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  2. Quick question 'coz I don't know, why are internals at the side windows different colours to th interior green? Stuart
  3. He's loving it mate, keeps him busy and its just fuelling his desire to join the RAF when he's old enough. Yes, that would be a great idea if you could find the markings for the JU88 and build that one - I did consider it at some point but for whatever reason (like most of my plans haha) it just fizzled into nothing. Good to hear from you too, if you ever fancy a pint just give me a shout!
  4. Old topic, but if this is on hold, have you considered vacuforming more Death Star tiles?
  5. Looks good so far; I'm looking forward to seeing this come together, seeing as I will in all probability never have room for one myself!
  6. What time I have for plastic bashing.... just not enough!.... I've got a few bits and bobs attached, like the wheels and doors etc. Most spent trying to make something of the engine cowlings /nacelles. Calling them "poor" is a kindness really. Cooling gills are wrong and in the wrong place.. No hint of exhausts. Bottom intakes look too short, and the top ones wrong at the front. Engine boss too small. Etc I'm not trying to make a "gold watch" here, but really I got to try and make something with what I have got. Trouble is, everything needs to be done 4 times or more. I'm still going with the idea of using the (enlarged) spinners with clear plastic prop discs. Tsk, it's a game, isn't it....???
  7. The last of the skulls, plus the paints I ordered for the re-do of the Dancing Girls skirts, should be turning up around end of next week. But I'm not all that chuffed with the look of the dungeon floor - the pigments I used make it look too "yellow" and have subsequently left it far too bright. So all the figures and everything else are coming back off the scenic over the next couple of days while most of those pigments get washed off and replaced by a darker color. That'll also provide an opportunity to integrate the piles of skulls better into the floor of the scenic. Meanwhile, I decided the display needs more of Thulsa Doom's henchmen, so I made a start on assembling and painting these two 75mm thugs. Ignore the guy in the middle who's "Taken the Black". He's going to be used in the next fantasy show I have planned.
  8. Please see the latest post from myself in the Gannet thread on Rumourmonger.
  9. So you've gone from Flickr to Photobucket? Why? Most people have jumped the PB ship and have gone elsewhere. Chris
  10. Alan is now a site member as of Friday last He is still finding his way around the site He is known as Icelandic Fine Arts Please cut him a little slack as he gets used to things and posting. I spoke with him today, but I don't want to steal his thunder. The Belfast is almost ready, but he went to Cosford this week and discovered he had an error with the back of the inboard engine nacelles, which he now has to correct. He wants to give the option of ramp down too. Gannets are £55 and will be ready for shipment shortly, those who have contacted him will get replies as appropriate I have a price for the Hastings, and the VC10. They will be very affordable for resin, but I will not divulge them yet. He is working also on a 1/72 Trident in conjunction with the Trident project. When kits are ready (not for a while) some of the proceeds will be to the project. Does anyone have accurate drawings for a Varsity? He is going to Brooklands shortly. New products will be subject to sales of kits from existing masters. He has a caster, but all other work is him alone. More info will follow. I took a few pics of the Vulcan and VC10 today, I'll post them later.
  11. There's now a brown and an 'oil' (actually more like petrol blue) was over the tracks. While I was painting the cubs, I also splashed a bit of Tamiya XF60 over everything on the sprue that isn't tracks and then gave that a sepia wash to bring out the detail. I'm not sure where to go next with the tracks now - in my usual scale what I've done to them so far would be plenty but these ones are crying out for... something. Any suggestions would be useful. Andy Flummoxed
  12. Grabbing my seat for this. Very happy and thankful you're doing a WIP for this. Dennis
  13. Outstanding work. Nice coloring and weathering Really nice to see.
  14. Over the last few nights I have been busy weathering the Wildcat. Firstly applying a dirt wash to the top and bottom, removing any access residue in the direction of airflow. Next I applied chipping to the build, for this I used a filed down cocktail stick, once happy with this mixed up some rust and applied it to the underside. I plan to add some smoke trails from the exhausts with my airbrush, then the final assembly can begin.
  15. Quick update, ready to get started, have started taking items off the sprues (those that had not already fallen off) and have made some light applications of primer. The question is whether to go ahead and break up an Eduard cockpit etch set for a TF-104G ie use the etch for the front cockpit of the twin seater on this much more basic model. Here is what I am working with: The first item of interest is that the cockpit contains two ejection seats. The first two issues of this kit were for USAF F-104C models whereas this one is for a West German F-104G. After a little searching on the web I learned that USAF Starfighters used the Lockheed C-2 ejection seat whereas most European models were equipped with the Martin-Baker Mk. Q7(A) to give more rapid ejections in high sink rate situations. Looking at the photo above I think the seat on the left is the Lockheed seat, the one to the right the Martin-Baker type. As I am still very warm towards a NASA F-104G I understand that the Lockheed seat would be the one to use. The Monogram cockpit is very basic indeed, apart from the control stick what you see is what you get! The use of even just a few pieces of etch would give it a great deal more detail though I might have to trim some of them to get them to fit. I think it is worth a try. Michael
  16. It will certainly be interesting to see what the outcome of this sad affair is. Am I right in thinking that those involved are under 16?
  17. The seats look really good from inside and out. Excellent thread. Terry
  18. Looking good. Do the placards only come in the Airscale set of do Airfix provide decals for those?
  19. That’s a lovely build, with a superb finish, good job!
  20. I love them. Got 28 of them now between the display shelf, workbench and stash. These two have the first coat of paint, and an ink wash over the running gear that isn't going to get any camo colours. Think the Ferdinand will be two tone with added green as at Kursk and the Jagdtiger will have something interesting from Austria 1945 Andy Making progress
  21. I'm very familiar with ITAR regulations. It's not entirely clear that the external shape of the F-35 would be covered. How else to explain Italeri's 1/32nd scale kit produced with explicit licensing authority from Lockheed-Martin.
  22. If they plead guilty or are found guilty they will be dealt with in accordance with the national sentencing guidelines. Sentencing is a matter for the judge under reference to the guidelines.
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