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  2. For younger followers, the stick figure with halo (sans wings) was the symbol of Leslie Charteris's popular private detective/James Bond predecessor in a large series of books - later starring Roger Moore in a popular TV serial. In a rather nice Volvo, very exotic in those days. It appeared on a number of WWII aircraft, in a range of variations. It was supposedly carried on a Sea Hurricane on Operation Pedestal: I reckon I can just about make it out on 7.E but with a Byzantine halo rather than the Western one. Not every one sees this, I must admit.
  3. Sparkie

    Telford 2019

    Cheers Paul Yeah first Telford, getting back in the swing of things after the usual life hiatus I signed up to IPMS as I may pop down again on the Sunday if I don't get around as much as I wanted to, as its not THAT far a drive for me and for the sake of a tenner was worth the punt I thought If you see a tall ginger bloke looking lost, that will be me Mark
  4. I hope, but since they have both their own and ESCI toolings-very much doubt it. Cutlasses would be nice.
  5. As I said before in thread '1/72 VC10 C.MK.1 RAF Resin kit': I know a few who love to buy the A.330MRTT, as Europe bought 8. They will fly in Dutch markings from Eindhoven and Köln. Hans
  6. Your Father in Law certainly did his bit too Dennis,...... what a generation they are/were eh? Cheers Tony Thank you very much, Cheers Tony
  7. Sorry Luigi for the late answer, yes that is the part.
  8. Go on then - Wessex me up! Matchbox and Novo in the stash somewhere - unless some kind soul comes up with a 1/32 Scout in the meantime.
  9. Yes I used it on the build of the Airfix 1/24 Hellcat as revealed at Telford last year. The finish is glossy - although not super high gloss. From the bottle it gives a pretty reasonable scale effect on that kit.
  10. I'm not about to join, sorry, but I still want to ask why only Israeli Air Force? The various Tiran tanks, for example, are very popular in the current T-55 STGB. V-P
  11. It would appear that the 20th of October and hence the end of this Classic kit GB, is just around the corner. For those that are still completing there Frog kits, might I suggest taking a day off work this Friday to extend your last weekend and maximise your modelling productivity. I'm sure your Boss / Mrs will understand and be fully supportive and co-operative over these next three days. For the record the latest build tally (up to and including TonyW's latest P-40) reads thus - Build Tally Total Builds = 170 / Total Subjects = 115 / Gallery Entries = 95 / Completion Ratio = 55.9 % I'm pretty confident that we will get to the magical 100 mark, however do believe that we could even surpass that by some degree. Cheers and best of British luck to get these great Frog kits over the line... Dave
  12. 17 OCTOBER 1969 Soyuz 7 landing Crew: Anatoli Filipchenko (CDR); Vladislav Volkov (FE); Viktor Gorbatko (RE) Landing site: 155 km NW of Karaganda Soyuz 7 had been launched the day after its predecessor, and now a day after Soyuz 6 landed, it followed suit. The planned docking with Soyuz 8 had been called off: since the latter craft carried a crew of two it seems likely that one cosmonaut from Soyuz 7 would have transferred across. The rendezvous failure put a stop to that and the Soyuz 7 crew had to make do with their scientific programme. Flight time was 4d 22h 40m and 80 orbits, three minutes longer than Soyuz 6.
  13. Looks stunning Very neat job on the rudder and it really pops out with the rest of the plane being all camo.
  14. All the antennas had to be made from Scratch. Measuring taken by original Fotos and eyesight.
  15. That looks great Tony, well done and congratulations on yet another superb Frog kit build. You deserve to sit back and have a few quiet ones to celebrate what's been a massive effort from you. Cheers and well done.. Dave
  16. Alongside the Gladiator, i am also building the 1975 boxing of the Mosquito. I did this kit years ago as an all black NF aircraft, but that was lost. So interesting to be building this alongside a new tooled kit. One really interesting addition in this kit is a small label that we never see here any more. And while it may have been made here, it was sent to me from across the pond by a friend from FSM a couple of years ago. Unfortunly the decals are a right off. But in my search for replacments i found some decals for aircraft operated by BOAC flying between Scotland and Swedan, so i'll be doing on of those. In additiong, i am useing an Airwaves PE set, pretty basic but its better than what the kit has. I also have some resin wheels and a vac canopy. The pit soom went together and got painted along with some PE belts out of the spares box. And the fuselage went together and the wings added. Fit isn't perfect but better than the SM.79 i built at the start of the year. Should also have the paint on this soon as well.
  17. Thanks Ced, on both accounts Tony, Andwil, my company produces professional kitchen equipment - we don't need a restaurant near the show, we actually have two inside our booth ... see this video from 2017 edition of the same show (you can even spot me in a few frames ) Ciao
  18. Lovely model but shouldn't the lander be positioned so that there are footprints at the base of the ladder?
  19. @Lord Riot I don't think it's you - it does look like overly complicated puzzle. Other than that, looks good though - and I bet the end result will be stunning.
  20. PhoenixII

    Telford 2019

    First Telford @Sparkie ? 1. Strong comfortable shoes. Steel / composite toecaps are your choice 2. NO back pack or anything that may 'dangle'.....over the models! 3. Find Greggs in the shopping centre, you can feed the family for far less than yourself in the cafe in the TIC. Other retail outlets are available. 4. If your an IPMS member, I would suggest give the kitswop a miss, not worth the hastle. Obviously others think different. 5. If you want to have a look see at the competition, late Saturday or mid morning Sunday. Worth remembering some of the entries are from members not resident in the UK and have flights to catch. 6. The WnW tables......Oh, and North Riding, as we're next door! 7. Models for Hero's on the left, in the foyer, if your not part of a set up crew, if everybody made a donation, they would need a 38' - 42' rig to move 'em! Everything to a VERY good cause. Next year, more of the same! Paul
  21. About high time to try the final push to get this one in the mad November voting. Coincidentally I just today bought the Airfix USAAF bomber re-supply set (the one with the B-17 kit, of course) for a stunning 38,50 GBP including p&p from the UK to Finland . So get on, grab your FLAK:s, fighters, bombers or whatever fits the description of this GB and sign in . V-P
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