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  2. bentwaters81tfw

    Blue Steel bomb trolley

    Now I have a use for one of those.
  3. Kes

    Sword Lightning F1 (DB)

    Great job! I really like the F1, the first incarnation of a classic British jet
  4. Hi, As the point seems unclear I have emailed the publisher for permission so we will see what happens. Pete
  5. rob85

    in the Navy

    What’s life without a bit of risk! I haven’t finished anything in the last 18 months, and I’ve promised to build HMS Belfast.... This is good news #23! Rob
  6. elger

    Revell Halifax Mk II - I'm stuck on which bits to use

    It is astonishing how wrong those blades are. At least they got the pitch right... You could try to sculpt a more accurate shape out of the existing blades. It looks like that at least there's too much blade - it would be possible to carve or sand away material and end up with something resembling what it's supposed to be. I know this has been discussed before, but that type of Halifax propeller should look a lot like the blades found on late mark Hurricanes - are they the same? You could mistake Revell's representation for a P-51 propeller.
  7. Soeren

    Takom Late Panther A Buildlog

    I surely agree for the 1/16 scale atak zimmerit. In 1/35 scale they sure make a fantastic job. But the eduard pe doesn't look to bad either. I tried it on my afv club tiger and it was about 6 pieces on the mantle that conformed quite well. Interesting to read that the Tamiya cement works for this type of resin Zimmerit. You sure it will last?
  8. Kes

    111 Sqn F3

    'Very' nice, miss the ol' F3, an interceptor of some repute!
  9. rio

    Land Rover Series 1

    No theirs is a series III.
  10. Lex77

    Trainers Gallery

    Here is my build, the Hobbyboss 1/48 TA-7C in Greek colours. I used the Wolfpack ejection seats and Icarus Decal sheet. Link to the build; Pictures; 20190421_162130 by Lex de Kort, on Flickr 20190421_162155 by Lex de Kort, on Flickr 20190421_162208 by Lex de Kort, on Flickr 20190421_162217 by Lex de Kort, on Flickr 20190421_162250 by Lex de Kort, on Flickr
  11. VMA131Marine

    How good is Airfix at following product suggestions?

    That's about £70,000 ($91,000) per year. I'd guess you could halve that if you outsourced it to China or India, which is why a lot of companies have.
  12. Courageous

    La Fauvette Steam Yacht

    Looking very nice there Martian but I have a dopey question. How do you get those boats in the water ? Stuart
  13. dogsbody

    Revell Halifax Mk II - I'm stuck on which bits to use

    The prop on the left is the Revell prop with the spinner sitting on the hub. The one on the right is the Aeroclub white metal casting, made for the Matchbox kit. Chris
  14. Winnie

    Airfix Sea king HU5 build No2

    I was getting severe withdrawals... Now I just have to find someone who'll trade me the proper Sea King for the Orange Crop bits...
  15. Spiny

    Jaguar XJ-S

    I'm another one that will be following along with a somewhat selfish interest as I also have this kit in the stash and also have a soft spot for the XJ-S. Good to see that you appear to be confirming my first impressions that this appears a nice kit. The worst thing I've noticed on it (having only looked at the sprues yet) are sink marks on the scuttle and on the boot which suggest to me that this is the same mould as the TWR racer.
  16. Lex77

    1/48 Hobbyboss TA-7C DONE

    Had some time to make some pictures; 20190421_162130 by Lex de Kort, on Flickr 20190421_162155 by Lex de Kort, on Flickr 20190421_162208 by Lex de Kort, on Flickr Some more pictures in the gallery. Thanks to the hosts!
  17. Ian T

    Opel Blitz 1/35

    A great attempt at the weathering Jereon, I’ve not yet tried weathering of any description. I keep telling myself that I’m building vehicles straight out of the showroom to satisfy my lack of weathering knowledge!! After seeing this I’ll have to give it a go, maybe hot exhaust pipes on the next bike build at least ..... Keep up the good work, I’ll be looking for this in RFI shortly. Regards Ian
  18. Jan, Thanks for the clarification on the Cessna's , I appreciate you taking the time to communicate with us, Looking forward to the Pawnee !
  19. That sounds like a very big job. Did you add the gun ports and bumps on the lower nose associated with the bigger guns in the J 32B/D/E as well? Would love to see pictures. /Johan
  20. VMA131Marine

    How good is Airfix at following product suggestions?

    Even though Airfix issued the kit as a Mk.Va, technically you can't build an accurate model out of the box. The Va had metal covered ailerons, but these are molded with the wing as the fabric covered type of the Mk.I and Mk.II. Airfix should have supplied the ailerons as separate parts so it would have been easier to get an accurate Mk.V out of it. The newish Revell Spitfire has the opposite problem (well it actually has a lot of problems) in that they molded the wings with metal covered ailerons then sold it as a Mk.II.
  21. Spiny

    Trabant 601 Universal

    It's looking good. I must admit that when I built mine I was dreading doing the rubber strip on the trim, but with a bit of masking tape on each side it went surprisingly well. I hope your black paint goes on as easily too.
  22. The netted racks over the passenger seats are made:
  23. Spiny

    Jaguar XJR-9

    Looking good so far (as are the other projects, but I'll not post the same thing on each job). I like the idea of taking the stalled projects and bringing them back to life - just don't envy you taking on so many at once!
  24. 72modeler

    1/48 F-100 comparisons/issues

    Scimitar, If the canopy of the Monogram kit is only a little too narrow, and you have the capability, you could fill the inside of the kit canopy with plaster or modeling clay (plasticene?) and use it as a master to plunge mold or vacform over it- that would increase the width of the canopy. I don't have the 1/48 kit to see how narrow the kit canopy is. perhaps you have a modeling mate who could do this for you? Mike
  25. Hi everybody, after finishing the Fiat last Saturday I wanted to do a quick build, something that would go together rapidly and would give me a chance to try out some weathering techniques for the build of the Benz, which I'm ready to reboot now. Recently, I purchased Tamiya's 1/35 "3 ton 4x2 cargo truck" which is an Opel Blitz. It's pictured as a military model, but I wanted to do one in civilian "livery". I mean, grey is just grey isn't it. Also, I was kind of curious to see whether I could finish this in two days.... Well, turns out I couldn't so I'm posting it as a WIP instead of an RFI But, I came close. I want to finish it properly, some work still needs to be done. About the kit: this is actually my first Tamiya build and I found out it's true what people always say; it just falls together. I wanted to do (almost) all the building first and then worry about painting and such. So I built it up into 3 parts: the chassis, the cab and the load bed. I figured this would be doable, if I took a little extra care when painting the interior. Now, I don't have much to show in the way of build shots, I was on a roll and just went with it. Almost no clean up, everything fits, instructions are clear... all kits should be like this one So this was end of day 1: The cab is still without doors and roof, my plan was to paint the interior and then close up. Start of day 2: a flat black basecoat and desert yellow interior. Both Tamiya paints. Before the basecoat I sponged on some Tamiya surface primer on edges and such to create some texture. Next time I'll probably use thinned Milliput as that will probably give more texture, but I wanted to try this. Seat painted with Vallejo medium brown, and some black for the details. Also, sponged on some Red Brown. This truck will have seen better days. It was a busy afternoon, too busy to take pictures... fast forward and this is the end of day 2: After clearcoating with the Zero Paints 1K (great stuff!) I mixed my own shade of orange, not too bright. I used the "salt method" on the cab and the load bed, because I'd never done that before and wanted to try it. I might use this method again. Pro: it looks quite good and the salt/paint combination adds some extra texture. Con: it's quite a bit of work to get the salt on in an organized manner, and more work to get it off. It makes for a pretty sticky layer, needing fingers and a very stiff brush to take it off. For the chassis I decided to go for a black grey, and this time I used the "hairspray" method to be able to do some chipping. I had only used Vallejo's chipping fluid before, but it doesn't work that well on Tamiya paints (at least not when I do it). So hairspray it was, and then a coat of Tamiya's Nato grey (wrong period, but ok I just like the colour ). I already started some chipping on the chassis and that works very well. I'm adding that one to the arsenal for sure. I've added a dark brown wash to cab and load bed. Wheels and mudguards are painted Vallejo black grey and still need some chipping. Lastly, a dry fit of all the parts. I like it! I will add mud and dust, I also need to practice that for the Benz. Sure, you can practice all this on white card, but this is much more fun!
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