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  2. Nice work Nigel. Happy Easter!
  3. bentwaters81tfw

    Does anybody give a grump?!!

    Trouble is, we are heading for a cashless society. I'm just hoping I still have enough change for the bloke with the boat.
  4. Bonhoff

    FOUR What it’s Worth

    Fall by the wayside
  5. bentwaters81tfw

    RF-101C VOODOO 1/48 KH…the intakes are done!

    Superb footage. Shame there is no soundtrack! A Voodoo at full chat is something to behold. All this extra info is fascinating. Sometimes trying to get information about the Voodoos over here is very hard, their role being Nuclear strike made USAFE very cagey. We have a museum talk lined up soon with a guy who worked on them over here. I shall be taking notes!
  6. That Matchbox kit is still a great looking Wimpy when correctly build... cheers, Jan
  7. trickyrich

    Vietnam - 7 to go

    just for those that might be interested, or for lovers of pure "resin porn"!!!!! This is the #1 build for me if this one goes ahead! this is just the conversion kit, I still need to buy the donor model. She's HUGE!!! Hollow cast one piece fuselage, she's slightly warped, a bit hard not to be considering the size of the case. The fuselage walls are almost the thickness of a plastic model. This is resin casting/production taken to 11! Two different sets of seat, the original factory and later "Yankee" ejection seats Lots of awesome other bits Plus case resin canopy She'll either be a camouflaged one or the aircraft flown by MoH winner Major Bernard "Bernie" Fisher. An incredible story to read about for those who don't know it. He also was awarded the Silver Star that same day as well! http://skyraider.org/skyassn/fisher/fishermoh.htm
  8. Admiral Puff

    FOUR What it’s Worth

    promises of many politicians (We're in election mode down here, and there's another month to go. Will my sanity survive?!)
  9. 1. The jury is still out but it's looking a little less than hopeful at the moment................ https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/235038915-out-of-the-box-models-172-yak-9t-crowdfunding/& 2. Isn't that what banks do?
  10. Alan R

    Jaguar XJR-9

    Hi All, Just a minor update. The stacks in the Tamiya XJR-9 are turned shiny aluminium. I thought that I would 'bling' them up a bit. So, out came the Molotow chrome pen, and this is the result: I think it's come up well. More updates tomorrow. Thanks for looking, Alan.
  11. Admiral Puff

    Does anybody give a grump?!!

    I'm not all that worried about the bloke with the scythe coming after me. After all, he can't be all that bad if he calls his horse "Binky" ...
  12. Alan R

    Jaguar XJR-9

    Hi Ian, Not trying to take the forum over, just had a very busy day getting things started. It'll be back to usual after Monday. Cheers, Alan.
  13. rob Lyttle

    Curtiss C46 Commando 1/72

    Main doors too. These require a little bit of fussing over, with a little bit of a misalignment evident on the factory moulds. Attachment to the edge of the nacelle opening is - what shall I say... "unaided". I made some add-on angled strips to fit to the top of the door on the inside, and glued up into the nacelle. It's all a bit curved in different directions down there!
  14. Alan R

    AEC Routemaster

    Hi Cooper645, I'm not looking forward to the glazing either. Also, the decals look tricky as well. Let's see how it goes. Cheers, Alan.
  15. McNab

    Seabrook armoured lorry

    Practising... B62C539A-6B61-4852-B5C7-D68802630F95 ...and failing. Sorry. I will try again tomorrow. Night all.
  16. 128fiddler

    KV-107 JGSDF Okinawa rescue scheme

    Here's a picture of Luc Colin's famous CH-46 walkaround at primeportal. You can see a rotorhead with some of the plumbing visible, hope it's of any help!
  17. stevej60

    Frog/Novo Miles Magister

    Nearly there with this one Adrian great work it's looking good!
  18. RidgeRunner

    classic 1950's air show photos

    I've just seen this Mike @72modeler. Some great machines there. Clearly a lot of Wright-Patterson mschines but what unit is the double triangle of red and orange? Martin
  19. Brian

    FOUR What it’s Worth

    Plots of many movies
  20. trickyrich

    Saab SH-37 Viggen - 06/4 update + other stuff!!!

    WooHoo, am back and normal (sort of) service will resume every shortly! Got lots to do with this one but at least all the bits are here....finally. These lovely's were waiting for me... They are so much better than the kit parts.. I haven't tested out the seat yet but fingers crossed it'll fit (it even comes with the safety bar), plus I will drill out all the wee holes the airbrakes as well. oh and this was something else that was waiting for me.... ...the hardcore "resin porn" photos are in the Vietnam GB thread.....
  21. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Lockheed PV-1 Ventura, Revell 1/48

    Wow quick work but shes looking great.
  22. rob85

    1/48 D-day Spitfire

    Lovely build and some beautiful weathering! Rob
  23. That’s quite the upgrade in the back there. Excellent idea for a livery, not one I would have ever thought of but do thoroughly enjoy. A well ill executed build.
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