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  2. With the two interior sub-assemblies complete, painted, and ready to install, I've gone ahead and joined the fuselage halves. I fitted their exterior panels in the process - fore-warned is fore-armed, and from reviews I was aware they needed some slight sanding in order to get a reasonably flush fit: While they were sitting aside to set thoroughly, I put a couple more sub-assemblies together, namely the stub wings and engine nacelles and their exhausts:
  3. Been there. Done that too. I don't learn well. Chris
  4. Hi Glynn. Great to see you here with what should be another superb project! Very annoying about the lower hull tub - I can't offer any further suggestions to those provided above - not come across this issue with any kits....yet. Looking forward to seeing it in progress. Kind regards, Stix
  5. They are great paints, reminds me, I need to place another order fro Jamie soon... Geoff
  6. Did you overcoat the bare metal? Thank you.
  7. Look at her! Hope she has a lovely time convalescing, and doesn’t jump around too much Rob
  8. Shame about the canopy as you have done a great job with the painting and decaling. Not a mark of silver anywhere. Looks good and probably more realistic with the cover. Colin
  9. See the decal sheet in post 1 above- a particular boxing of the kit had your Race 80 covered.
  10. looks good so far, maybe time for a look to the entrance of the bulge on top, in front of the fin, that one doesn't look smooth
  11. 1/48, Eduard doesn't do a "G" in any other scale.
  12. Hi All, I'm back for more and ready to go. I'm aiming to start Saturday 9 am. I've done the sprue shots already to save a couple of minutes of build time. It looks as if will be fairly straight forward and I'll be finishing it as a vehicle of the 21st Panzer Division of the DAK. I can't wait to get started. Dave.
  13. Actually there isn't anything I've seen in 1/48 in the aftermarket , but there is a set for 1/72 from Andy at Thunderbird Models..... I will continue to hunt for a 1/48 set.......
  14. Good progress there Stix, your washes bring out your zimmerit - and other details - nicely. Hmm ... "I want to see it painted, painted black Black as night, black as ... Anthracite " with appologies to Richards & Jagger
  15. Scale Solutions lovely resin Derelict kit completed. Compared to the Halcyon Nostromo,they appear to be a similar scale. Very Happy to have a big derelict in the collection,its one of my favourite designs ever. Andy
  16. As it's such a lovely, bright, sunny, & warm day, a quick application of Zircon blue was in order: All the best Angelo.
  17. In-box reviews of the Night Fighter boxing and dedicated photo-etched detail set from Brengun: http://www.kfs-miniatures.com/1-144-horten-ho-229-night-fighter-brengun/ http://www.kfs-miniatures.com/1-144-ho-229a-blaszka-do-zestawu-brengun-brengun/
  18. In-box review of Ki-87-II: http://www.kfs-miniatures.com/1-72-nakajima-ki-87-ii-rs-models/
  19. The paints were from the Colourcoats range (M1/M5 I think) - https://www.sovereignhobbies.co.uk/collections/modern-naval-colours Lovely paints to spray, great quality Tim
  20. Navalised fin just behind the canopy is homemade from thick white card. Not very refined but more accurate for the Q version than in the kit. Still not sure about my crude scratch building but from a display distance I’m quite pleased. Not sure if il add to the other 2
  21. I had a similar experience with the FJ-1. The kit had an etched set for the cockpit but once I placed the canopy (closed) it was difficult to see the details.
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