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  2. Thanks for this! Do you happen to have an amazon link? I might just order some of those then, the other option is heating a needle and trying to push it through. Thanks
  3. looks like you cant post after the end of the year? I got thrown off as the 2017 one worked. Doh!
  4. I was doing some idle research for a Hun in my stash today, and ran across a article that stated it was finished in an aluminium lacquer instead of a bare metal finish, which came as a bit of a surprise to me (along with the MiG-15 revelation a few weeks back). Is there a concise list of aircraft that were bare metal or lacquer finished somewhere on the net/here?
  5. Thanks for the replies and "likes". I'm pleased that you liked the second batch. The weather was indeed a contrast between the days! Fortunately, the weather forecast was accurate, which at least meant that I had appropriate clothing with me! I'm interested that you liked those three images, Latinbear. I was trying to capture two aircraft to make the images more exciting, but I wasn't sure that the two images framed by the trees "worked". I was trying to frame them so that the eye was drawn to the aircraft, but I wondered if the trees were more of a distraction. I'm still undecided, but pleased that you like them!
  6. Hi guys. I'm looking to consolidate my yearbooks now there is a place for them. Any idea why I con't create a new topic in the 2018 one ? It'll let me in 2017 but not 2016. All very odd. ? Thanks in advance. johnny.
  7. OK i messed up on the instrument panel. I put the beautiful airscale decal on and didnt notice it was off to one side , so when i put the face on , the dials were not lined up. I have resorted to fitting the kit ones instead. They are still really good but the Airscale ones were a bit better. Nevermind. Still need to tidy it up a bit.
  8. Hi Bill! You are making excellent progress here! Wonderful stuff! Martin
  9. As this would be my first ship build in over 20 years, I had hoped to pick an easy ship to do. As the type-45 is a fairly clean design, not may aerials etc to get in the way, what could possibly go wrong? Apart from the way Airfix design the kit. Not sure if it was my example or if they all have an interesting fit. Many a happy hour was spent putting bits together and then filling in the gaps. Possibly my inexperience of this type of build meant I did things in the wrong order, who knows. I have added the Atlantic Models etch for a bit of extra detail, and replaced the main gun barrel and turret as those in the kit were lacking in detail just a bit(!). one the 30mm guns I used a length of Albion alloys tubing to replace the kit drainpipes. I've also discovered photographing something this size brings it own challenges. I will do another, if/when the pile of land and air based kits ever dies down. The question is what? Tim
  10. It's a pretty good kit, it just isn't lighting my fire to be honest. I'm also a bit disappointed with a few aspects of the kit - it goes together very nicely but there are a few places where I'd have expected a bit more detail - such as the guns, which are just divots in the nose - how hard would it have been to at least make it look like there's a gun barrel there? Meanwhile I expected the Voodoo to be challenging and hasn't been all that hard. There's something very satisfying about having thought it through and made it all work pretty smoothly. I can see myself building another KH Voodoo.
  11. Thanks very much for the encouragement. With the warmer weather I’ve been able to tackle the paint spraying of the bodyshell. I used rattle can automotive Ford Diamond White. I found I needed to use a grey primer because the yellow colour of the plastic in the kit insisted on showing through white. I also completed the beefing up of the exhaust including the pierced bands made in milliput then drilled. The fitting of the front nose was causing a real headache. The kit fitting lugs underneath just wouldn’t locate. So I cut them off and added the pierced lateral tubes shown in the reference photos. This now helps with positioning the nose with the tubes located into small plates I added to the chassis rails. I also managed to fabricate the oil can which sits in the engine bay in the reference photos. Further research reading has revealed that the engine ran with 8 plugs on the inlet side and 4 on the exhaust rather than 8 each side as I originally thought. So I’m in the process of removing four plugs which is proving a bit more difficult with the engine glued in position. Still you live and learn - sometimes. Thanks again for looking.
  12. Not only nothing happens if you don't drill the holes, as you can always build the model without bombs, but generally a drill is not even needed for such holes. They can be opened simply with a drill bit and these can be bought for relatively little money in places like Maplin or even online at Amazon and others. Drill bits can be used with a pin vice, another thing that can be bought for cheap in a lot of places.
  13. @Corsairfoxfouruncle Thank you, your Stuka looks great, I like the cammo. Hm, I am not sure about the armor plates that I understand. As far as I see on the plans I downloaded, I do not see any significant difference in panel lines nor its thickness. I will be grateful for any help, indeed.
  14. Yeah, but even allowing for that (which accounts for the shorter rudder post) the part looks longer from tip to bottom
  15. All good points that illustrate how the term "research" involves a lot more than a LIDAR scan or even the availability of a set of good drawings. In the end the job of a "researcher" is to put all the data together, wherever this may be from, and integrate this into the final result. Modern technologies like LIDAR and CAD/CAM systems are great but there's always need of that someone, the "geek" who understands the subject and put all the pieces together. As modellers many of us do just this, the research teams of plastic model manufacturers may or not have a person like this, some resort to the help of external personnel, others don't bother. But without that someone who understands the subject, even the best design teams may make mistakes that to certain enthusiasts would sound impossible
  16. Well, there's still that Mr Blobby scheme that you so callously pooh poohed the other day. I haven't decided much about mine other than the fact that it will be getting a lot of RLM76 applied to it for no better reason than I like RLM76. Martian
  17. mylo66

    Airfix 1/35th M3 Stuart

    Don't know if i should post this now, i think the moment and maybe the topic have moved on but... Fingers Crossed images below.
  18. That's a beautiful piece of work and a model to be proud of. It goes to prove my long-held view that in the right hands most of the old Airfix kits can give superb results. Well done and thanks for sharing Dave G
  19. The Voodoo looks good(oo) but sorry to hear the Hunter is proving a disappointment.
  20. Many thanks appreciate the info.
  21. I'm not big on building more than one of something straight after the last one. It usually ends in a stall
  22. Hi there, I can see it clearly, nice little Honey catching some sun. Pedro Monteiro
  23. What do you think I was doing on holiday? Just loafing around doing nothing? Penguin. Martian von Penguin
  24. testing testing. can you hear me mother? If anyone can... or can`t see this can you let me know. Thanks
  25. That's Melchett, I'm a bit more down market and have to settle for bog standard battle y fronts. My GP gave up on me and said I would probably be better of consulting the vet. Will pictures calm us down? maybe, for a nano-second or two. Got it in one CC. Its the very reason I am here, the stuff they brew on Mars is gnat's widdle. The sensible course would be to build more than one. I'm sure Amusing Hobby would be prepared to oblige with further supplies. In fact you could have a whole geschwader of Triebflugels. Martian von Voice of Reason
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