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  2. Well seeing as I'm co-hosting I thought it was about time that I revealed what I will be building for this GB. Now those of you who have seen my builds in the past will know that I like to build things in markings that are a little out of the ordinary and have an interest in things flown in smaller conflicts from around the World and as such I voted for the Small Wars GB which unfortunately didn't get picked this time around so I thought I would use this opportunity to show why I like the subject and hopefully garner some support if it comes up for voting again, and also to point some of you in the direction of the Latin American GB which could really use some more support in the Group Build Chat section, go on you know you want to! Anyway to the build. I will be using the venerable Hasegawa 1/48 F4U-5N boxing which is still the best 1/48 kit for anything from the F4U-5 onwards and I will be using a decal sheet from FCM to produce an F4U-5 NL that was used by the Argentine Naval Aviation in the 1963 Navy Revolt which saw them used to attack armored forces of the Army as they advanced on the Navy base at Punta Indio causing quite a bit of damage. An interesting fact is that they were used in conjunction with the Navy's Grumman Panthers, which would also make a nice topic to build. The revolt got absolutely nowhere but cost the Navy dearly as a lot of their aircraft were destroyed on the ground by the Air Force. Onto the box and it's contents, here are the usual box and contents shots starting with the box top; And the contents; And the decal sheet by FCM, currently taped to a window to increase it's whiteness; And a look at what she will look like, hopefully! So there we have it, a build which covers 3 GB's, Corsair, Small Wars and Latin America and will hopefully get a little support for the other two. Thanks for looking in and all criticism and advice is always welcome. Craig.
  3. As a novice airliner builder I understand most builders fill in the window s with putty and then use window decals which I plan to do on my build of an A321. Has any had success using the moulded window inserts and then fixed decals over the top or should I stick with puttying in the window holes?
  4. I love that scheme for your RNZAF Corsair!
  5. Hi Guys, I bought the 2 Gris Bleu colours from White Ensign well before Jamie aquired the Colourcoats range, and I too thought they were a bit dark so I queried it with them. They (John Snyder I seem to remember - could be wrong?) emailed back that as far as they were concerned they were correct. I must confess I used their GB Clair straight from the tin instead of GB Fonce and added a bit of their Blue de Ciel to it for the underside - probably wrong but it matched pics of other people's kits. If there were indeed changes to the actual colour made by the French that might explain it. I see that the updated Cybemodeller chart shows it as being close to FS32670 whilst IPMS Stockhilm suggest FS25189 for what it is worth, Cheers Pete
  6. Having all my modelling stuff in one place again for the first time in over 2 years is great, but in trying to snatch some time at the bench in the past few days (work is v busy) I realised that I couldn’t find anything. When you only have an hour of spare time, wasting half of it rummaging through tool boxes looking for things is a real waste. So I finally decided to do something about it; I’ve seen the Polish “HobbyZone” modular stuff at Telford & though it has potential. 36 hours after finding the UK supplier, 9 modules were delivered on Friday. It’s taken me two days to build them all & sort out my stuff, but finally (possibly for the first time ever!) I know where everything is: It transpires (which will surprise none of you, I suspect) that I own an embarrassing number of files & tweezers! Let’s hope it allows me to get in with some work on the ship (though part of the school re-opens tomorrow, so I’m expecting this week to be pretty mad as well) More soon Crisp
  7. I agree, an Escort Mk2 'proper kit" is much needed. The Esci, Revell, Italeri offering is okay, but it needs a fair bit of work to bring it up to modern standards. You know some of those 'smaller' companies are our only source now. I really can't see Tamiya getting back into 1/24 rally anytime soon. It's a real shame as they used to be the best for rally models..
  8. A woman was up in front of the magistrate for shop lifting. As she was a kleptomaniac she was well known to the judge 'What was it this time Mrs Jones?' asked the judge 'A tin of peaches' she replied 'How many peaches are in a tin? asks the judge '6, I think' says Mrs Jones 'You'll go to jail for 6 nights, one night for each peach' sentences the judge Just then Mr Jones decides to speak up 'Excuse me Mr Judge your honour. . . . . . . On the way here this morning she stole two tins of peas' 3 men were sentenced to death. Their final days arrived early in December. When asked the Frenchman replied he wanted Boeuf bourguignon with wine for his final meal. The morning after his final meal the Frenchman was taken out and shot The German asked for Bratwurst and beer The next morning he was taken out and shot. When the Englishman was asked he said he wanted a big dish of strawberries and Devon cream 'Strawberries!' said the prison governor 'Where are we going to get strawberries in the middle of December? They're out of season!' 'I can wait' said the Englishman
  9. Thanks Mike. After several visits to this thread I was beginning to worry that there was something wrong with my computer. Relieved of Mars
  10. From someone else doing a triple build welcome to the triple gull wing club and build. Dennis
  11. First attempt: remove one link from the whole set of tracks. Second attempt: enlarge the diameter of front and rear wheel and move both to opposite direction till the tension desired. Third attempt: a combination of first and second! Hope this help you. Ciao filippo
  12. Uncle Uncool

    Quoting posts

    Oh, lockdown has nothing to do with places starting to wear thin, John. Neither did I say that using white cards was wrong, it's just a matter of preferences on my part; or even that a crammed up bench doesn't affect me either. On the contrary. At least, there's no rule that I know of with regard to taking piccies over a crammed up bench WIP. You should check piccies of my sheila while she's cooking her pastry over on Facebook Incidentally; most of the builders I follow on Youtube use to record their builds over a tormented background. Will Pattison's bench is like watching Chernobyl! Yeh, it is... Cheers, Unc2
  13. Hi Ian, For a novice builder about to start on a Zvezda 1/144 kit did you use the kit window inserts or fill the window holes in using filler? Fantastic build by the way.
  14. True.... and I’m not surprised your vote have gone for a NZ option. I’m thinking along the same lines, but feel bad that I don’t have the FAA represented with a Corsair in my collection... that said I have more blue paint than I do EDSG etc so that could be a deciding factor! Rob
  15. The respray looks ace craig so do the straws
  16. I use simple old MS-Paint for about 95% of what I do. It's pretty basic, but over the years I've learned to wring some pretty surprising things out of it. If I need to adjust color saturation or slightly more advanced stuff like that, I switch over to another freeware program called paint.net. Again, it's pretty basic, but it tends to be more simple and intuitive than 'real' drawing or art programs. Plus...I'm cheap. Free is good.
  17. Another vote for AK's XM. My use of these changed my entire approach to airbrushing. I'd tried with various acrylics - Tamiya, then Revell, then Vallejo, Mig, etc., with specialised thinners, flow improver, everything but struggled. AK XM shot straight from the bottle with perfect coverage. Their Black Base is so good I tend to use it just for black rather than as a primer for XM. I've since bought the entire XM range along with switching other colours to pre-thinned enamel (Mil-Spec). They stink a bit but they work and they still stink less than my Alclad liquors.
  18. That's fine but I urge you to engage my thread for these steps also. What and how is clearly delineated. I'm very glad you're trying advanced techniques Barry, but you're only part way there. First, obviously the front needs to come down too to match the rear height and get a level body. You don't say how you lowered the rear springs - either you removed leaves or de-arched them. The front will need similar work but not necessarily the same. The floor will need major reworking; I ground down crossmembers, cut slots, made a taller rear step in it and fashioned new bolt-on threaded fasteners to make it frequently removable. It's all on view in the thread. When you get body finalized, the body attachment hole for body to frame at lower front corner will no longer line up. I made a new, lower, bracket from brass, bolted that to frame then drilled and tapped hole through body and into brass bracket for 0-80 bolt. The old hole in the body will naturally need filler. If you'd like, a 5mm trim of the body lower edge restores good proportions in the side view. DO NOT yet make radiator changes; it is higher because you lowered the body. Just be sure it is perpendicular to the frame and bolt upright. Nor cut/modify the hood panels for the same reason. That was among the last steps in my build. Establish body and ride height to satisfaction THEN get hoods and rad into final configurations. You can see already that the whole car's looking immeasurably better than the stock build.
  19. If you google c130k mach loop and look at images there is a picture where you can zoom in and see said fairing.Its located next to the center escape hatch.
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