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  2. Hello I have the same decals for this Danish aircraft. Just wondering how you are going to backdate the tailplanes to the old style? When you have a F16AM kit? Simon
  3. Denford

    Airfix Spitfire Vb

    It doesn't seem right to keep adding to this heading in the 'Rumourmonger' section any longer, hence a new Thread here. An interesting observation from the most recent Aerodrome is that the kit will have 73 new parts. The 'current' Mk l/lla has only 47! W O W. Some, like the (newly added) adjustable radiator flap, are self-evident but one can only speculate how the balance will be made up. The small lugs at the rear underwing suggest external tankage(s), clearly a 'home' ie non-tropical carburetor intake will be included and hopefully an Aboukier too. But that still leaves open lots of possibilities: what do other BM followers think? Clear wing tip fairings (like the Buccaneer) allowing navigation lights for clipped wing examples perhaps. From earlier postings it seems that it will be a 'stand alone' Vc without compromise to Vb or Seafires. If so, then the basic kit could be re-released a number of times (like the Sea Fury) with different markings, parts etc without changing the basic tool. We should be grateful to Airfix for choosing to tool this as a subject and I hope it makes them lots and lots of money.
  4. I've just noticed that this is now showing as in stock on the Airfix website. https://www.airfix.com/uk-en/shop/aircraft/military-aircraft/mcdonnell-douglas-fg-1-phantom-raf-1-72.html Regards
  5. Good progress. Reading the other Definite thread there was a problem with a tight fitting turret. So best check it and remove all paint on areas not seen.
  6. Martian, I am so sorry to hear about your father- of course everything else is insignificant compared to family; I understand completely the tugging at the heartstrings; I took care of my mom's affairs and care for the years she was in assisted living, memory care, and hospice. I only know you through the banter here on BM, but please accept my thoughts and prayers for you and your father- be comforted and sustained that you have so many well-wishers on Britmodeller. That little 1/72 mixmaster can wait! (Keep it away from The General- he will most likely try to finish it for you....most likely in 111 Sq, markings!) Mike
  7. Dave I made soviet MLD few years ago, who flew in sky Afghanistan...... https://karopka.ru/community/user/9011/?MODEL=419492
  8. This sorta attacked me from the bushes. These builds stalled 3 years ago in Rich's F-16 STGB, maybe I got overexcited back then... Now I know this is doable during the whole year long They Also Serve GB. And this is a multi-GB-theme build, though it only includes the BM:s most hated aircraft; not only one but five grey F-16 MLU:s! Which themes, then? 1) Nordic; Denmark, Inherent Resolve 2) Small Wars; Norway, Odyssey Dawn 3) 90's NATO; The Netherlands, Allied Force 4) Yanks Abroad; Belgium, Tiger Meet 5) KUTA (yes); Portugal, Baltic Air Policing I'll describe the specific planes better, later. I try to show the differences (!) in their grey camouflage and change in weaponry in last close to 20 years. Well, not 50 shades, but... Plenty. Old notes from three years back Fuselage halves. Tails etc. All things F-16. Including a pair of Mavericks too. Litenings, Snipers and JDAM:s. Decals and DACO strenghtening plates. Wish me luck! V-P
  9. Hi Ben Thanks for letting me know I'm not the only one with this problem, cheers Pat
  10. Plastic fondlage doesn't count as building. If it did, very few items in The Stash would be eligible...
  11. Love this ,never seen that before ,thanks for putting it up
  12. Yes, my output was pathetic but I think it was mostly due to some part time work I did for my former employer. That took up a lot of hours that were reserved for modelling. And, of course I'm doing another project for them right now, but that has to be finished by June. So the second half of 2020 should see me rocking and rolling again. Cheers, Bill
  13. That's incorrect. If the build is eligible for the GB, then it's eligible for the gallery. Doesn't matter how many you have in a build thread. I'm pleased about that.
  14. Thanks for the reply. Hope so. If not then also not a problem. Both kits have no work other than fuselage, wings and canopies off the sprue while I sit here and play with kit comparisons as you can see. Checking where difference in fuselage length on the Italeri D-5 comes from.
  15. Thanks Melchie, when I have managed to stabilize the situation, you may well get taken up on that! Incidentally, have Lady M and Lady M junior stopped laughing yet? Martian
  16. Just seen listings on eBay for the Asuka PzII Luchs and M4A3E2 Jumbo in Academy boxes. Asuka logo also on box. I wonder if this is Asuka's way of getting better market penetration? AFAIK there is still no UK agent for the brand and according to a post over on M-L the same is true in Australia. Selling through Academy might work for them. The Jumbo was priced at US$61 from Korea with "free" shipping, which works out at about £46, which is not at all bad. But there is the risk of another £20 in VAT and Post Office fees........... If they make it to Europe it will be interesting to see if the pricing is more Academy or Asuka.
  17. Nice pit! No, not your arms - that stuff inside the Lizzie. Well done - if you can reach, pat yourself on the back and have a beverage. Cheers, Bill
  18. Do you know any picture of I-16 type 24, white 3 of Lev Shestakow? Thanks
  19. Seahawk

    G.A.L. Hotspur

    Always nice when someone says thank you for help received. That's an absolutely lovely build of the Frog Hotspur. Well done!
  20. Well done Dennis, glad the Mighty @Procopius was able to help you out - the lightning bolts are so cool.
  21. I feel your pain- Missus 72modeler says she doesn't understand how I can spout FS595 numbers, aircraft serial numbers and codes off the top of my pointed little head, and can't remember what's on the grocery list....priorities, priorities! Mike
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