine!
  18. Well done, impressive camo job. Definitely on my 'to-do' list - a Meng F-102 in SEA camo. It's a great kit.
  19. Ok im so tech illiterate that made no sense to me. Maybe if you explained it to a me as if Im a computer tech noob. I will take a look at this.
  20. Thanks for sharing the 1900s, I think you posted one of them on Scalemates? They are all nicely done, The west wind scheme is quite nice, You mentioned Arctic Decals as the decals producer, I might have to get a set from Mika
  21. e8n2

    TF-102 A

    Mainly I would say that politics had a lot to do with it. The Secretary of Defense at the time was Robert McNamara. He couldn't see why the Navy and Air Force couldn't use the same basic aircraft. To keep changes to a minimum, and lower costs since McNamara was a big time bean counter, the kept the side by side seating for both versions. The Navy fought tooth and nail to be rid of it and finally succeded. I'm not sure but I think McNamara may have already left as Secretary of Defense by the time that happened, and the Navy got the F-14 which was more of what they wanted in the first place. Later, Dave
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