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  2. Anyone getting this check your canopies as it looks like there is an issue. Eduard 1/48 EDK11126 - Panavia Tornado F.3 ADV - Canopy issue IMPORTANT - Message Direct from EDUARD - Reads - Iinstruct the customers to contact directly Eduard on support@eduard.com - At the moment, we do not have replacements of better quality available, but we are in contact with Revell to provide a lot of replacements. So as soon as we receive it, we will be able to provide the replacements to the customers directly. We are sorry about the trouble caused. Have a nice day. Eduard M.A. customer support
  3. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Moving Time Again

    SWMBO asked me “Now what am i going to do with you ?” Now that i don't have you all to talk to and read about.
  4. Borisz

    Vietnam - 3 to go

    I have an ACH-47 in its box. Do you think is it fit here?
  5. Seriously, I'm the kind of modeller that buy a kit early, invest a lot in AM and references, plan a lot and spend weeks on endless research. Rather often projects tend to stall due to accuracy issues, I'm a real nitpicker. This time I have allready started with AM, references, and research. I have studied the Mk.18 wings for months now, I guess I know what they looked like. I believe I have most of the AM needed allready, mostly Cooper Details/Barracuda studios. Roy's old but beautiful Spit 22/4, Seafire 47 interior allready contains everything needed for a FR.18 cockpit. I will steaL a placard decal from one of the Snapshot Cockpit Upgrades, however. Will do the N/TP 391 in 208 squadron, desert colours. My hobby desk is clean and empty, just waiting for this kit to arrive! It was long since I have waited with such anticipation for a kit, I'm a bit surprised myself, how youthfully eager I am. I will most certainly crack on with it! I do hope that Roy Sutherland will start immediately with his gilding AM, he will most certainly find out whats' needed. I suppose he's the most spit-loving yank there is...
  6. djos

    Old School Aggressor

    Like it very much! As i am intending to do one in same camouflage, please can you tell me which colors you used. Thank you Best regards Djordje
  7. djos

    He 219 Owl 1/72

    Not poor at all. On better/lighter pictures i am sure will look even better. This is quite old mold and you manage it very good. Mottling is looking just right. Only aerials...but you already explain the problems Again, very nice work Best regards Djordje
  8. Redcoat2966

    1/35 Mirror Models T-20 Komsomolet

    Hi Rob....I think this is a T-20.......could be a good look for it when finished....
  9. Well the dead looking skin was always the plan. I wanted to go more off the rail than just copying it, since the whole sculpt is not very close to the original. BUT, I wanted to keep the mood of the original. I think i mostly dislike the fact that he has naked legs instead of chain mail. I started with the metal part over and wanted to hear what you think. Better this way or changing it more? It's hard to get a picture with the exact colors. You sure know the problem. Stefan
  10. Great work. This is nice model from Trumpeter, but what is best, you manage to convert boring white overall color in really eye catching finish. Best regards Djordje
  11. malpaso

    Spot of the Day Part 2

    Jeeps on the M3 this morning. Two CJ-2s and an MB?GPW?M201 on the back of a lorry, all three in need of restoration. Sadly I suspect the rarer CJs will be broken up or converted for the re-enactors. Having only seen one CJ-2 in the UK in 50 odd years (but hundreds of MBs and similar), last year I saw two (badly) dressed up as wartime models. In conversation neither owner had any idea whatsoever they didn’t own a real “army jeep” nor that theirs were much more unusual (in the UK at least). Some people should never be allowed near a classic car!
  12. Das Abteilung

    Panhard EBR Armoured Car Query

    There are several views that show a pipe up from the bottom of the hull side to what looks like a very slim muffler under the fender between the metal wheels. Can't work out where the exhaust gas actually exits unless there's a hidden exit pipe not visible in the photos. The Bovington EBR in their VCC is accessible on Saturday during Tiger Day. I'll see if I can get any clearer pics of the exhaust specifically.
  13. Very nice Marauder. Paint work is excellent. I like this model, one of old tool from Airfix i wish to make again, even i have Hasegawa in stash. Again very good model Best regards Djordje
  14. Borisz

    Has there ever been a Sukhoi GB?

    I have a 17M3 and a 25UB, so I am absolutly in! Please note me, when to wote!
  15. AZ also did the low back, the kit is moulded with the larger Mk.18 tail in place but the smaller type is included in the sprues. The kit is OOP but can still be found
  16. Redcoat2966


    Good god man.........nah, sorry.......no patience for that...time to sharpen up my brush skills again.....we'll compare when I'm done.....
  17. Decalling is finally done, and the weathering applied with pastels and oil pin wash. I just have to wait for it to dry, then the final steps, unmask windows and polish, add the strobes, nav lights and wipers.
  18. alexandre rezende

    Mil Mi-24V Hind E

    Great advances James! Keep up the great work! []s
  19. James G

    Mi-24V Hind colours

    Thanks Andre and Serge!
  20. My latest builds are all either stalled or taking a long time so I thought I would post an old favourite from 2016. I don't normally go in for competitions for various reasons but I was persuaded to enter a model at the Scottish IPMS Nationals in 2017. To my surprise, my model won it's class! So here it is, my Revell 1/32 Bf-109G-6 with a long list of modifications and accoutrements including replacement gun bulges (Quickboost), prop/spinner, Exhausts and radiator (Barracudacast), Wheels (Eduard), Gun pods (robbed from a Hasegawa G-10 and detailed), belts (HGW) and replacement decals from EagleCal. I bought the AlleyCat improvement set but was disappointed with it, only using the template to rescribe the incorrectly located hatch on the port upper fuselage - oh, and the tiny intakes on the front fuselage. I also did away with awful and inaccurate canopy hinge supplied by Revell and added an under fuselage FUG 25 aerial from metal rod. The replacement elevators from the AlleyCat set were too long for some reason so I painstakingly removed all of the errant raised circle detail myself. It sounds like the kit was poor and I am a perfectionist but neither is really true - just enjoyed tinkering with the myriad bits and pieces more as an experiment really. Paints were Mr Hobby acrylics for the main camo and Vallejo for the blue band. Weathering and mottling were based on the reference pictures supplied in the EagleCal instructions which indicated a well maintained, maybe dusty machine. One last thing, I added the exhausts after painting by cutting openings at the front fuselage, where the prop sits - this allowed me to fiddle the exhausts into place without too much drama. I popped the prop/spinner onto the front "temporarily" with bluetack to check all was well and Lo! - I managed to get the thing in perfect position, even including the slight gap between fuselage and spinner. Pondering on how to fix the prop permanently - I finally decided to leave well alone. It has survived a season of shows and still sits there nearly 3 years later! Looking now there are lots of errors and inaccuracies but I am really quite fond of this model - I hope you like it too. Cheers Malcolm
  21. Paul J

    Lockheed 12 Electra Junior.

    Hi Rob, it is 1/72nd. Going to have a look in my box of hundreds of wheels( well not exactly hundreds more like 68(???) Reluctant to go for the camo but it s only a last resort . I don't fancy the sky type S or whatever colour it was. Bare metal it may well be and an order to Draw decals likely. Or just leave it with no individual markings in metal.?? Query: why did my last post with the images have all the text underlined??/ I didn't selct the underline box??/!!!
  22. helios16v

    Are GB's extended due to site down time?

    Being that the anticipated downtime is only 6-24 hours, I'm guessing not likely.....unless the move date happens to correlate with a finish date of a specific GB. I would think those particular ones may keep the window open for a little extra time for the late finishers. But I doubt there are many (if any) that will be affected as such.
  23. Vince1159

    Are we becoming a nation of bleeding hearts?

    I'd like to believe you but every time i watch the news i become less convinced.....
  24. Mick4350

    Are we becoming a nation of bleeding hearts?

    which one ?
  25. Work In Progress

    Spitfire full nose cowel

    1/18, not a chance of getting anything off the shelf. 1/24, there's a complete Airfix 1a kit here at the extremely reasonable price of £24.95, jump in before one of us buys it (not me, already got two in the roof) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Airfix-1-24-Supermarine-Spitfire-Mk-1a/264293957490?hash=item3d8925bf72:g:D0sAAOSwDQ1cvcAE
  26. Ben Brown

    Revell 1/48 F-89 Scorpion

    This one has been on my list for years, because my uncle flew F-89Ds with the 460th FIS. Fox 3 Studios sold some corrected wingtip tanks for this kit. I can't recall exactly what Revell did to make the kit tanks wrong, but I think it was the way the "muzzles" for the missile tubes were represented. I don't know if Gerry is still trading, but you can try contacting him at gmasher AT netzero DOT net. All of his products are very reasonably priced. Ben
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