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  2. I've used some of Mr. Parkin's stuff and it does take a bit of work, but worth it. This is a helluva a build, great stuff! Fraser
  3. It does look a bit wobbly, canting to starboard - but it might also be an illusion of the pics. Ciao
  4. Been having a go at doing one for my Scottish maid as the actual engraved plaque I had down is really hard to read. Seems to be going well, so far ...
  5. A bit like Elvis's mouse, I have also been caught in the trap, After the B17 GB I ended up with another Airfix one, a Revell one and a couple of Academy versions. All are unbuilt, sitting alongside the two I did finish, in a box in the loft. There's a Matchbox Stranraer and Seafox that didn't get built for the first Seaplane GB as well. The Airfix GB was well catered for before the off, so there were not any stash additions for that one. As far as the FROG GB goes, I already had a few perfect contenders up and ready to go, However, a mate sent me a big box containing a load of part built/restorable FROG/Renwall AFV kits. Included in the box, there's a Skysweeper AA gun, A tracked Howitzer, an ONTOS and, would you believe it, an Atomic Cannon, complete with it's box!! The chances are a bit slim of even starting on them at this stage of the game though. Maybe for FROG GBII? I'm already turning up stuff for the Heller group build and that one is not even close to starting! Tony.
  6. Ok so I am fairly familiar with this kit, the aircraft and 1/32 is my scale so here goes... first things first, find some pictures of your aircraft; quite a few A-1s had additional MGs in the side windows of the canopy; it will also help with camouflage and weathering If you think you need aftermarket landing gear, i would ditch the SAC gear and go for G-Factor; it's brass as opposed to soft(ish) white metal, and will give you the security you are looking for, plus good detail; I would use aftermarket wheels (Aires from memory?) I would use Master Model gun barrels for sure - the kit barrels are just not good enough if you are serious about this kit SImilarly, I would forget decals for anything apart from the geschwader markings and maybe the odd stencil; use masks instead (and no, you don't always need to spray light colors first, the dark; use proper paints and you can spray what you want when you want - see below) if your airframe had external bombs - check your references - then I would look to MDC resin bomb racks i would use Eduard (or similar) instrument panels, and also some replacement seatbelts as these will all be very visible; I would not go for a replacement resin cockpit though because i) Revell did an excellent job with the kit version and ii) there is nothing out there that is an instant 100% upgrade; the CMK stuff looks cool but once you start going through it piece by piece, you realise that it actually offers very little over and above the kit parts I would definitely use a canopy mask (Eduard I guess) Uschi rigging line for the antenna wires unless you are a skilled or adventurous modeller - and particularly inlight of what you said about an earlier attempt - I would steer clear of the Profimodeller upgrades; there are a lot of them but some are crazy complex for something you just won't see; they are useful however once you branch out into MG-FF armed versions etc etc finally, what paint are you using? I would highly recommend MRP Paints; they are what most people would term lacquer but noticeably superior to anything else that i have tried, and generally have an excellent reputation. hope this helps Nick
  7. This has been something of a masterclass in Diorama building, but then all your builds are.
  8. I think the lawn needs a good watering , there s some serious dry patches there. Oh and the Spitfire is quite nice too
  9. Thank you, Cliff, pleased that you are. I see that the book is still available on eBay and other vendors. I’ve gotten most of my inspiration and how-to-do-it on scratch building from the Harry Woodman book. Published around the same time. Probably similar techniques in each. Dennis
  10. I thought the previous tooling was pretty good , having not built this latest offering I cant comment but it looks spot on to me.
  11. I'm really amazed and chuffed how you lot have got behind this project Tin foil wrapped tightly around the hull. The hull was screwed to the base from underneath Once the acrylic structure gel had set I removed the hull from the tin foil and them the tin foil. HTH Thanks again for all your support which makes me want to achieve more . . . Kev
  12. Looks great. I like the use of blacks and greys to break up the monotone black. You haven't indicated if this is your first sail build but something of note is that your flags are 'flying' the wrong direction. Stuart
  13. So much potential. Do we expect too much from some kit manufacturers ? It just lacked. Dick
  14. That tail is coming together really well. The very neat colour demarcation between the white and grey is especially nice. The canopy issue is unfortunate. Depending on how it looks on the final model I guess it could be left as is. It seems to be on one side more than the other. Displaying the model to hide that should work. If the cracks are too glaring it might be worth considering a solid colour finish? Checking the internet for Vigilante pictures shows the canopy appearing a solid black when viewed from above, maybe that would look the part? A bit left of field I know, but a possible way out of trouble. I finished a Hunter canopy with a chrome Molotow pen when that one cracked on me. It looks OK, if a little 'Desktop Model' I think I got away with that one as the plane is sat on a stand and the overall look balances out. Tony.
  15. The 'law of diminishing returns' I'm afraid, a law I often follow. Stuart
  16. ah, you underestimate your fellow modellers. A goodly number on here were weaned on the Chippie. In Air Experience Flights with the ATC, then perhaps learning to fly in one. From the 1950s through to the mid 1970s so many thousands of ATC cadets had their first taste of flying in the Chippie. Besides RAF use it was used by the RN and Army Air Corps as well a host of foreign countries as a basic introductory trainer. Its still used by the BBMF for tail-dragger experience. Its a nice looking trainer, easy to fly. Over the 73 years its been around its had many users in a good number of colour schemes, I think, given the chance to build a good Chipmunk kit, a lot of modellers, especially ex-ATC, will choose to build one they flew. As I did;
  17. That's turned out well despite your problems, well done.
  18. As the Re.2000 was used in Sweden designated J 20, I'm very happy about this anouncement indeed. And the SH track record of late with some nice releases, this looks very promesing. /Johan
  19. I just bought this airbrush and made an unboxing video if anyone is interested.
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