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  2. richellis

    Revell Ford GT Le-Mans 1:24

    Revell 1:24 Ford GT Le-Mans Revell have a history of some very good race car kits in there 1:24 range, they have now produced a copy of the 2017 Le-Mans Ford GT. Ford re-released the GT road car a few years ago now to replicate the original GT40, but with modern luxury, and power. The GT was always a performance car so the cross over to the track is an obvious one. Revell have produced a road version as part of there ‘easy Click’ range and Mike has reviewed one previously. . This Le-Mans version is not part of the easy click range and is a fully detailed model kit and is officially licenced by Ford. The body is in 3 parts, (shell, rear section, and floor) with 7 sprues in white and some clear parts with some rubber racing slick tyres in the normal Revell end opening box. The parts are very crisp with no flash or mold lines and the detail is very nice. The rear section fits well on the shell and incorporates the roof. The way this is cast makes me think more versions of the GT will be produced in the future. The chassis is flat as expected on an aerodynamic race car and the access panels are engraved on the parts. Construction begins in the cockpit, a single bucket seat is fixed to a well detailed tub, sometime detail painting the switches and controls will be rewarded as the interior will be visible through the windows when the car is completed. The harness for the driver is on the decal sheet to be placed on the seat. The engine is next on the build with the block and transmission in 2 halves, with heads, intake and pulleys added with the exhaust headers. All the paint codes are called out referencing to the Revell paint range. The engine is added to the lower chassis plate along with the interior tub completed earlier. The extensive roll cage come next, either side of the engine and interior this includes the front and rear inner chassis leg detail, with the fire wall and cross brace sandwiched between behind the driver’s seat. The dashboard spans the interior at the front and copies the real race part nicely with the flat top and bottom steering wheel with multiple controls and a screen on the top of the dash. As a mid-engine car under the front isn’t an engine, but the air intakes and radiators to keep it cool on the long race and the ducting is a single part so no awkward seams to fill and sand down the tubes. The suspension is multilink with upper and lower A arms front and back, the hub with nice brake disk details are added, with the final piped and inter coolers completing the chassis and interior. The wheels are nicely done and the multi spoke design popular with race cars, with this design being strong and very light. The tires are racing slicks with Michelin decals for the side walls, the front is narrower than the rear so check before sticking the wheels in place! The body needs painting white, with blue and the instructions show where to split the colours between the red, white and blue. The two sections come together before the glazing is added. The windows come packaged in separate bags, and have the black areas pre-painted onto them with the clear sprue only holding the front headlights and light covers, the rear lights come in red clear ready to add to the back the decal sheet is comprehensive and as expected well printed. There is lots of detail and small decals with all the sponsor logos and required safety decals for the car. You have a choice of 4 different cars to model on the sheet with the differences in decal placement covered in the instructions A nice addition to the Revell race car range in 1:24, having seen the car after the race it would look fantastic done and weathered in post-race condition! Revell model kits are available from all good toy and model retailers. For further information visit or
  3. PhantomBigStu

    Lockheeds newest

    Brushed it on, took four coats but brushes a treat, going so well got amazon voucher left over from Christmas that will cover and order of the A model from japan........
  4. Skyhunter66

    Tornado GR4 - which Italeri Kit?

    Afternoon folks Think I have the measure of the Italeri kit now so was wondering if their IDS kit could be used to build a GR4? thanks Chris
  5. MarcNewitt

    1/72 MQ-8B Fire Scout

    What an amazing little kit, looks awesome and until I see it next to a tin of enamel I genuinely thought it was bigger! you've done a lovely job of that. Marc
  6. bobsyouruncle

    Does the 1/24 Typhoon need anything to make the kit better?

    Just in case you fancy adding one little bit of extra detail that you can add for free, that features in quite a noticeable place on the aircraft (if you're not unhappy about carefully drillling/filing in the rear of the canopy part), there's the the small 'hole' on the rear starboard canopy framing. Also, there's also another similar shaped (possibly slightly smaller?) hole that sits just in front of the windscreen on the fuselage centreline between the windscreen and the panel line or the oil tank panel. I'd personally love to hear what these are exactly for, if anyone's got the answer please? This is the rear canopy hole on MN235 at Hendon (starboard side only). Airfix have marked the area with outlines on port and starboard sides but to my eyes, a little too near the centreline and I've not come across a photo of one on the port side in period photos ......(yet!). This next one also shows the small notch on the bottom edge too. Then there's the similar shaped hole in front of the windscreen between it and the oil tank panel line on the fuselage centreline. Here's a link where you can make it out on Hugh Fraser's 'Nicky' (you can also see one here on Clostermann's 'Grand Charles' Tempest. https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/180854-modification-typhoon-ibl-tempest-mkv-glassless-gunsight-mkiitype-i-mkiii/ I'm going to try putting them on mine, anyway. Cheers Bob.
  7. Steve86

    Compressor not getting up to pressure

    Hi Paul Thanks for the ideas, yes it does sound OK and yes the bleed valve at the bottom of the water trap works OK. As for the other suggestions I will have to work through them went I get a few minutes. Steve
  8. MarcNewitt

    Fairey Delta 2

    What a beauty, I had this kit as a kid..... ah the memories. Marc
  9. thorfinn

    What was your first single and album.

    First single (1965, age 9) the all-too-predictable 'Help!' by the Beatles. First album...later that same year...'Herman's Hermits.' (First cassette tape...'Simon & Garfunkles' Greatest Hits,' 1972; first CD...Allman Bros. 'Decade of the Hits,' mid-'80s.)
  10. Need Cold War US Army Experten. I am doing the new Tamiya Sheridan in the MASSTER (Modern Army Selected System Test, Evaluation, & Review) scheme that predates MERDC from the 11th ACR in Germany. What would be plausible bumper codes for a Sheridan from this time? On the left I think it would be 7A11CAV and on the right FXX. I think they were in Foxtrot Troop. So that accounts for the F, but what number. If I did F14 would that be Foxtrot Troop, Fist Platoon, fourth Sheridan? So I am thinking 7A11CAV F14? Am I on the right track? Help me Obi-Wan, you're my only hope. Thanks.
  11. Corsairfoxfouruncle

    Has there ever been a Sukhoi GB?

    Did a quick look back thru the years. There was an all things flanker build in 2017. But nothing else going back to 2014. If you are planning on starting a group build. You should get a good # of signups. I've seen quite a few people talk about building & wanting to build them for a while now. Dennis
  12. And she looks to have lost some weight in her arms.
  13. Courageous

    Bf 110 G4 Eduard 1/72

    Looks very menacing with the black background. Stuart
  14. sloegin57

    Export Hunters and serials underneath its wings

    The Jordanian Hunter '708' referred to in the table above was not a Jordanian Hunter. It was formerly F.6 IF-110 of the Belgian Air Force, converted to an F.56A of the Indian Air Force,serial A-471 painted up to look like a RJAF aircraft. Following its display at Farnborough, it was repainted in its proper colours and delivered with 3 others with a Canberra B(I)58, IF-976, as Navigation escort, on the 2nd November 1966. Jordanian Air Force Hunters did not carry serials under the wings. The RSAF had adopted the USAF style of markings with the exception that the first digits of the serial indicated the User Unit. In the case of the Hunter F.6's and T.7's; the designation F.60 and T.70 came in later; the User Unit was the 6th Squadron RSAF. On arrival in Kingdom, the first two numerals of the delivery serial were removed and the last three used as the serial, e.g. 60-602 became 602 and 70-616 became 616. As the aircraft did not serve with any other Unit, unlike the Lightnings, F-15's, Hawks, F-86's et al, the serials were retained until the aircraft were transferred to other Air Forces. RSAF aircraft had distinctive, USAF style markings on the mainplanes with the Green/White roundel on the port upper and stbd lower mainplane surface and "RSAF" in Green or Black on the opposing mainplane surfaces. The RSAF museum example, marked as 60-602, is incorrect in that it has roundels on all four mainplane surfaces, the serial and inscription on the nose and rear fuselage are in black, should be green and it has a tail brake chute, the original F.6's supplied did not. It appears that the decal sheet is based on this aircraft. Saudi Hunters as supplied, did not carry serials under the mainplanes for the reasons given above. Dennis
  15. Hi Pete, I built a Dornier Do-24 for the original edition of this GB and had the same problem. In the end I opted for Tamiya's XF-26 and XF-27 for RLM 72 and 73, respectively (I found these correspondences it a colour chart). They're not close to each other but looked good compared to the kit's instructions. You can see how it looks here. Cheers Jaime
  16. bentwaters81tfw

    Magna Models Brigand

    A good scrub, and lots of pin holes to fill. Maybe a bucket of very hot water to correct any warping. Not built the Brigand - I bought the Valom one instead. I have built Magna, and have more to do. Nothing you won't be able to cope with.
  17. Colin W

    Tornado warning

    To answer Rich's question above, I built 3 Italeri Tonkas a few years ago, GR1A, GR4 and F3. Each needed the fin leading edge correction, a resin cockpit and some more detail around the exhausts, They built up well and were no issue. I had an Airfix GR1 which I was given and this was too awful to build compared to the Italeri so I used it as a basis for an EAP scratch build. (EAP used a Tornado rear end). I can therefore confirm the Italeri is better than the Airfix in 1/48 Meanwhile on Britmodeller I found this comparison between the Italeri, Revell and Hobbyboss kits in a thread called 'Italeri vs Revell Tornado' So overall it looks like Revell followed by Italeri with some resin corrections followed by Airfix/Hobbyboss. Colin
  18. Bish

    Takom 1/35th FV 432

    Thanks Ivan. That Berlin camo looks a tricky one, look forward to seeing yours.
  19. PeterB

    Me 410 guns query

    OK, looking at some more pics it is clear the cannon feeds are on the outside and the mg are in the centre firing through rather long blast tubes so I am 95% satisfied Green was right. Unless somebody has swapped the barrels round on the museum plane then Mushroom are wrong and the guns shown are indeed MG151 with flash eliminators, which are not very common. Cheers Pete
  20. noelh

    What was your first single and album.

    Definitely misremembering then. Our record player even had a 78 setting. But the only ones I ever saw were dumped in a field behind our house. I tried to rescue a couple but they were so brittle they fell apart in my hands.
  21. bentwaters81tfw

    RF-101C VOODOO 1/48 KH…the intakes are done!

    I like the SAC stars on the B-47 shock cones.
  22. PeterB

    Me 410 armament

    OK, looking at some more pics it is clear the cannon feeds are on the outside and the mg are in the centre firing through rather long blast tubes so I am 95% satisfied Green was right. Unless somebody has swapped the barrels round on the museum plane then Mushroom are wrong and the guns shown are indeed MG151 with flash eliminators, which are not very common. Cheers Pete
  23. The Heyford wings-without-fuselage are looking increasingly surreal! I love the weathering on both of them, and I will be trying out the grey dry-brush on exhausts too. Looking forward to the next episode. Regards, Adrian
  24. Just finished, a poor effort I know. Thanks for looking
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