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  2. Dang, the Phantom looks good in European One.
  3. Which trucks are those?? I can't recognize them.
  4. Glad I didn't buy a resin update set for the old testors kit I've got laying around. Now I can get rid of that and get a "real" upgrade!
  5. Nice work. The Landie is looking particularly nice
  6. Thanks Geoff! I am on a work trip and stuck in a hotel this weekend. I was thinking about bringing it with me to do something over the weekend but decided I had too much work to catch up on. When I saw the state of my case on the luggage carousel I was rather glad I didn't! Regards, Adrian
  7. The dry fit picture really shows off the quality and subtle fabric work. Nice going. Regards, Adrian
  8. I know what you mean. I grew up in a house that was built in 1888. My sister still lives there. The house my mother grew up in was built in the early 1760's. Chris
  9. Tzulscha

    Fore here, forever

    you drink plenty firewater
  10. Oh yes! Do get an AC unit. I got one installed back in '93. Though it gets damned cold up here in the winter, it gets damned hot in the summer. High 30'sC is not unknown. Just remember to tarp in the outside unit during the winter to prevent fin damage due to ice and snow buildup. Chris
  11. Shame about the oil tank but well done for extracting it without damage. I'm 4000 miles away from my copy of the kit so I don't know, but would it be worth drilling into the centre section spars to add wire stubs to support the wings? it looks a bit butt-jointy to me and I can't tell from online pictures of the instructions how secure the join will be. Please bear in mind that on a UK forum, telling us your house was built in 1921 will most likely evoke "Oooh hark at him - living in something all modern". In all my adult life l have yet to live in a house built after 1900 (or to be warm in winter). Regards, Adrian
  12. A friend of mine has a 1/35 die-cast model Jeep and wants to decal it as a Jeep that might have been assigned to his father, a 7th AF B-24 pilot based on Saipan, and is wondering what the bumper markings might have been on such a vehicle. He asked me, but as a committed aircraft modeler, I’m out of my element here so am asking the experts. So what would such a marking look like? This begs the question: Who actually “owned” USAAF vehicles? The base motor pool? The Base Unit? The Group? The Squadron? Would a Jeep have been permanently assigned to a Group or Squadron? Or would it have have been drawn from the motor pool as required? And, finally, who makes suitable 1/35 letter/number decals for such markings? Thanks in advance for the help.
  13. Or (or and!) the streamlined Royal Air Mail Car: I promise I will buy them!
  14. And Avis... since you are at it, could you please do a cross-over and release a couple of cars in1/72? What about... the Stout Scarab car: https://mycarquest.com/2016/09/the-stout-scarab-the-first-minivan-2.html
  15. Beautiful finish - well done
  16. This really turned out great! It is hard to believe what an excellent result you get from brush painting, astonishing.
  17. Fair point, will do that in future, usually mention scale in post titles I make but tags are clearer.
  18. The very small exhaust stubs have their ends hollowed. Talk about minuscule detail: There is a hub part that unites the leg with the wheel, with pips on both sides. This solution is a bit over-complicated, and would have been perhaps more practical to have the hub molded with either part. In any case, I lost one in the tumbling of the tray... ... so I had to fabricate another. Piece o' cake, with a slice of styrene rod of the same diameter... ... and then drilled, and a smaller styrene rod inserted in: The moral I want to convey is two-fold: 1) This kit has a lot of very tiny detail parts, that are gorgeous and well cast, but the little buggers are very easily lost, and tend not to want to be found back. Even manipulating them requires care, and good tools (no shoddy tweezers, here). 2) But, if you loose one, or many (as I did), you can easily make replacements.
  19. Nice work! It looks nicely detailed but the fit seems to be less than stellar... If Ced's saying that then you must be positively hypersonic! Regards, Adrian
  20. Now now Hendie. Just grit your teeth and console the BM Massive by building the flying plank then you can get back to some proper airframes where the wings go round at great speed like they should
  21. So we've tentatively accepted an offer on our house. Some details have to be hashed out, and no contract's been signed, but we have a verbal agreement. Looks like I'll be trading Hedgehog Manor for new and more expensive (possibly ruinously so) digs by April-May, depending on when we find something. The goal is to have a home with a bedroom for us, one for the boys, a guest bedroom, and a study (ostensibly for me and Mrs P, but I have more books by a factor of ten and will soon triumph). Side effects: lifelong house-induced poverty, possible membership in a homeowners' association (fascists), and who knows what else. Hopefully, Ced, Bill, and Cookie will be able to visit now, even in the hot summer months, since we're gunning for central air. Yes, the Family Procopius may end up with a house designed within the last seventy years, instead of our crumbling 1921 hovel. We are going to be so poor for so, so long. Now, as for the Lysander, I started test-fitting the clear parts, and, uh, you recall that lovely scratchbuilt oil tank I did? It's gone. It prevented the side panes from fitting properly. I had to veeeeeeeeeeery carefully extract it with my scalpel, cutting in all sorts of unsafe directions, but I got it out okay. The replacement will either be part of a Mk117 bomb from Hasegawa Weapons Set 1 or one of the cigar-shaped Eduard Spitfire droptanks as used over Normandy by some squadrons. I'm leaning towards the former.
  22. I will look forward to your build. PE always looks spectacular when it's done so it's worth having a shot. If you are going to use CA glue for it, you might want to have a test run beforehand to make sure it isn't going off. I've found that out the hard way on a few occasions myself! Regards, Adrian
  23. Very nice, great scheme
  24. Today
  25. I thought id feel that way about the Pirgs in “The last Jedi”. In reality though I actually wound up liking the dang things, as they added a bit of comic relief in some scenes.
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