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  2. Next day, next paint. Sky and yellow masked, underside paint on. Stuart
  3. It is not as bad as it looks as most of it is separate large decals for the rear fuselage and tail. Photos were essential and there was a good selection online of that particular aircraft and the instructions could have been a bit more detailed. Other aircraft in the fleet had different schemes that were also available as decals. Made a bit of a change.
  4. We have a big range of different types of builds. Maybe a "best of show" in each category ? And once each category has a "best of show".Another poll with just those models to vote on the GB's Best of Show ? Just an idea.
  5. Just need to tidy up as this high mag shows everything up. Nearly ready for the quarter deck.
  6. 72modeler

    PB4 Privateer

    Yep- when I got the Cobra set, I sold off my Airwaves and High Planes Privateer cowlings- the Airwaves cowlings weren't much better than the original kit cowlings- it looked like they just used one of the kit cowlings as a master and filled in one of the intakes so it was smaller- BIG disappointment! Mike
  7. I would like the School of Aviation Medicine T Mk.12. That Green and White scheme was great.
  8. The house move looks like is going to happen. But no room at the moment for modelling shed unless I can do something with the garage(never had a garage before and the 'new house'is actually a 1980s build but detached) that new house will have but initially it will store all my stuff with the car outside just for a while. But swmbo is putting me under a lot of pressure saying that I can't take all my stuff so a lot will have to go she says. But I am resisting as much as I dare... My built collection has to be limited to those that mean something to me and will number around 100. Unbuilt stuff still to be decidec on... may be for the retirement days. Will look to swap thos that I don't really need for those that I would like. Publications of all kinds will take a cut too. But hopefully I will get something done by 2021. I'll stay tuned ans as mentioned above will post pics of those builds not shown herein RFI time to time. Cheers all.
  9. Top work as usual Dan sorry about your news it always happens around Christmas!
  10. Brian, A while ago you asked me what tools etc that you should buy. For me, that's a hard hard question to answer so let me just show you what I have in a toolbox and on my workbench and you can pick and choose from there. Also, understand that, these tools were accumulated over a lot of years. I hope it helps.
  11. Cheers Pete but it does not do my nerves any good
  12. Denford

    PB4 Privateer

    Unfortunately these are one-piece with a rather unreal cylindrical depression (don't know how else to describe it) between the cowling front and the engine. The purist may wish to remove the engines entirely and 'clean out' the cowling. Replacement engines (white metal or resin) aren't hard to come by and should improve the appearance. The Cobra 'Detail Set' I referred to above, has separate engines and cowlings. I like the thought of Valom tooling it. There are actually more colour (or should it be color) schemes than you suggest. Firetruck red for target aircraft, and 3 tone or overall dark blue for French and Chinese Nationalist users.
  13. Nice work so far Ced. Check Stew's build for hints on the wing to fuselage attachment, I remember having trouble getting it to fit flush.
  14. Browsing through Anatomy of Nelson's Ships the other day I realised I would need to make a d block for the cross jack lifts as the one on the hull is way to small to drive a hole in so off thay come. Then I made a .16mm hole in .100in thick evergreen and a .065mm hole just in front and down a bit of the first hole. Shaped around with a file glued in place. Quite pleased with the outcome. As it was
  15. Hey, Gary, I just did a January update read of the thread and am sitting here suitably impressed. Ironing rotor blades! who'd have thunk it? Lots of lovely detail and a willingness to rip it apart and start again. Like it. regards, Pete.
  16. I’ve said it before but I use Tamiya rattle cans. I did stray but I keep coming back as they are so easy to use and the results are great. The technique of building up layers still stands though. I use acrylics and yes gloss coats do get knocked back by them. Layer it up.
  17. Bit rich, considering they tied down a huge proportion of the Luftwaffe and Wehrmacht in the east with sheer determination and vast expenditure of blood...
  18. I believe the wheel base is the same on all Hunters. The T.7/8 is definitely longer than the fighters ahead of the nose gear bay, but don't know by how much, about two foot difference in overall length is in my mind, but cant be definite.
  19. Cheers! I took some tips off YouTube and basecoated the whole thing in Nato Black. This seems to provide a bit of a masking / shadow colour in case you miss any of the top coat colours. I then sprayed the whole thing Green as this was the main hull colour on this scheme, then i added the Brown, then the Tan. A bit of a reverse of what you should do i suppose. Some other schemes have Tan as the hull colour so it depends which one you are doing.
  20. Hush children I am composing (soon doubtless to be followed by decomposing, never felt less creative...)
  21. Revisiting this posting a second time! - '...we all crave..' looks suspiciously like the royal 'We', in this case meaning 'I'. - Whether a subject is esoteric is rather subjective: I wouldn't call either a P-38 or Tempest series esoteric. So why wasn't a P-38 tooled? Because a Beaufort was chosen instead. Why not the Tempest? Because a Spitfire Vc was chosen instead. - '… many other subjects in different scales'. Remember that this year we have FOUR aircraft. Now admittedly the Vulcan is large, so in its place could have been 2 or maybe even 3 alternatives. There is a limit, and a fairly small limit too, to the number of new subjects that can be tooled each year. This seems to be overlooked by some BM correspondents who submit lists running into double figures! Circumstantial evidence suggests that when Phoenix asset management took over the running of Hornby (2 years ago?) several\most\all subjects were put on hold. Encouragingly, remarks at Telford suggest that Airfix are now 'up to speed'. However as even the smallest subjects takes at least at least a year to tool, one can be optimistic that output will increase, though perhaps not as much as many would wish. As for the subjects there many, such as the Scimitar, which they are unlikely to tool. That said, and even with their perceived selection policy, there are many, many others they could, and one day surely will. But for every one selected, others will be passed by. 'Many be called but few be chosen' is the phrase that comes to mind.
  22. Since I am walking trips around, not stright, I am most waiting for Aero 304 Lavochkin "razor back" looks very promising but maybe there was also announcement by some Ukrainian company (?). Fast googling result - there were 4 places where Poles used D 510: the eight Polish key in Caen, the tenth 10. Polish key in La Rochelle, the GC III/9 nad in flying school at Bron airfield in Lyon. I do not remeber any scheme - anyway here are individual histories if known https://www.passionair1940.fr/Armee de l'Air/Appareils/Chasse/Dewoitine-D510/EN-Historiques-2.htm I hope it can help Regards J-W
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