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  2. I’ve always done the cold plate/wrinkle thing (albeit with varying results) - keep considering more kitchen thermometers for things like this and sugarcraft.
  3. Somewhat awkwardly, I have lost the box with remaining bits inside. Since I couldn't find shoes in a shoebox I've had to ask my wife to find it. Tomorrow I'm off to Glasgow on the scumshuttle for work and won't be home until 9 at night, and on Friday I'm going to see the Ferrari vs Ford movie (Le Mans 66 maybe?) with a friend at the cinema, so service is paused again until the weekend... Oops!
  4. ok enough about Christmas treats time for the important stuff.....and boy its been busy overnight! I can't tell if there's been any vote changing or not but we've had 7 new members cast there votes. While there has been no move in or out of the cutoff area there has been some jockeying for position in the 2 areas. It's still to close to tell for those last few positions, the top and bottom 3 position and now cemented.....baring massive vote changing!!!........... and around here anything is possible! I will refrain form any talk about grooming or pharmaceutical goods as the very though has been giving me nightmares!!!! Plus they should know better.....they should be practicing abstinence and waxing!!! Finally some may know I've been busy on a not so wee beastie, well she's 99% done, so here's a sneak peek before the final photos go up in the RFI section on the weekend.
  5. I have been eating them since they appeared on the shelves in August!
  6. It was built and flown as G-DLRA, saw it at Farnborough like that. It then got the more familiar spherical nose radome, when CASTOR became ASTOR(?). It served for a long time as ZG989 but it has now reverted to its civil reg with some nice markings. Hopefully aftermarket will create some ASTOR conversions.
  7. Mr T

    Lidl Airfix starter kits

    You need the end of the thermometer in the jam itself to make sure is at the setting point (although there are other means like the wrinkle test). Preserve making is as much an art as a science each batch is different.
  8. Catalina build on hold awaiting a set! Plus us more in the stash pile that will need 'accurising'! Edge
  9. The kit is not exactly new as it was on issue in Iceland many years ago, all I have done is upgraded it over the years; its the 1101 series BOAC version that is new, since they were the early versions and similar in many respects. The negative comments was more about some believing that it needed further work, when in fact it was already completed. One can only do so much detailing on a project without getting lost in time. I have held the kit back, what with all the debates and controversy going on about the VC10 on at the moment, I have decided to let things cool down. I think the Anigrand and Magna renditions are still quite good and they look like a Ten. Alan
  10. Emu

    Twice Two Four Times

  11. Very practical If you had an IR non contact thermometer it could do double duty for both jam and vac forming
  12. Always adds a bit of colour darn that i told him to go in disguise beefy
  13. Would be nice if sometimes you could provide appropriate links in your informative posts ... . I did go to US eBay to this expired listing, and having no idea of a reasonable price, ordered the kit as I had been anxiously awaiting its release. Unbelievably, the well packed kit showed up at my door here in Florida, USA this morning -- FEDEX delivery from China to the US in four (4!) days. Kit looks excellent in all respects, with only very minor sink marks on the nose wheel door, and in the nose wheel bay molded onto the intake trunk. These sink marks are caused by ejection towers in the insides of the intake pieces, and will be an easy fix, as will be the ejection marks on the inside of both the top and bottom intake pieces. Other than that, there is a minuscule trace of flash on a few parts --very little. All in all impressive plastic! The molding is first rate all the way, as is the packaging and presentation -- the best I've seen from Kitty Hawk. The fit is very good -- I taped together the major components with no problems at all. Really looks the part, and hopefully the experts like Sabrejet will give accuracy a big thumbs up. Bring on the FJ-3!!!! Gene K Add: I had to smile at the well sculpted resin figures ... who look like tall, emaciated basketball players, especially the pilot. He certainly can't have much body fat under his G Suit and other flight gear.
  14. @Flankerman may have the better answer here; he's built a "million of them". Well, not that many, but, his photo here showed a lot. He can guide you to a view. Joe
  15. Having seen one up close recently, I'd say no - scary thought! Ciao
  16. I'm closing my eyes and trying .......... trying ......... er it doesn't feel good! Terry
  17. I think you might have been a bit heavy with the pre shading Bill. Not an age thing just a bit over enthusiastic ……………………………….. Dick PS Does the Javelin have folding wings on the carrier??
  18. Cheer up Bill. I don't think I've ever been able to move on from a first proper coat without a couple iterations of clean up, and that's not counting the times I have tidied and re-done the primer "phase". A break and beer will make all the difference! As for the Belvedere, now that will be something to behold. @andyf117's picture is very inspiring! Terry
  19. Just had a nice surprise whilst at football training, expected to get snipped but eBays told me I’ve won a Revell kc-10
  20. Techically all mince pies are fruit mince pies. The term for the rubbish that goes in them is "vine fruits".
  21. I’d had years of only joining the circuit VFR using a run and break at the time I left the RAF. So when I did my PPL I was rather nonplussed by all of these overhead joins and joining left or right base or straight in approaches etc. People coming at the airfield from all over the place. And then everyone was flying square rather than oval circuits and I didn’t really know what all that was about either. And then everyone was flying such bloomin’ ginormous circuits and taking so long about it that it felt more like a cross county navex. I kept wanting to turn base only to realise there were people ahead of me on loooong finals and others extending downwind - and they were so far away that you could ‘ardly see em. It was all a bit of a culture shock actually. But hey, I was joining their world and so I fitted in.....
  22. Wonder if these will be a monotone tan or camo patterned? https://www.dsca.mil/sites/default/files/mas/morocco_19-63.pdf
  23. Haha cool, would be ace to complete your actual kit from back then. The longest kit build in history. a bike would be great in the mix! Although I never built this below as a kid, so its not elligible, I always wished for it back then. Probably completely impossible to get hold of now. Thought I’d share it because I like it could have been great in the current tv, film, fictional and speculative gb.
  24. Don't worry about that CC, I know all the right persons and have a cunning plan that cannot fail. You enter the UK on the Cherbourg ferry and we secretly paint Pilot Launch on the sides of one of our MVS vessels. As we come alongside the Barfleur, you unobtrusively dangle industrial quantities of beer over the side of the vessel. We then tell the captain of the ferry that we were called out in error and meet up with you at Martian Towers. Apart from the danger that the MVS crew might guzzle the ale, what could possibly go wrong? Sensible of Mars
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