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  2. And something Panther related. Resumed the work on the Jagdpanther Dio that I made a figure for, this is where wa are atm and the Dragon Panther G for scale comparison.
  3. Graham Boak

    Pre War Hurricanes

    Smithy: you didn't say, I didn't say you did say, but in the context of the argument it was implied, deliberately or not. Otherwise why mention it? As I said, it is the relevance that matters, and matters were complex..
  4. You not thinking of their original P38J kit? The P38F kit is a far cry from that old and not golden kit
  5. It was great to meet at last, yesterday evening Ralph. As for explaining that spend to the wife, I can only wish you the very best of luck! The amazing build continues Kevin. I am curious with all this brass, what will you use to clean, and then prime it? I've had variable results with priming then painting small bits of brass. Terry
  6. If only! There hasn’t been a tall tail BUFF at the bone yard in a couple of decades
  7. I thought that, but there's also a little step-up in the demarcation aft of that.
  8. 30 years ago in 1989 that Kit was a musty old antique!
  9. Your best to date - echo all of the above. Super modeling skills coupled with excellent imagination (Lyrical in fact!!!!) Rob
  10. Thanks!! The MiG-9 was a very interesting plane and first jet of the People’s Republic of China.
  11. Any lacquer thinner will do the job.
  12. This is going to be Great, and another opportunity for people to learn about doing the wood effect. Good luck with the build Cheers Pat
  13. I saw something similar on a Russian Web forum. Used Google Translator. Too bad it was 1.5 years ago.....
  14. I never used to like the Voodoo, but models like yours are making me warm to it.
  15. That's really nice. Can't wait to see the Llanbedr drone if it's anything like as well modelled as this example.
  16. Lovely job Duncan, she turned out a beauty Cheers, Stew
  17. Very nice build and choice of markings, well done. I made the FR-9 version earlier this year and apart from the fit of the nose found the kit a joy to build. James
  18. Wonder when Hannants will be getting their stock? Dont suppose they will include the weapons set... not been mentioned as 'official' pre order before. Like others mine was ordered 2 or more years ago.
  19. I can't wait to see some paint on that! Wow, just incredible. Cheers, Bill Note to self: Buy CAD software. Buy 3-D printer. Talk to Divorce Attorney.
  20. Mikemx

    Scale Scotland 2019

    We @ MJW Models will be trading there. Expect bargain 1/48 Eduard + Hobby Boss aircraft kits, a selection of 1/72 aircraft kits from Eduard, AZ/KP Models, Special Hobby/MPM etc, as well as Eduard mask/etch, some decals and a selection of acrylic pain sets. thanks Mike
  21. A vacuformed canopy does wonders. I also actually prefer the rivets on these kits to the newer kits.
  22. Latest build for the cabinet is the Airfix 1/48 Meteor F.8 done as an F (TT) Mk 8 from Tengah circa late 60’s. I used Eduard’s cockpit detailing set, Xtradecal’s sheet 48160 and I replaced the kits pitot tube with one from Master Models. Finished using Mr Color Paints, Alclad 11 & W+N varnishes and a Flory clay wash 50/50 Black and Medium. I’ve wanted to do this scheme for a long time and have to say it was an absolute joy to build and I thoroughly enjoyed it - hope it’s of interest. Next up might have to be one of Llanbedr’s Meteor U.16 Drones using the Alley Cat conversion kit.
  23. Well done Jaime, delighted that this time we will have one of these in the GB. Cheers Pat
  24. OK showing a P51 but but this is what I mean. The gap is put there so you can raise the wings to achieve the right dihedral
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