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  2. Geeze! Now two of us are lost! I dropped out of school, just so you know. Chris
  3. Imagine if you had a hobby store selling Eduard kits and were constantly getting undercut on price by Eduard themselves. I think this is just Eduard trying to support their retailers. Airfix has a similar "no discounts" policy for their on-line shop, although they don't adjust the retail price based on the country you are located in. This makes it possible to by from Airfix in the UK direct and pay less that UK-based buyers because Airfix removes the VAT and, if you buy enough, they give free shipping as well.
  4. The tug is looking great Kev. I like the idea of the pull cord for the bumpers, as well. The tug may not be the only thing adopting a list. John
  5. Who told you that the Seasprite model and the Su-25 model will cost 50+ pounds? Nobody knows about the price of the Su-25 yet. The price of Seasprite will be around 25 euros. Please don't start to resent the price that you yourself have came up with.
  6. Cheers bud, The Counter Invader looks superb in the SEA scheme - I hope that we will be seeing yours? Phil
  7. Outstanding John simply outstanding Cheers Pat
  8. Wolfpak Decals sheet 72-046 has the two North Dakota 9/11 scramblers with that marking. It's sold out on their website, but Fantasy Printshop (who prints their decals) still has it available. LINK Regards, Murph
  9. I have made some decisions and some purchases. Nothing much will happen until next weekend, but expect a sudden burst of activity as I have something planned that I hope will be quite interesting. Apropos of nothing, I've had a look on Scalemates without finding an answer, so maybe someone here will know; do any of the available Tiran 4 or 5 boxings come with Uruguayan markings in the box? Andy
  10. Well done 825 Oh dear this looks like another one that is fighting it's way to the top of the pile to be built. Looks like @CorsairfoxfouruncleGB next year will provide the perfect opportunity. Cheers Pat
  11. thanks! the Reskit exhausts fits very well, I removed the inner kit mounting though. nothing serious. now I can put it in after closing the fuselage at will ready for paint? the multi purpose tanks are ready to paint as well... RPK-10s from the kit I plan to put something that makes hole in the ground at least on the outboard stations.. wasn't there something that the locations are symmetrical on the real ones compared to Kinetics version?... have to find that info.....
  12. XV336 No. 800 Naval Air Squadron, HMS Eagle, June 1971 DSC_0004 by Richard Linnell, on Flickr DSC_0007 by Richard Linnell, on Flickr DSC_0011 by Richard Linnell, on Flickr DSC_0012 by Richard Linnell, on Flickr DSC_0013 by Richard Linnell, on Flickr DSC_0014 by Richard Linnell, on Flickr
  13. I really like it and I’m just about to do a similar thing to my stupid Hurricane. I can’t see if you have continued the light fade over the decals. It looks like it’s only on the camo. Not sure if that was conscious? Either way that’s simply my observation and regardless she looks stunning. Still worried that I didn’t do staining from the engines on my Lanc. They look great on yours. Jont.
  14. StephenMG

    Proud Dad

    Well done Hannah . My own daughter did her Bronze Award last year so I know hw much hard work is involved.
  15. Very good with an excellent finish. The Italeri kit does fit where it touches and you have wrestled it to a great looking model. I have just finished the Italeri A26 Counter Invader using slightly different Tamiya colours. I had to mask mine though
  16. Cheers guys. Tamiya was straight from the bottle: XF52 Flat Earth XF61 Dark Green XF67 Nato Green XF85 Rubber Black Phil
  17. Looks great! Plus you have settled my internal dilemma of how to orientate the stars-and-bars on a forward-swept wing
  18. It was a red decal. It doesn't matter though, it's a small detail that won't affect the finished model.
  19. What a stupid thing to do to a Mustang, I congratulate you on the scornful laugh, it was well deserved!
  20. OK I've moved the photos to Photobucket, but it seems they watermark everything so I'll see how it goes. There's been a lot of work done and the engine is now in the car as are the front components - fuel tank, oil cooler, water bottles etc. However, I'll just stick a few here at a time in the sequence they were built. More to follow..... First up, some photos of the motor assembly. I added some cables etc and used a bit of artistic licence.
  21. Giorgio, don't tell my about this. I had an ESCI F-16B. I know that ESCI and Italeri are different models. I'm just quote article about F-16 models 72nd scale from https://72nd.webs.com/menu.htm . So, don't argue with me, argue with https://72nd.webs.com/ B.R. Serge
  22. Think you should stop drinking in the Star Wars bar Bill and join me in the Fighting Cocks. Folk here are slightly less weird. Oh yeh nice paint job and transfers.
  23. Ha. I don’t know about that but thank you for the compliment.
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